Did you feel the energy shift last Wednesday, the day of the Inauguration? It was palpable. It was like we could finally breathe again. Despite what a lot of people are predicting, the chaos of the ex-president isn’t going to continue and grow. The just “coming-to-a-head” of all the racial inequality we’ve had in our country since its inception and racists’ response to being outed, doesn’t take into account that we’re in the Aquarian Age now. Piscean Age rules that have allowed that mentality to flourish no longer exist.

That doesn’t mean that the hatred and prejudice of anyone “not like me” will disappear overnight, just that the fuel of it has already lessened. Now because of the arrogance that Trump spread to everyone who would listen, these young souls are exposed. That was one of the main points of last year, “Truth Revealed”, and we’re still in 2020 energy until the Chinese New Year on February 11. So it’s not surprising chaos lasted up til the very last second before Biden was inaugurated.

However, with Trump now no longer able to spew his hatred and personal brand of Piscean Age righteousness out over the airwaves, expect healing to begin. Those who continue to follow him fall into two categories this year: those who still believe in his righteousness because it is their righteousness and will continue to fight (mostly radicals in hate groups), and those who believed but were either disillusioned with him following the January 6 insurrection or just tired of the high level of anxiety they’ve been under.

Either way, their power is fading. Know they will not see any “light”, rather just become more disillusioned and powerless until they leave the planet even though that takes years. They will not learn. They are young souls who have had enough and are now strangers in a strange land in their own skin. The Aquarian Age can’t feed their lower vibration so it makes them uncomfortable because they refuse to adjust.

But this happens with every major consciousness shift humans have experienced. The generation that stays stuck, continues to stay stuck after a change has occurred that causes their voices to fade away. Then they grumble to their family and friends and have opinions that are quickly outdated and they usually become our very unhappy elderly. Everyone probably has a disgruntled elder in the family who is stuck in the Old Days.

It doesn’t matter if the Good Father example of the Piscean Age, Joe Biden, is the best president we’ve ever had or not. All he has to do is bring calm and security and we will heal ourselves. And he’s already doing that and many, many of us have lifted ourselves out of the clawing grasp of the Piscean Age into the new harmonious, human energy of the Aquarian Age. Hence the feeling of ease that came the day of the Inauguration and is still with us.

That will continue. News programs who report caution that violence is pending aren’t aware that the energy has already changed under our feet, so they can’t see it any other way. Watch feeling anxious because of their reporting, or the opinions of people who are lost and spouting their negativity as fact. They’re only showing their fear that they don’t belong anymore.


The first five months of the year, as I’ve mentioned before, are all about the pandemic, as they should be. I was asked last week why I think the pandemic will burn itself out instead of being stopped by the vaccine. First, the vaccine is incomplete and won’t be able to stop any of the mutations that have already occurred and will continue to show up. Second, there is not enough known about them to be sure how effective they really are. Say there are ten items of knowledge we usually get in order for a vaccine to be brought to market. We’ve only gotten three of them, so there is a huge unknown in front of us.

Secondly, all pandemics have burned themselves out. The Plague never had a vaccine. It lasted a long time but there never was an answer to stop it except to treat the symptoms the best way that was known at the time. The Spanish Flu burned itself out. Again, there was no vaccine. It didn’t last as long as the Plague, but it took care of itself in the end. In more modern times, both SARS and H1N1 burned themselves out without a vaccine and they are more similar in structure to Covid than anything before. My timing of the end of May is what I have been told by Higher Source, which fits with how a lot people think it will stop either because we’ll have enough vaccines to cause herd immunity or the warm weather will stop it. Doesn’t matter. It will stop.

Then the summer is jubilant in freedom, businesses reopening or new ones starting on the backs of old ones, travel booming, the Arts booming, Metaphysical awareness booming. It will be like finally seeing all the colors of the rainbow, even though we got out of seeing things only in black and white at the end of last year. These colors will be brighter and shinier and exhilarating. And so will we, because a working and growing peace-within will be restored spurred on by Aquarian Age sensibilities and the cloud of Covid will be over.

Come fall, however, people will start getting worried that Covid is coming back. I don’t see that it will, but I do see there will be a new regular version of the flu going around that will have similar symptoms that will scare people a great deal. Be ware of any vaccine for the flu because it’s for last year’s version, not the one coming in the fall. We get tested on having learned who we are as individuals and as a country (every country) then and with the Aquarian Age energy under us, we will do very well. The Piscean Age holdouts will try to instill fear again but they will not get an opportunity to get any traction.

The end of the year holidays will be quiet but joyous because fear will still be lingering although it won’t stop travel or gatherings. New Year’s Eve will be really joyous with what will seem like a huge, all-planet party.

There are a lot of things that we can be afraid of if we let ourselves. But if we understand that we’re in a completely different mindset, energy, vibration and growth-pattern than we’ve been in for the last (minimum) two thousand years, and let that be relied upon as steadily as we’ve relied on “Power-Over” being our mindset, we can stop fear from overtaking us. Fear is Piscean Age control and we no longer need it.

This last year was a precursor to the United States re-finding its identity in 2024 and even though things have been dire, we have the core of our country’s faults out in the open now and nothing will put them in the closet again. They demand to be healed and there are enough people in the Aquarian Age mindset to make that happen. We’re fighting for our national identity and the people who are still about the me in all of this have no chance. No chance at all!

Hold that in our hearts as we concentrate on self-awareness through the rest of the pandemic. We’ve got this. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you different.

I offer this with love and gratitude…


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