Eclipse Alert – August 2017

Happy Full Moon!

As I’ve written previously, there is a lot of planetary activity hitting us in August, not just what we’re facing in it being the Karmic Catch-Up Month. Here to explain the eclipses that will have such profound effect on us is an article written by Master Astrology Gahl Sasson.

I especially like what he writes about the once-in-a-lifetime (in North America) solar eclipse on August 21. It’s what I’ve been feeling is going to happen with our government leadership – something big is going to hit the fan. Especially in the United States where we have the only view of the complete eclipse in the world (which means it will affect us all the more). While I don’t think impeachment or resignation will happen at this time, I do think whatever comes to light or shifts will be the catalyst for the eventual end of the trend we’ve been experiencing.

We’re only given so much time to “get it”, to awaken to the Aquarian Age vibration before other forces take over. The intensity of this opportunity (August) tells us we’re coming to the end of our play time. Those who choose not to participate and stay stuck will have difficulty after difficulty for the rest of their lives, being out of sync with everyone and everything. That’s a hard blow after they’ve been in charge of everyone and everything up til now.

So here’s to the change that August brings! While it may be difficult, it is leading us toward more harmony, balance, communication and the shift into fulfilling us as human beings.

From Gahl Sasson:

Sending you this email from the Aegean Sea, sitting in a magical village called Alacati in Turkey. A village ruled by cats who most, I have to admit, seem to be well fed and well humored. Cats have always been associated with death and resurrection (cat’s nine lives) and have served as guardians in Tibetan monasteries as well as in Ancient Egypt. So I feel very well protected by these felines, right as we approach the eclipses in Leo.

What is a Lunar Eclipse?
The eclipses are an exercise of synchronicity. Since it happens to be that the Sun is 400 times larger than the Moon but 400 times further away, their size appear to be the same when viewed from the Earth. When the Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon, the Earth blocks the sunlight that normally is reflected by the Moon. A lunar eclipse only happens when the Moon is full and the Moon’s orbit crosses the Sun’s. This takes place twice a year. Moon = mother, nutriment, support, compassion. When the Moon is blocked we feel our mother just abandoned us. We go back to being the three year old crying when mommy has to go to work.

What is a Solar Eclipse?
When the Moon moves between the Sun and Earth, the Moon blocks the light of the Sun from reaching Earth. This causes an eclipse of the Sunor solar eclipse. During a solar eclipse, the Moon casts a shadow onto Earth. When the Moon and Sun cross each other’s path on a New Moon it is a solar eclipse. Sun = father, light, hope, self expression, vitality. When the Sun is blocked we feel our daddy abandoned us or that he ran away with another woman to create another family. We feel we are not ourselves and that we behave different.

What are Eclipses Astrologically?
Eclipses are about relationships. Moon and Sun are representatives of mother/father, yin/yang. They are archetypes of the feminine and masculine, receiving and giving, or in alchemy: silver and gold. During eclipses, relationships of all types (love, familial, business partnerships, etc) are placed in the spotlight. The eclipses, true to their nature, always occur in couples, and twice a year. The signs of the eclipses are always opposite signs and change every year-and-a-half to two years.

From February 2017 – August 2018 the eclipses occur in Leo and Aquarius and will teach the lessons through the lenses of these signs. It is always good to go back to the last time these signs were activated by the eclipse which was August 1998  to Feb 2000. Whatever was happening to you around 1999 is coming back to your life. Don’t panic! It does not mean that if someone died that again a loss will take place. Maybe this time you will deal letting go of something that already died in your life. And remember in spite of the terrible name eclipses have, they are not always bad.

Astrologically speaking, eclipses are cosmic turbos. They are energetic magnifying glasses. Whatever is happening in your life is given a big push towards resolution. It is as if the universe is changing gears and hitting the escalator. Don’t ask if they are good or bad. Just know that they are intense. 

Eclipses are also story generators and a powerful creators of synchronicities. You will see that in this weekend just past and in the next few weeks, you will experience a great deal of acausal events or coincidences. Eclipses are also junctions, crossroads that demand we take action and make choices. And you know what can happen in junctions (especially when we hit the accelerators) – accidents.  So it is always good to take heed, breathe a few times before reacting or making decisions.

August 7:  Lunar Eclipse:
The lunar eclipse in Aquarius is usually associated with Tu B’Av, the Biblical day of love. Call it the Old Testament Valentine’s day. It is a day when Aquarius (friendship) is linked to Leo (romance). Therefore, this lunar eclipse can be a wonderful opportunity to spend time with friends and lovers. The lunar eclipse also is a good time to let go and bid farewell. If you have a relationship you wish to end or an aspect of your personality you would like to get rid off, today’s eclipse is a great opportunity. Overall, since it is an eclipse and lunar, you might feel over sensitive and emotional. The werewolf in you might come out so please be careful with your reactions.

August 12 – Sep 5:  Mercury Retrograde. 
Yes, to make it more interesting, Mercury had to add something to the mix. Right between the eclipses, when the energies are the most intense, the planet of communication and negotiation is going on a vacation. Mercury will be retrograding until September 5 mainly in Virgo. Mercury in Virgo means a great deal of unnecessary perfectionism and criticism so be nice to yourself and others. Especially be careful between August 12 – August 22. As always the case with Mercury retrograde, avoid signing any documents, making big purchases and starting important projects.

August 21 Solar Eclipse
The New Moon eclipse on August 21 is all about the mad king. It will take place in Leo and will be especially strong in the USA, the only country where the eclipse will be visible. This means that something significant will take place in the USA with long lasting effects. Most likely it will quicken the fall of political leaders, CEOs, and other powerful leaders. You can say that the biggest economy in the planet is going through an open heart surgery.  Leo represents love, children, happiness, sports and entertainment, and since it is a New Moon eclipse, it is a good time to start something in this aspects of your life (but be careful with the Mercury Retrograde).

I hope this will help you ride the cosmic waves successfully. One last word of advice: please don’t take things personally, remember that even if you try to be conscious of these trends, there are a lot of people around your who are not. So be forgiving and compassionate with yourself and others.

Happy August 7 Holiday of Love!

And I offer this with love and gratitude…

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