This being the Summer of Retrogrades, that time of great personal challenge and growth, there is a commonality in health issues caused by the intensity of the energy. Or rather there is a main energy drain that manifests differently in each body.

Even though we have been dealing with vibrational shifts before, during, and after the Age change on December 21, 2012, there are times when multiple shifts come together to force awakening without mercy. Right now, we are dealing with such a convergence. It can feel as if we’re being forced to take the hardest test of our lives without having studied, or even worse, without knowing we were supposed to study. The stress of fear, feeling lost, self-doubt and self-judgment is overwhelming right now and is affecting our bodies.

When this level of stress hits, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the weakest parts of our bodies get even weaker. Usually that includes the lower back (worry about finances and security), shoulders (carrying emotional burdens), joint pain/soreness (repressed anger) or digestive issues (where every other emotion centers). It can also show itself as an exacerbation of any sensitivity our bodies have previously experienced, from this life or the last, such as recurring pain or weakness from a long-mended once-broken bone, low-grade aches and pains from an old viral or bacterial infection or just having no energy at all.

It doesn’t help that our sleep cycles are easily messed up. We can sleep a good eight hours right now and not feel rested when we wake. Or we can not sleep enough. Even without this time of stress, sleep issues can cause lethargy, brain fog, testiness and just plain all-over discomfort. Now turn that up to eleven until we complete this challenge.

Weight gain is also common now, no matter how much we want to eat right. Maintaining conscious positive eating habits is a very hard thing to do, especially in August. Usually food can be used as a support system. Rarely does that support come free of guilt, self-judgment or blame. As emotions and self-recriminations are at an all time high, eating comfort food and harshly judging ourselves for it – while we’re doing it – are common occurrences. Please give ourselves a break with this kind of self-judgment. Our super-cravings won’t last forever.

People are also feeling a loss of joy and a loneliness that comes from not belonging – to the Earth, to family, to friends, to community or to love, even if we’re in a solid relationship. Right now, we aren’t connected to others in the ways we need. But that’s the point. We have to face our own selves, our own issues, not anyone else’s. Depression follows that because, again, of self-judgment. When we feel loneliness, depression or loss of joy, we can also feel that it is never going to come to an end. Being in that low energy point takes away the hope.

With the Mars retrograde making us all look at our masculine energy (men and women) and where that fits in the new paradigm, and Mercury fritzing communication (including with self), trying to make any relationship work is beyond difficult. Even those who are at a level of understanding what’s going on can find themselves reacting to others close to them with anger, resentment and judgment without realizing it’s this time that is pushing their buttons.

The best that we can do is to remember that what we’re experiencing this summer is a finite situation. All of what we’re feeling – physically and emotionally – including health issues, sleeplessness, weight gain and emotional upheaval, is temporary. It shows us something about ourselves but it is then our responsibility to work on those issues after the big push of summer has finished its lessons and the difficult energy subsides.

September brings relief. But be aware that while it feels like a bomb has been dropped in August, part of September will be us wading through the debris until the dust settles. Look to a rebalancing of how we fit in the world on September 22 with the Autumnal Equinox and the big release of all of summer’s difficult energy with the Full Moon on September 24. Both are good times to balance and release with ritual.

There’s another thing happening now that is draining our energy – a very important thing that is not obvious nor easily recognized. People in any level of awareness, especially people who purposefully work to help others (those who are Light Workers) are automatically, and sometimes unconsciously, giving their energy to form a grid of light to keep us from descending to the lowest common denominator of the least enlightened person on the planet.

The light of each aware soul has connected to another and to another and so on until we have formed a glowing safety net that is fueled by those souls and the angelic energy watching over us. A good chunk of our energy goes to keeping all souls from falling below that net, even though some people are pretty far down there in awareness. This is one of the few times that our souls are actively joining for the good of all and not necessarily telling our conscious selves what they’re doing.

So if we feel tired and drained, even after making sure we’re doing our own work and dealing well with the difficulties of others, it’s because we’re unconsciously using our energy for the greater good, for the growth humanity and the lifting of our human vibration to match our highly-vibrating Earth.

Also please be aware that while this vibration and energy change is hard on those of the human race, it’s extra difficult on our animals. They take on our energy and ground it all the time. They are also sensitive to the general energy around us. That means they are taking on our personal difficulties and those that are being thrown out in desperation by anyone who is having a hard time. So basically, everyone.

If our animals have been acting differently recently, ninety percent of the time it’s because of the intensity of August. They can have physical manifestations of this, too. While this will pass throughout September, please give our animals special attention, patience and love. They do so much for us. And they have nothing to learn for themselves. All they do is give to and take care of us. Even if we can’t have patience with other people, please have patience with our animals. Their unconditional love, especially now, needs to be recognized and rewarded.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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