Piscean Age science has a tendency to lag behind metaphysics as their left-hemisphere dominant logic rules out anything that can’t be explained in the three dimensional world. It has served a great purpose. Mankind has made great strides. However, as we move further into the Aquarian Age and the concept of Humankind, science has started to discover its “soul”. We still get the logic of empirical proof, but it’s proof of things energy workers have known for a long time.

As a human body has seven levels of existence (three physical, four energetic), the problem has been that science hasn’t investigated beyond the physical. With the conscious-expanding energy of the Aquarian Age vibration all around us, it is inevitable that physics and metaphysics become one. Case in point:

We’ve been getting hit with a lot of solar activity recently. During the week of the Vernal Equinox (March 18 through March 24), the annual pattern of more pronounced electromagnetic activity this year went off the charts. People were crazier, more irritable and more uncomfortable than usual…heightened by what scientists now call “magnetoreception” which is their explanation of how our brain reacts to electromagnetic energy. It’s not a full leap into understanding of the complete picture because they’re limiting it to brainwaves and not considering the other levels of our bodies that are affected, but it’s a start.

Here is an article recently published on www.spaceweather.com that scientifically explains the effect, in case proof is needed for those who don’t understand what’s going on, or who need to explain to others without sounding all woo-woo.


Close your eyes and relax. Daydream about something pleasant. In this state your brain is filled with “alpha waves”, a type of electrical brainwave associated with wakeful relaxation.

Now try it during a geomagnetic storm. It may not be so easy. A new study just published in the journal “eNeuro” by researchers at Caltech offers convincing evidence that changes in Earth’s magnetic field can suppress alpha waves in the human brain.

Researchers have long known that living creatures can sense magnetic fields. For instance, honeybees, salmon, turtles, birds, whales, and bats use the geomagnetic field to help them navigate, and dogs can be trained to locate buried magnets.

“Many animals can do it, so why not us?” asks Connie Wang, Caltech graduate student and lead author of the “eNeuro” study.

To find out if humans can indeed sense magnetic fields, the researchers built an isolated radiofrequency-shielded chamber where participants sat in utter darkness for an hour. As magnetic fields shifted silently around the chamber, participants’ brain waves were measured using electrodes positioned at 64 locations on their heads.

In some of the 34 participants, alpha brainwaves decreased in power by as much as 60 percent in response to the shifting fields. Additional runs of the experiment showed that the effect was reproducible.

Study co-authors Joseph Kirschvink and Shin Shimojo say this is the first concrete evidence of a new human sense: magnetoreception.

Remarkably, participants who experienced the changes reported no awareness of them. It appears to be a completely unconscious effect, never rising to the level of a conscious interruption. This led the researchers to suggest it may be vestigial, some remnant of an ancient ability to navigate using local magnetic cues.

“It is perhaps not surprising that we might retain at least some functioning neural components [of magnetoreception], especially given the nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyle of our not-too-distant ancestors,” says Kirschvink.

“As a next step, we ought to try bringing this into conscious awareness,” adds Shimojo.

Does this mean people may be able to sense geomagnetic storms? It’s unclear.

When solar storms hit Earth, they cause our planet’s magnetic field to shake, moving back and forth. Compass needles at mid-latitudes can move by as much as 4 or 5 degrees.

The Caltech study did not look at changes of that size, however. Magnetic fields inside their test chamber shifted by +/- 90 degrees–much, much larger than a typical geomagnetic storm. As a result, we do not yet know if human magnetorecepton is sensitive enough to detect the relatively subtle changes associated with space weather.

Says Kirschvink, “the full extent of [human magnetoreception] remains to be discovered.” Stay tuned.

Like I said, a little step, not a big leap, but we’re getting there. This isn’t a “new human sense”, it’s a newly scientifically proved sense. When we get to bonding physics and metaphysics more, we’ll get the whole story. In the meantime, we still feel the effects of geomagnetic energy on all levels of our existence when solar storms hit. We don’t need science to tell us what we’re experiencing is real.

On another subject, my friend and fellow psychic, Vicki Wells (www.vicki-wells.com), who is extremely talented, accurate, and the only psychic I go to for help, is publishing her own blog/newsletter that has a more astrological flavor to it than what I write. Here is a quote from her post last week about the New Moon that hit on Friday, April 5:

On Friday, April 5th, the New Moon is 15 degrees Aries at 4:51 EDT. This promises to be a particularly potent time to initiate change with bold, raw vitality and courage. Aries the Ram represents what is strong and assertive while taking advantage of the fertile soil that the vernal equinox has brought us.

This New Moon is about self. How do we relate to self? Are we aligned with our true purpose? Are we willing to fire up our determination and claim our right to happiness?  As with all New Moons, new beginnings are ripe but remember that to begin anew some things must end. Are we willing to look at our shadow selves and let go of habits and beliefs that no longer serve us?

Many times, we get caught in the ego mind of I want to create this, or I want to have that. All those things are good but sometimes it is best to relax into the flow of life and allow.  While this may seem contradictory to the Aries moon, we must plan, set a goal and have a vision but, we then must balance that with the ability to relax into the presence of the now.  Your Soul knows what it needs and where it should be. So, as we, in our human experience create our vision of life, we need to let go a bit so that the soul emerges to align us with our higher good and purpose.

There is more. It’s not yet posted in an archive on her website (that will come shortly), so email her at vicki@vicki-wells.com or under the “Contact” page on her website to request a copy and to sign up to receive her posts.

Have a lovely week of fresh, open energy and April spring.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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