Wishing you a Happy New Year and hope you had a wonderful celebration over the weekend!

Welcome to the calendar year of 2022. While the energetic change into ease that will define this year doesn’t come until February 1 with the New Moon in Aquarius and the Chinese New Year of the Tiger, we have just started a Six Year, the number being one of unconditional love and sacrifice. Basically, we’re just starting an easier energy than we’ve been in for two years.

As always, January is the clean-up month for the year before. So it will seem as if January is a different part of the year, like there’s January and then there’s 2022. We are cleaning up the chaos of last year and finding a new path for ourselves from all the lessons we learned over the last two years, whether or not we’re consciously aware of what we’ve learned. If you plan any New Year’s resolutions, it’s best to wait until February 1 for 2022 to do its work.

I will be addressing how I’ve seen this year play out, but since there’s so much to cover, this information will be spread out over several posts. First off, let’s go back to the last week of 2021.

If you felt a huge weight of energy that debilitated you or made you very unfocused or emotionally reactionary last week, that’s because we hit a breaking point around Wednesday. It wasn’t an energy shift in the Earth changing her vibration as much as the collective population reaching a point of no return and having had enough of 2021.

The big push of December ramping up the chaos energy until its last second and trying to keep on top of 2021’s fear, worry, frustration, anger and just dealing with day-to-day in the Year of Chaos hit a final overwhelm and we broke. Exhaustion kicked in. Anger and frustration reached an all time high. We were forced to take the break we’ve needed all year and couldn’t get around to, no matter how much we wanted it. Or at this time of year, didn’t want it to interrupt our “happy time” of preparing for the New Year.

The positive side of this is with that break, we can rebuild ourselves and our expectations having made such a substantial release, emotionally and energetically. We’ve been trying to hold on to how life used to be, force the new rhythms to fit the old and that never works. But we had to try because we are stubborn and, in the U.S., fiercely arrogant because every challenge we’ve had since our inception, we’ve overcome (more on how that gets tested this year in a later post).

With this opportunity to rebuild, it’s up to every individual to look within self, to our core, and recognize who we are, not who we’ve been taught to be in an old system. It can be a relief to let go of the “shoulds” we don’t even know we’ve been holding onto. And we can start new in how we look at things. Work on being observant of self in how many old ways and “shoulds” can come creeping back in because we’re used to them, not because they worked. Build who you want to be and know you always have been.

It’s a breaking point for more than each of us. It’s a breaking point of the old way giving us an opportunity to adapt to the new way from a point of nutrality. The Piscean Age is over and, especially in 2022, the New Age of Aquarius is coming in strong. We need to match its energy to fully make transition.


I don’t see an “official” end of Covid in 2022 but more a lingering on a lesser level. We like to have things over on a specific date, but that’s not going to happen this year. People’s overreaction will be the main problem, not the disease.

I feel the lesser mutation of Omicron is a trend. The pandemic served its purpose, but as we never get something like this to just end, it will again linger through spring, kind of disappear in summer, and only kind of return in fall with another lesser variant. Symptoms will be more like a cold and can mostly be treated without hospitalization. However, people are still making what we’re experiencing now super dramatic because of it’s ease of infection, ignoring that Omicron presents with lesser symptoms. Again, we need to deal with what is happening, not what has already happened.

Now we’re down to the infection hitting because of an individual’s karma and, in the physical world, their immune systems, how they’ve taken care of themselves and how reliant we are on the medical community. Before, it was humanity’s lesson, this year it’s about an individual’s lesson (with humanity still getting the benefit of what is learned).

It comes down to people and their reactions which I think will turn out to be more damaging than the virus itself. But isn’t that always the case? Have you ever watched The Walking Dead? The reason it’s so successful is that it isn’t really a story about zombies, it a story about how people react to extreme situations. And they have it dead on (no pun intended). The people in the story are 90% more dangerous than the Walking Dead. Still true in real life.

The pandemic has been a major-change focal point in the physical world while the biggest change has been happening in our vibration and energy. Even without knowing it, that vibrational change has taken place under our feet and now we are dealing with it in a different way. Hence, the lesson of the pandemic isn’t as important.

Look for January to focus on who has the vaccine and who doesn’t and everything that is wrong with the world is going to be vehemently blamed on them, depending on which camp people are in. It can get violent, so try to keep a cool head that, again, the vaccine has never been the answer. It’s still how each of us take responsibility for being part of the whole.

I hope this week is kind to each of you and we all start the calendar year off allowing ourselves to recoup after one hell of a year. Take it easy. Relearn what is best for you, not what should be.

Much love and gratitude to each one of you for a kinder, gentler year…

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  • i love this…the vaccine has never been the answer – its still about how each of us take responsibility for being part of the whole…brilliant..xoxox

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