Quite a few of my readings these days are about people having vivid, weird, intense, and sometimes scary, dreams. Not monster-scary but really-bad-things-happen-to-them-and-their-loved-ones-scary.

This, and an unusual feeling of being lost, are happening because we are coming upon All Hallow’s Eve. Also known as Halloween, All Saint’s Day, Samhain, or the Day of the Dead, when the Veil that separates the physical and spiritual realms is at it’s thinnest. And we are our most psychic. More psychic now than we’ve been for at least 2,000 years.

The “Veil” is an energetic barrier that keeps the physical focused on the physical and the spiritual realm separate until and unless we humans make the effort to purposefully connect. It thins at two times of the year – on April 31/May 1 (when the Faerie energy is strong) and on October 31/November 1 (when the spirits of the dead visit and communicate).

It doesn’t matter if we celebrate either of these times as holy (which Pagans and Wiccans do as Beltaine and Samhain), the energy is different whether or not we consciously pay attention to it. It’s special. And we’re all feeling it in one way or another right now.

We’re especially hyper-sensitive to the energy over the next few weeks as this time ups our psychic awareness even more than our evolutionary growth does in the New Age. Hence strange dreams and the feeling of being lost come up, because we’re subconsciously and vibrationally connecting to that “otherworldly-ness”.

As I’ve mentioned in previous newsletters, as we become more in tune with the higher vibrations of the Aquarian Age, we become more sensitive to energy. Coming out of the Summer of Looking Inward, after we were forced to do a lot of cleansing and releasing of what we didn’t need to carry with us, we became hyper-sensitive to the changing world.

It’s like we’ve worn layers and layers of coats that were accumulated over the years, from birth to present time, even some brought in from past lives. Each coat represented someone else’s opinion or belief that we took on as our own. They weighed us down with self-judgment and kept us out of sync with ourselves. This summer gave us a chance to shed what wasn’t really ours and stand in our own true energy.

Just as our physical bodies would take time to adjust to true ambient temperature after being overheated with all those coats for years, so we are adjusting to true ambient energy now. Because we are at this time of year when the Veil is thin, we’re in the highest vibration of the year, even more so than at Beltaine. So it’s like jumping naked out of a hot sauna into a snow bank. We’re exceptionally vulnerable and so it’s more than shocking.

And one of the ways we naturally adapt is in dreams.

Dreams come in several forms and for several reasons. There are dreams that are prophetic, dreams that connect to angelic messengers, dreams that allow us to meet with loved ones who have passed, dreams that are really astral projections with out of body experiences, dreams that help us release and heal our karmic issues, and dreams that are just weird, chaotic and scary to process things that are weird, chaotic and scary – and stressful – in our day-to-day lives.

Right now, we’re getting all the variations of dreams, and strongly, too. So a regular “processing” dream to help us adapt to day-to-day stress can be confused as a “prophetic” dream because our subconscious is aware that prophetic dreams are much more intense and clear than processing dreams. But it’s just the energy of the time that’s upping the ante.

And while this time is intense, it lifts us into our new normal. When the strength of the dreams dissipates and the weirdness of the energy levels out after the first week in November, we’ll all find ourselves on a new, higher level of being human.

With this new, higher level – our new normal energetic sensitivity – we will find ourselves increasingly more reactive to the change of the seasons, the influence of the Moon and planetary activity, to the vibrations people around us exude (purposefully or not), and to the hesitancy and fear that always accompanies a change from one Age to another.

And now, as we are moving into the dark time of the year, we will feel the shifting energy slow down our natural rhythms and our thoughts will turn more inwardly. Society doesn’t accept any slowing down at all, and turning inward goes against the social expectations of the coming holidays, so we will also be feeling out of sorts. Depression, sorrow, and the inability to focus are all expressions of this – all telling us to slow down and find that rhythm.

However, this is also an excellent time to connect with the spiritual realm, whether that is in honoring your ancestors in ritual, meditating, or actively asking for help or guidance from those who look out after you. So when your animals are staring over your shoulder at the invisible presence of one of your guides, angels, ancestors, or a visiting spirit (which is especially prevalent right now – both the visiting spirit and animals noticing them), not only ask these energies what they want, also ask them to help you in any way you need.

Or before you go to sleep, right before you nod off, ask for guidance or answers to questions and problems that trouble you. Let the answers come in any way they may, which more often than not will be as if you thought of the answers all by yourself. That’s a trick the spiritual realm does because chances are you’d freak out if you heard a disembodied voice answering you, even though you asked for the answers.

So more than ever, go with the flow of what your body and your gut instinct are telling you. The more you fight what both are presenting because you “should” do or feel something that is expected, the more disconnected you’ll be.

This is a magickal time. Let it happen and enjoy the process. It’s an energetic roller-coaster, which means screams may be involved, but in the end, it’s just another helpful way of getting us into the energy of who we really are.

With love and gratitude…

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