Did anyone else feel that hit of positive, uplifiting, hopeful energy immediately after the total solar eclipse last Monday? While I was expecting a shift, I didn’t think it would be that obvious or deep.

I was in readings all day, even during the event of the eclipse in my area, but I was aware what time it reached its apex. Within fifteen minutes after it had passed, I was suddenly happy and hopeful and had a new energy I haven’t experienced for years. Like I was hit with a Happy Stick. It lasted all day and night. A more subdued version of it is still with me now.

The message I got with this post-ecliptic surge was…hope.

While there is still so much work for us to do on ourselves at this time, I felt confirmation that there are far more people consciously awakening and moving forward into the new vibration than I had dreamed based on how much negativity is around us. Many are not actively doing something to change our Piscean Age limitations yet. This vibration is too new. But the clarity of consciousness finally shifted to the forefront to allow that next step to be taken.

In talking with others this week, I realized this shift did not hit everyone the same way. Many did get a sudden hopefulness. A few felt it as a tremendous release and have been crying all week – hard crying, like grieving. It was a letting go of past events, wrongs, emotions, injustices and karma that had reached fruition and was finally given permission to be purged.

Even with that sorrow-release, I saw that the consciousness was developing in such a positive, hopeful way. And a big part of getting us there is because of our president.

Trump is doing his job so well that more of us are conscious of what’s going on outside of our own personal worlds than we’ve had to be – or had a chance to be – for a long time. Some examples: we’re all waking up to the reality that Black Lives Matter not just to African Americans, that Muslims are different from terrorists, that the LGBTQ community are people, not “something different”.

As the Piscean Age started winding down, we adopted a “political correctness” that made speaking or doing things that would offend or insult someone (or show inner prejudice) forbidden. With many following that path because they felt it was finally time, many others did it for fear of punishment or ostracization. It didn’t change their inner fear or beliefs, but they acted as if it did. With Trump allowing that inner fear and prejudice to become “fashionable”, these people threw off the “politically correct” restrictions and took their prejudices to the extreme.

On the positive side of this, with Trump bringing racism, sexism and every other “ism” to the forefront, we are not only showing our true colors, for good and bad, so we can all be recognized for who we are, we’re finally able to have honest conversations that change us for the better.

A big concept shift for us in the Aquarian Age is that equality is the new separatism. Diversity is accepted and honored. We can see in the end – no matter how different we are on the surface – that we are all worthy, all equal, all part of each other and part of God (or whatever higher power or supreme energy fits that concept for each individual). A man from Africa with a completely different background and belief system than an old woman in Guatamala or than a gay white girl in Wisconsin are all seen as equal with respect and appreciation for the journey that brought them to themselves.

As we get the hang of it, we’ll understand that all of us don’t have to agree, but we won’t condemn others if we disagree. There is a big difference.

There are so many examples that Trump is giving us. In past weeks, when he attacked Senator Jeff Sessions, trying to pave a way for him to stop the Russian investigation, both Democrats and Republicans came to Sessions’ defense. Everyone rallied around the senator and honored his service and commitment to our country whether they agreed with his politics or not. For several weeks, Sessions was the most honored man in government – not because of his political views but for who he was as a human being.

The same thing happened with Trump’s continuing attack on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Once again trying to get the Russian investigation stopped, Trump attacked the most powerful man in Washington DC. Again, even those who didn’t agree with McConnell’s politics defended him and stood firmly at his side. Because of who he was as a human being.

Even though Trump started giving us an Aquarian Age wake-up call before he was elected (his approved pussy-grabbing) and immediately after his inauguration (his Muslim travel ban), we saw this happening recently with him providing clarity on our equality awareness with his response to the violence and murder in Charlottesville and the pardoning of a racist criminal sheriff in Arizona. Even people who would not normally speak out are speaking out with more clarity than they’ve ever had. Because Trump is providing the opposition.

The more he stands in his white-male Piscean Age self-righteousness, the more the rest of us can clearly see the wrongness of what has been under the surface. He is bringing it to light in his continuing role as The Great Negative Lesson. And he’s doing it so very well.

While the unity we’re experiencing coming out of Charlottesville and Trump’s spiraling racism won’t last as completely in our guts as it should, we are getting there. We are slowly, painfully, consciously understanding awareness of ourselves as human beings by taking ten steps forward and sometimes up to eight steps back. But we are moving forward.

We still have a long way to go, but the message with the eclipse was that more people than expected have risen to the vibration of the Aquarian Age, whether or not we think of it that way, whether or not we’re conscious of it rather than just incensed at the backward motion seemingly taken by our president.

So, thank you, Mr. President. You are accomplishing your unknowing agenda of bringing the Aquarian Age awareness to us in a conscious way. And the solar eclipse’s surge of release and renew just gave us a boost in that direction. Ride it. It’s a good thing. A very, very good thing. Even though the end of August up to the fresh energy on September 21 is still a challenge, we are moving forward! Happy sticks are available to us all!

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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