Next Monday, December 21, on Yule and the Winter Solstice, we come to the year-changing event that sweeps away the Piscean Age fuel, unfortunately not the Piscean Age mindset. That will take a little longer. But the fuel that feeds the fear will be gone, so those choosing to stay in the mindset will start having a much harder time being heard and influencing others.

While I believe that we will feel a subtle shift in energy, with attuned Aquarian Age individuals feeling it as a major shift, things will be different and the difference will be felt more and more as we move into 2021. We will still be reeling from the “holding on for dear life” fear that has affected every one of us throughout the year. We’ve either allowed it to take us over or were influenced by those around us who wanted to infect others with their own fear because it made them feel less alone and lost. But on December 21, we will be out of the woods, or rather near the edge of the woods seeing our path after being in a year of darkness.

When a major astrological event happens—this one being the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction in Aquarius, the event that’s the precursor to the February 11, 2021 event of seven planets in Aquarius that brings our New Renaissance—we feel it as it’s moving into place, when it happens and the resonance afterwards. The way we’ve been feeling it in the last month as it moves into place has manifested as a strong reaction to the change coming with people doubling down on their fear-beliefs. Arrogance, stubbornness and self-righteousness are at an all-time high, unrecognizably based out of fear.

Since I’ve been getting messages about the pandemic’s freight-train run into the New Year and how it is intentionally breaking (or waking us up to) our arrogance, I’ve seen a lot of it. Perhaps I’m sensitized to it now that I’m thinking about it, but I think it’s more that the arrogance in people has stepped up recently matching this huge, exponential change with huge, exponential fear of change.

One day last week, I had seven readings and every single one of them ended up trying to talk the person into seeing how their arrogance was getting in the way of their life’s natural flow. What they were desperate for wasn’t going to happen and they couldn’t hear that. They were all holding onto their fear that they weren’t going to get what they wanted when they wanted it and how they wanted it. And all of the arrogance was inconsistent with who they had been any of the times we’d read together before. It was all about their fear of survival, even for those who had everything including financial comfort.

Case in point: one of my clients is a millionaire with money in the bank and properties all over the world, but he has only ever called me on Discount Thursday because he’s afraid he’s not going to have enough money, especially now. He’s picked up the fear and survival mentality and couldn’t see where it was coming from. It’s about perspective and we don’t seem to have any anymore.

The point of it all is for each one of us to look inside self, not outside to the crazy. While the Piscean Age has been about us discovering the immature me, as we move further into the Aquarian Age, we have to rediscover the mature me that is our power-within and get out of our destructive power-over mindset. Then when we are quiet and comfortable with who we are, we can see and become part of the we.

And that brings me to:


A lot of people are having trouble with relatives, close friends and business associates with the divisiveness in our country, especially as we close out this year because our differences are coming to a head. Not differences in color, gender or religious beliefs—those are coming to a head in a different way—but differences in young souls and old souls, and those ready to move forward into the new mindset and those choosing to stay stuck. It can be blamed on Trump but that’s still his job as The Great Negative Lesson. This isn’t happening to separate people, but to reveal people for who they are in an emergency, or rather reveal who they are when societal norms change under their feet and they get lost and fearful.

As we come into the end-of-the-year holidays when we’re supposed to gather and celebrate (however that happens), the pressure is on to get along with people whether or not we like them, especially relatives. But with each individual struggling with their own identity and young souls clutching the old Piscean Age Daddy-in-Charge comfort through Trump’s unchecked ego, these holidays can destroy every relationship we have if we’re not careful.

I had a call recently about a best friend of over twenty years doubling down with nasty in defending Trump to my client who was anti-Trump. My client wondered if it was worth trying to talk with her again to salvage the relationship or just let it go because they’d never resolve their differences, so why delay the inevitable. My answer was to not throw the relationship away at this time. It may be irreparable, but now isn’t the time to decide that.

Things are still hot. They will be for a while. Irreparable damage may have already been done in relationships because Truth-Revealed in 2020 also meant people’s true colors being shown, even if the true colors have only come up recently and weren’t there before. People who follow Trump with rabid and righteous vehemence are fueled by their fear of change and what their security will be in the world after that change. They don’t know what’s coming or how they’ll be on the other side.

We’re talking primal fear of who they are, why they’re here and where they’re going. They’re not consciously aware of the fear but it overtakes them anyway. If they were aware, they’d deal with it better. But it comes up under them as if they are being swallowed by a tsunami that they can’t get away from. They can’t help it. This is the hardest lesson they will face in this lifetime and many of them won’t get it, or they’ll get the gist of it but won’t be able to put it into effect until their next lives.

So basically, give them a break. They can feel the Aquarian Age vibration coming in but can’t see that they’re going to be okay. It’s different and that scares them. We can’t change someone’s mind when what they’re thinking is right for them in this moment. When the fuel of fear is gone on December 21, that doesn’t mean they’ll all of a sudden see the light, but it means they’ll be able to stop being so afraid and perhaps listen.

Still, don’t expect any kind of sensible conversation with loved ones this holiday season. If we want to salvage any relationship, let it be right now. With the energy and the vibration changing under our feet, it makes subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) awareness changes that make it possible for everyone to see things differently. People will wake up and others that want to be heard will find they don’t need to change anyone else. If a relationship can be salvaged after this year’s divisiveness, it won’t be possible until next year and probably not until the February 11 event that lightens the energy even more than the December 21 event.

Tempers will flare during the holidays. There’s so much stress around. Unusual stress. It can’t be helped. But we don’t have to participate. Let go of trying to get someone to “see the light” or try to change their mind. Again, they are where they are because they’re supposed to be in that stuckness. Angelic energy and the vibrational change help them in a way another human being can’t, so let the work be done without engaging in someone else’s Piscean Age mindset.


Today is our last eclipse of the year, after an unusually busy year of eclipses. And it’s fitting that it’s a Solar Eclipse (New Moon in Sagittarius) as it helps us end things and start other things new. As Master Astrology Gahl Sasson says in his book “The Astrology of 2020”, “Eclipses quicken processes and push events toward completion.” And we really need that completion of 2020 NOW!  He says, “They amplify whatever is happening in your life, forcing a resolution through confrontation.”

He further writes that, “Solar eclipses are powerful New Moons when the Sun and the Moon are conjunct at the same place. The Moon’s disk covers the Sun and we feel neglected, alone, hopeless, and experience a lack of vitality.  Since the Sun disappears, we feel as if daddy left us alone.  In the Solar Eclipse, you might feel lightless, devastated, or blocked, but it is usually because the path you were on was leading nowhere.

However, Solar Eclipses, true to their New Moon qualities, present a new beginning, a new road that opens usually right when another closes. Usually Solar Eclipses are concerned with action, over-rationalization, movement and making decisions.”

Sounds like us all over the place right now. Gahl also has a new post: “Busy Week: Total Solar Eclipse, Meteroid Shower, Sun pointing at Galaxy Center and Jupiter + Saturn move into Aquarius.” If you don’t follow him, please sign up at He also has his book for next year out, “The Astrology of 2021: Out of Darkness, Light” which I highly recommend. His book for 2020 made it so much easier for me to get through this year.

Stay sane. Buttons are being pushed. Avoid playing other people’s fear games. Know self. Love self. Love others without interfering with their path. Everyone gets to the light one way or another and we have a lot of help. Breathe. Relax. Stay safe.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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