There have been four major energy shifts in as many months, all helping us close out the lessons of 2016 and 2017 and clearing the path for the new energy of 2018. They were on August 21 (the eclipse), on September 21 and 22 (the Jewish New Year and the Autumnal Equinox), on October 10 (Jupiter moving into Scorpio) and on November 2 (an Earth event).

They are part of the vibrational awakening for the planet and humankind as we finish and then come out of the difficulty of the last two years. The theme, especially for 2017, was “letting go of control” to get us more into “going with the flow”. I expect we will continue to have these events regularly as 2018 brings a push to get in balance with self, with others and with the world.

These events affect us on all levels, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. They can manifest as a sudden illness or pain that passes just as quickly as it came (our bodies adjusting to the vibration), or an over-abundance of emotion for no apparent reason (our emotions adjusting), or an enlightenment or revelation (our spirit responding). It all depends on how open we are and how much the energy needs to smack us around to make a point.

Right now, as we move toward the holidays and the end of the year, everyone is more susceptible to feeling these changes because we’re using only half our conscious attention and that makes us vulnerable. Part of that is because we need a break from the difficulty of 2016 and 2017 so we’re shutting down from all the stress. Part of it is because the day-to-day flow is slowing down naturally as the less-active winter season approaches.

Even though the flow is slowing down, a lot of us are feeling the societal “shoulds”, pushing ourselves to accomplish this or that before the end of the year, going against our own intuition and putting ourselves into conflict within. As we are becoming more aware of the energy around us, we can also feel and take on the chaos of others without meaning too.

The holiday time traditionally makes us feel better so we keep moving up our anticipation of it every year. Last year, Christmas decorations were on sale right after All Hallow’s Eve. This year, they were available at the end of September. While the holidays can make us feel better by connecting us with those we love, that isn’t guaranteed. The stress that we must “feel better” makes it almost impossible to achieve because it’s just another stress. It’s the joy we bring with love and gratitude to a celebration that brings peace and happiness, not the other way around.

All that being said, there is an energy shift happening naturally that we can consciously work on to help us get through the stressful end of the year and get us in sync with the energy changes as they happen. It’s simple yet profound: exploring and participating in our creative side.

We’ve been living, functioning and learning in the left hemisphere of our brain for the majority of the last 2,000 years. The unquestioned rule was the left-brain lines-and-squares, logical thought-process that was the male-dominant lesson of the Piscean Age. It’s what made science demand empirical proof which left out the soul and intuition of all discoveries, and has had negative repercussions in both our physical and energetic worlds. But it has served its purpose in giving us structure over the years and now is inhibiting our growth.

Society has looked down on creativity for a very long time. The Creative Arts in schools are the first to be cut when budgets get tight. Why? Creativity isn’t logical and therefore isn’t necessary. Once artists of all kinds were revered for their contributions to life and society. But being an artist has become a profession most parents don’t want for their children because there is no money or respect in it. Obviously there are exceptions, such as those in the film industry. But even those who are the artists (actors, writers, scenic designers, special effects people) are controlled by the non-creative money men and the logic of what will sell.

However, the Aquarian Age brings equality in all forms, including matching logic with creativity, balancing the left and right sides of our brain to compliment each other. Expressing our creative side right now helps open the right hemisphere to balance our thinking process. It improves not only how we embrace and adjust to the new energy and the changes the Earth is currently experiencing, but it enhances our personal abilities to work, play, love, communicate and function on a higher level. We retain more information and naturally act more humanely.

In recent months, many people have felt a strong desire to do creative projects. They also judge that they shouldn’t waste their time because there are so many “real” things they have to do. But that “real” world is full of lines-and-squares and logic and “shoulds”. That means we’re not going with the flow. Expressing creativity helps us balance ourselves out automatically without having to control it, plan it or give it a final goal. Being creative in itself is the goal that wakes us up as we do it.

If you think you have no creative skills, think again. Everyone does. Many have forgotten or been out-of-touch with their creative side because the importance of developing these skills has been considered extraneous. Coloring in a coloring book is creative. Why do you think coloring books have come to the forefront in recent years? It helps alleviate stress, yes, but it also helps balance our brain.

Many are drawn to their own creativity now not just as an escape for the craziness of the coming holidays and end of two years of difficult forced transformation, but because our bodies and souls are craving to be in harmony with the Earth. It’s all about balance. And right now our own personal creativity isn’t just a side-bar to help us function, it’s to develop a part of our brains that are waking up and need to be fed.

So create something. Even if you can’t write music, try singing or dancing or playing along. Chant by yourself or in a group. Drum by yourself or in a group. Write something you’ve always wanted to write. Act if you’ve always wanted to act. Sculpt or take a drawing class. Paint, scrapbook, decoupage, knit, crochet, sew. All of these connect the right to left sides of our brain and balance us out.

It’s especially important to avoid self-judgment that what you’re doing isn’t good enough. That’s a logical concept. Expressing is important. Doing is all.

While some of what’s suggested here has been touted as anti-stress mechanisms, they are developing and helping us rediscover the right hemisphere of our brain, which is also the spiritual side. By doing any creative act, we’re making sure we’re calm, happy and in the groove which innately affects our other actions in the “real” world.

If we let our creativity be a focus now instead of focusing on our frustrations or the lack of movement in our world, it will be a saving grace to get us through the chaotic end of the year. More importantly, it’s an easy, pleasant and fulfilling way to teach us about our own personal balance. And balance is what 2018 is all about (more on that before the end of the year).

If you’d like a book to read to help get the concept of creativity started, try “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” by Betty Edwards – a book that came out in 1989, way ahead of its time. Or, if we look at how far back the Aquarian Age transition started creeping into our consciousness, it’s right on time. There are also meditation programs to balance our brain waves by doing nothing but listening.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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