Most of the people on the planet right now were born in the Piscean Age. Many still hold on to the old traditions and ideals, usually fearfully and aggressively, especially when those ideals are questioned (and there’s a lot of questioning going on). Within the next six years, that energy and sensibility will shift, not just because those born with the Aquarian Age mindset will become more predominant, but many of the Old Guard will adapt and embrace the new way of being.

Still, the balance of power at the moment is heavily leaning toward the old power-over, control-through-fear mentality. Even though our souls in physical incarnation have lived through subtle and not-so-subtle consciousness shifts since the late 1800s, two thousand years in one mindset is difficult to change, especially as the new mindset is so very foreign to everything that has come before it.

We can see this exemplified in the way governments are in chaos around the world. They’re experiencing a desperation in losing the control and power of the old ways while the New Age vibration of change is causing what they fear the most to confront them. However, I’d like to address something that is similar to big-picture politics but more personal: relationships with, and responsibilities for our parents, grandparents, and our other elders.

I have many friends and clients who are currently either taking care of difficult elders or are under their power as they hold onto the Piscean Age hierarchy of “unquestioned matriarch or patriarch”. While the first is challenging because we want to do the best for our elders when nothing can make them well, happy, or whole, the second is equally challenging in being able to find balance between the importance of the elder and the awakening importance of self. Both carry shame and guilt of not doing enough or not doing the right thing that no longer needs to exist, but is hard to overcome.

Logically, our elders have an innate connection to the Piscean Age traditional values, expectations and how they see themselves and the world. While the Aquarian Age didn’t officially start until 2012, many children born around 1989 and after are considered New Age citizens as they hit their adulthood during the transition. Their thought process had already shifted before they were born so, even though they are “bridge” souls with the sensibilities of both Ages, they have different values and expectations from their elders. There is a discrepancy in how they, and the children after them, see their elders and how they have patience for them. There is also a discrepancy in how the elderly expect to be treated. In many cases, elders hold to the tradition that they should be blindly obeyed and served whether they deserve it or not.

This variance happens all the time in the hand-off from one generation to another. But because the changes in concept, belief, awareness, and vibration are so profound in this lifetime, shifting not just a generation but a zodiacal Age and a 26,000-year transition, it brings a vast and very frustrating conflict between our elderly and those caring for them or under their thumb.

This isn’t just about the difficulty in care-taking ailing or dying elders who demand, in subtle and not-so-subtle ways, pleasantly or sometimes not so pleasantly, that they are still in charge even though they can’t handle anything in their day-to-day lives. It’s also about the healthy but dictatorial elders who, like government officials, fear loss of power and loss of status and so control everyone and everything around them. Or try to.

In many cultures, “Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother” is taken extremely seriously, frequently to the detriment of the adult children and grandchildren of the elderly, even when the father or mother (or grandfather/grandmother) behaves in such a way that should not be honored. How many times have we seen an ego-driven, survive-at-all-costs-and-at-anybody’s-expense matriarch or patriarch lording over their extended families? They use unfairness, manipulation and punishment just to make sure they’re still in charge while the energy and the Age shifts beneath their feet. While this is more prominent in some cultures than others, it is experienced everywhere.

“Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother” was written at a time when the roles people expected to follow were more basic and simplistic. The idea still has merit. But as we grow in the deeper understanding of the Aquarian Age, there are shades and variances and levels of everything. We’ve moved from simple black and white into all the colors of the rainbow. We’ve moved from the “worth of the role” into the “worth of being human”.

And remember, many young souls are now in elder bodies and are frustrated and fearful because they couldn’t learn the university-level lessons they thought would be so easy when they decided to come into this time. Our world and time is peopled with a preponderance of immature souls in positions of power and responsibility, flailing in ego to protect their lack of knowledge and understanding, just as there are mature souls in the bodies of our youth who will step in, in their own time, to balance out the imbalance we now face.

In the Piscean Age, we followed what was expected of us by society and organized religion, which usually was a very strict path with severe consequences for veering away from what was considered normal. Punishment for not toeing the line ran from being ostracized from family, friends and accepted society to death for being different. But the Piscean Age served a purpose, much like military boot camp: it broke us down into same-belief group survival so the Aquarian Age can build us up into acceptance and celebration of the individual.

As we move into the Aquarian Age values of the “worth of being human” vs. “the worth of the role”, an elder being mean, manipulative, abusive and selfish is no longer accepted. The new vibration does not give them carte blanche to get away with that. Nor can they torture those around them just because they’re elderly.

That doesn’t mean we should dishonor the elderly. We should always take into account the challenges, disappointments, and successes that cause them to behave a certain way. But giving up personal choice for a parent who has become the mental or emotional child in age or illness or for the good of a selfish, manipulative, black-hole of a parent who puts the good of self over the good of everyone else is no longer the path. That means we must find new ways to deal with our elderly.

We must find the balance between honoring them and honoring self. We can find that balance by being aware of our gut-instincts and following what they say rather than automatically obeying the “mother or father voice” that indoctrinated us in our early years. That means we must look at self just as much, if not more so, than trying to change or resent our elders. These are karmic lessons and completions of karmic contracts that can only be resolved by working outside the Piscean Age restriction.

As the Aquarian Age vibration brings in equality and balance, being balanced within self in the face of stuck elderly energy presents us with a Great Negative Lesson that is difficult but very clear. There is a way to break out of Piscean Age expectations that still influence us, not just in how our elders behave. Think outside the Old Age box of “supposed to” and the black and white of linear thinking and dive into all the colors of the New Age where “everything is possible”. Ask for/meditate on spiritual guidance not just in how to deal with difficult elders in our lives, but for clarity to see what inside self is following a stuck path that gives them any power over us other than love.

We can still love someone’s soul and not love their incarnation. We can still do our duty without costing self.

Believe it or not, there was a time when everyone understood the life-death-life cycle so aging and dying were not feared. We will get back to that awareness, but it is not where we are now.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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