Classes on the Metaphysical Arts

I offer various classes in the Metaphysical Arts. These classes are done in person or via online classrooms. See the Course Calendar (coming soon!) for more information.



This six or eight week course teaches Wicca as one of the oldest spiritual paths of the world that honors the Earth and all life, and is also the fastest growing “religion” in the United States. It covers:  The History of the Old Religion, The Eight Sabbats of the Wheel of the Year, the Esbats, The Tools and Wardrobe, Casting Circles and Creating Sacred Space, Honoring the God and Goddess, Creating and Keeping a Book of Shadows, Creating and Maintaining Personal and Ceremonial Altars, Understanding Your Own Power and the Power of the Word. Should one of the classes fall on or near one of the sabbats, coven members from the Grove of Earth Rising join the class to lead the celebration.


This six or eight week continuation of the Basic Wicca course covers:  The Basics of Spellworking, Divination, Visualization, Meditation, Communication with Nature and explores Rites of Passage (Wiccaning, Coming of Age, Initiation, Handfasting, Priest and Priestesshood, Elderhood and The Final Passage). Again, if one of the classes falls on or near a sabbat, coven members from the Grove of Earth Rising join the class to lead the celebration.


Also six or eight weeks in duration, this course deals exclusively with Spellworking and the properties, preparation and use of potions.  The first week covers the basics, including the structure of the spell, timing and the ever important “Do as ye will, as long as ye harm none”. In the following weeks we prepare a potion and perform a spell on subjects such as love, money drawing, protection, peace in the home, and take suggestions from the class on their personal choices of upcoming spells.


A one-shot, all day exploration of the Basic Wicca course with a food break followed by participation in a festival or sample rite.


A variety of chanting techniques are covered, including Buddhist, Hawaiian and ancient Sanskrit, all to help discover self, ground, solve problems and change lives.  We learn how to use mala beads and study chants to call in abundance and prosperity, health, love, self and spiritual awakening and forgiveness.  We also chant a variety of mantras in a group. Recorders are suggested.  This can be a single day-long event, or be broken up into four to six weeks of classes.


This 13 week intensive treats the Tarot as a living oracle.  Every week, we unlock the ancient codes and symbols of each card to help students personally connect with them.  During the first half of the series, we end in meditation with one of the cards covered that day.  This opens the subconscious to hidden meanings within the symbols.  In the remaining classes, we learn and practice spreads using real questions asked by real people. By the time the series is complete, students are able to read any deck using a variety of spreads.  The Robin Wood deck is required as the primer.


The second of the three part Tarot series, this 13 week course explores the deeper meaning of every card by introducing the astrological or planetary associations.   The knowledge gained in this class enhances the student’s ability to read the cards beyond their basic meanings for further clarification of personalities, timing, events, Karmic issues and more.  The Astrological Spread, or Wheel Spread, is covered exclusively which teaches students to answer multiple questions with one throw of the cards.  This is not an Astrology class.  Previous knowledge of Astrology is not necessary but a working knowledge of the Tarot is.  This class also requires the Robin Wood deck.


This 11 week series reveals how the Tarot relates to the Kabbalistic glyph, the Tree of Life, specifically the position of the 22 Major Arcana cards within the 22 paths linking the ten sephiroth – the spheres that show us who we are on the never ending spiral upward to higher awareness.  We not only follow the 22 pathways to increase knowledge of the individual cards, but we also experience specific meditations for these pathways and cards that open the student’s subconscious to receive messages from the Tarot more clearly.  This is not a Kabbalah series, but a way to enhance understanding of the Tarot.  A working knowledge of the Tarot is vital, preferably through the Tarot from the Beginning and Tarot and Astrology courses.


This is the Tarot from the Beginning course condensed into a single day that teaches the language of the cards via their code, so by the end of class, even if the student has never picked up the deck before, he or she will be able to read the cards. We put together the meaning of the suits, their associations with the elements, directions and paths of life, the numbers, colors, character positions and relationships and the three paths of the Major Arcana.


This one-shot seminar explores the Past Life Spread created by my mentor, Carolyn Rehart.  It gives a competent and reliable way to connect with past lives using the Tarot by giving a template for timing and location, then using the cards to build a story about that life; a life that explains patterns, events and lessons that have carried over from then until now.  The spread chart and accompanying time/place template are provided.


The first half of the single-day workshop covers reincarnation and past life basics:  where we came from, where we’re going, why we keep coming back, young souls, old souls, soul mates and how to recognize what you already remember. After a short break, we do a guided meditation back to one or more of the student’s past lives.  Remembering past lives can help heal the current life and gives a better understanding of who we are, why we’ve chosen to be with certain people and the patterns in our lives.


This can be offered as a six or eight week course or it can be ongoing.  It helps open personal awareness to existing abilities and gives tools to explore and expand them by doing extensive work with exercises and meditation.  All techniques taught in this series can be used immediately and repeatedly to continue opening your perception even after class is complete.


Is it the end of the world, or a myth?  We cover what all the fuss and fear is over the ending of the Mayan Calendar on December 21, 2012, including:  the Piscean/Aquarian Age shift, the Mayan Days of Mankind, the Native American Day of Purification, the Precession of the Equinoxes, what disasters are expected, what to do to prepare and what comes after. While this course covers the varying fear-based predictions, it is stressed that this is a time of human growth and enlightenment.  This is usually offered as a single half-day lecture.


Held within a sacred circle, self-awareness meditations are offered thru a variety of means.  The most popular is a Maze Meditation that uses the psychology of starting in the center of a maze, focusing on a current seemingly unsolvable problem and, through the journey of finding your way out, helping your subconscious solve the problem for you.  I wrote this meditation to help my mother’s fear of death when her time came. This is a single-class event or can be monthly ongoing series.


Drum Circles are  offered for a variety of events:  Full or New Moon ceremonies, cleansing, grounding, bonding, anger releasing, birthday appreciation, etc. These can be scheduled monthly, per event or requested.

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