We have an inordinate number of young souls on the planet at this time. They’re scrambling to find themselves while facing lessons and goals beyond their capabilities. Many times their energy makes those around them pay for their lost-ness. We also have an inordinate number of Caretakers and Gatekeepers that not only help people on an individual basis, but are helping Humanity move into the new awareness and vibration of our Aquarian Age evolution.

A Caretaker takes care of those they love, and frequently anyone around them, on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Their work comes very naturally. Women are balancing a new chosen care-taking role with the traditional, innate care-taking role of the Piscean Age. Some men are now (in this life) able to step into their natural Caretaker role instead of having to perpetuate their Piscean Age sole expectation of being the provider.

Some Caretakers have become the healers of today, both energetic/spiritual healers, aka Light Workers, and in the medical profession (although many AMA-trained professionals are not natural healers or Caretakers but in it for other self-involved reasons, i.e. money, family expectation or not knowing what else to do). Some are here to take specific care of groups of people, such as those with challenges like autism, drug addiction, or the poor. Some are here to care-take animals and the Earth. Other Caretakers do the work naturally, without training, their focus on those immediately around them.

Most Caretakers are older souls who have reincarnated at this time to help with the exponential growth of the great shift we’re in. Some are souls who haven’t been physical for a while so, no matter how adept they are, they’re having a hard time adapting themselves while fulfilling their goal to help. Some are souls who are trying the care-taking energy for the first time, having graduated into “giving of self” instead of “building of self”. They so want to help in this important time of transition but sometimes can get overwhelmed because they didn’t understand when coming into this life how desperate and fearful people could get.

A Gatekeeper takes full responsibility for the family, including friends who are considered part of the family, even if he/she is not in the traditional role. I have an older brother who “should” have inherited the role but when my father had a heart attack, the gate-keeping energy was passed onto me.

The Gatekeeper defends the family no matter what, even if not agreeing with the individual who needs to be defended. This is an energetic responsibility that usually ends up being realized in the physical world, such as handling any kind of legal issue, stepping in to get a nephew into university, organizing housing for a grandmother, or simply providing money. The Gatekeeper is the person everyone naturally turns to to solve problems.

Gatekeepers are all older souls who, like Caretakers, have come back to help in this important time. They have all experienced being responsible or in charge of a group of people in past lives and have learned how to be good at it. These roles don’t always occur together in an individual, but sometimes they cross paths. Neither of these roles preclude personal growth and self-lessons so it’s usually double duty for those choosing these paths.

Both Caretakers and Gatekeepers are so generous of themselves and involved in their roles and responsibilities that they can lose who they are for the good of others. It’s self-sacrifice without even knowing they’re doing it.

My client, Jack (not his real name), is one of the kindest souls I’ve ever met. On first visual impression, few would see it. He’s in his late twenties with dark hair cut for his age and profession: he is a tattoo artist. He has tattoos and piercings all over his body and could be mistaken for a gang member. Yet he is wickedly creative, has great aspirations for business, and is physically, emotionally and spiritually strong. He is new to being an older soul and is both Caretaker and Gatekeeper for his family and friends, and sometimes for everyone who needs it because he has such a kind and generous heart. And it costs him.

Jack is surrounded by younger souls who need him, and who he agreed to help when he chose this life. He innately understands that his family doesn’t know how to take care of themselves very well, so he does it for them hoping they will learn by example and lesson. But there is the trap. He does it so well, his people have stopped working on their own self-awareness and self-responsibility because he’s so much better at it than they are. He has avenues of entrepreneurial success and a love relationship that keep being just beyond reach because all his energy goes to those around him, even when they really don’t need it. He has none left for himself. It’s become a habit for both them and him and keeps everyone stuck.

As we move into harder energy of this shift where more people want someone else to take up their burden, they unconsciously throw those burdens on anyone around them who has Caretaker or Gatekeeper energy, even if there is no previous karmic agreement between them. These burdened people feel overwhelmed and exhausted. When choosing their paths while still on the Other Side, they didn’t take into account how difficult the new vibrations would be in the fast-and-constant-changing energy of this time. People at twenty years old who have a long, unrealistic checklist of what they want to accomplish in this life can already be lost on their paths and feel completely defeated when looking at the years spread out in front of them. Their journey suddenly seems impossible and unaccomplishable.

Most Caretakers and Gatekeepers take on these burdens automatically without concern for themselves because they are strong and genuinely want to help. But there is a time to help by giving and a time to help by stepping back. And a time for the Caretakers and Gatekeepers to replenish their own energy for the work that is to come.

So for the world’s blessed Caretakers and Gatekeepers, a message: please be discerning. Consciously recognize who needs help, who you’ve karmically agreed to help and how much help is for the good of both of you.

Some people are like black holes who take and take and take and never get filled, healed or give back. They appear as if they just need a little care, but you can never give enough. They’re hard to recognize because their need is genuine. It’s also never-ending. Sometimes it takes repeated efforts to help and getting drained before a generous soul recognizes the work is useless, but by then, they feel connected and responsible for the black hole person and get trapped by their own selflessness.

Even those who are not black holes who can be helped need more and more these days. The instruction manual for how to get through this shifting energy has yet to be written. We are on our own. On purpose. We must all find our own ways right now, especially this year. We all need to learn our own lessons. No one can take the Human Test for us.

But Caretakers and Gatekeepers don’t want to see anyone they love fail. Yet passing or failing isn’t always as important as the experience of the lesson itself. Right now, if people face impossible but chosen lessons and don’t pass them, it’s ok. They’ll know more and be more prepared the next time and it will mean more to them. Not everyone who takes the BAR passes it the first time. But they know more and are better prepared for it the next time.

So, Caretakers and Gatekeepers, please be aware that giving because someone needs it right now isn’t necessarily a good thing. Helping someone when they really need to learn how to help themselves doesn’t aid them in getting their lesson. Your work is a gift so carefully chose who you give it to. You wouldn’t give a diamond to a child who, not understanding it’s worth, easily discards it. Your generosity is that diamond and you have a limited supply. Consciously realize your gift, its responsibility and value yourself as you value others.

It sounds hard to say “don’t help” when you know you can. But you are helping by letting someone get their own lesson and growth. And you need to take care of yourselves for a change. As I’ve said before, you can’t run next to someone who is learning to ride a two-wheel bicycle holding their handlebars for the rest of your life. They have to get their balance themselves. Now through August is especially important to let everyone get their own balance.

Give yourself a break. Try to extricate yourself from the energies that drain you. Stay strong within yourself. Show some tough love. Again, please be discerning in your generosity right now. There will come a time when Caretakers and Gatekeepers can help when it will actually guide lives instead of putting band-aids on them. But those you help have to be ready or it is an effort in futility.

Thank you for your work. You are precious to the Human race. And, I’m sure, more loved by those you care for than they will ever tell you.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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