Last week, with the Dark of the Moon leading into the New Moon (November 28 and 29), some pretty heavy emotions were brought up. For many, it felt (and feels) like we’re dealing with loss, hopelessness and a not-belonging that has lingered much longer than usual, with a healthy dose of “where we aren’t” in our lives.

Unfortunately, this may linger through the end of the year and into January of 2017. It’s a wrap-up to make sure we finished 2016’s completion lessons before year’s end. So practicing “Being of Good Cheer” (from last week’s posting) is doubly important.

We’ll also be coming up on 2016’s fourth and last Mercury retrograde on December 19 through January 8. This retrograde’s Godsmacking won’t be as difficult as the others have been this year, but with the sorrow and intense emotional purging that are on us now, it will make many of us go inside ourselves even more.

That makes our retrograde-induced bad communication even testier as we won’t be listening to each other or ourselves, because we just want to feel. And many will be nasty when the business of their lives and their commitments don’t allow them to be quiet and self-focused (not self-involved or self-indulgent – there is a difference between learning and ego).

This double whammy of high emotions and Mercury retrograde comes just in time for all the holiday celebrations and family gatherings which can feel very uncomfortable this year And, as I’ve mentioned before, it can cause major problems in relationships. Be careful this holiday season: disagreements that happen now can easily be so intense, they might not be fixable later.

So, to help with what might well be a very difficult end of the year (and after the rest of this year, what else should we expect?) I’m offering Discount Thursdays for the rest of December.

So on December 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th, all prices are discounted:

  • $20 for 15 minutes (instead of $35)
  • $35 for 30 minutes (instead of $60)
  • $45 for 45 minutes (instead of $75)
  • $50 for 60 minutes (instead of $95)

Please book through my website ( Please ask people you refer to book via my website instead of calling, emailing or texting. I will just send them to the website anyway.

As usual, these special prices will not be listed on the website, nor with PayPal. For payment, I can take your credit card over the phone at the time of the call, or you can go directly to and pay my account (

Even though it’s been over two years since I moved to Austin, please be aware I am on Central time, which means I’m two hours different than when I was in LA. Please adjust the time accordingly. All times listed on my schedule are Central time. I will include reminders about the time difference in the body of the confirmation email that gives you the phone number to call (based on your area code). So please check the confirmation email when it comes for that or other notes.

Discount Thursdays usually book up quickly, so please book early.

Also, I am now on Instagram under “LaurieJohnsonPsychic”. While most of what I post are pictures of my cats and other animals, nature scenes, my Reading Room and such, I’m also posting metaphysical info such as insights into individual Tarot cards, energy reports for the day and Wiccan info about the Holy Days, the Moons and celebrations and other tidbits.

So, regarding where we are in the world and our lives: hold on and survive. Energy shifts come at the end of January. Until then it can be hard out there and that’s not a personal thing, even though it can feel like it. Sometimes knowing that everyone is having a hard time for the same reason can take the weight off of why we’re individually feeling so badly.

Give yourself a break, take it easy, expect others are having a hard time so give them a break, too.

We get through this, although there may be times over the next several weeks when we might not think so. Hang in. Please.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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