Endings and Beginnings

Even though April’s Cardinal Grand Cross with its bookend eclipses has come, shaken things up, and gone, we are still in the deep throes of reaction and adjustment. For most people I’ve talked with, and for myself, May has brought a less oppressive exterior energy and more relentless interior energy.

As it was believed the Grand Cross event heralded the energetic end of the Piscean Age, the issues we’ve been dealing with, that are now shoved right in our faces, are much older and deeper than what we’ve been working on in the last year or even from childhood. Issues that we brought forward from other lives (and who doesn’t have those?), are clearer in May and smacking us without mercy, making us question ourselves in every way possible.

Without the smacking, we wouldn’t deal with things that are keeping us from being whole, enlightened human beings. As unpleasant, uncomfortable and just downright bitchy as this energy can be, it’s really our higher selves holding a mirror up for us to see what we aren’t anymore. But with the patterns of past lives telling us to finally let go of things we’ve carried for lifetimes, the depth of what we’re dealing with can be excruciating.

Hold on. We’re almost out of the heaviness of this energy. Two events within the next seven days will bring us a lot of relief and represent a really big ending and an even bigger beginning.

The first is the Full Moon in Scorpio on May 14th. This is considered the witches and wizards’ moon as it is the most transformative moon of the year. And it comes at exactly the right time for us to release the energetic intensity the lessons of the Grand Cross brought to us.

Master Astrologer and General Sage, Gahl Sassoon, writes:

According to Buddhist traditions, the Lord Buddha was born, enlightened and died on the Full Moon in May. It was on this Full Moon that under the Tree of Life, the Bodhi Tree, Siddhartha the man transformed into Buddha – Light. Mythologically speaking, it makes the Full Moon on May 14th a time where you can get a sneak preview of yourself enlightened, you as a Buddha in a future timeline, you on your last episode as a human.”

So be conscious of shedding the last layer of yourself in the Piscean Age mentality and embrace the new Aquarian Age you as this releasing and enlightening moon hits us.

Then, even better news, on May 19th, Mars goes direct. We are finally free from over six months of delays, frustration, blocks and difficulties imposed by Venus retrograde, Mercury retrograde and finally Mars retrograde. Look forward to huge new bursts of energy and clarity as things really start opening up and moving forward next week.

On the personal front, as most of you know, I am moving to Austin, Texas at the end of this month. On May 31st, I leave my beloved Los Angeles with love and gratitude for all I’ve experienced in this vast, magical and energetically intense city and for all the wonderful people I’ve met and who have befriended me.

My new landline number:  512-858-4296

My cell number (818-943-1027) stays the same. Schedule readings the same as before – go to the website booking page. Use my cell number ONLY for requesting same-day readings (as the booking site does not schedule same-day readings).

And be aware there is a two hour time difference between Los Angeles and Austin. The booking site will, as always, indicate the time zone I am in, so it will be different once I move. Obviously 11 o’clock in Los Angeles, is 1 o’clock in Austin. I may adjust my schedule once I’m there but that is yet to be determined.

So embrace the intensity of the Transformative Full Moon on the 14th and the release of blocks with Mars going direct on the 19th. It’s been a nasty and challenging ride but we’re almost clear.

 With much love and gratitude…

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