Chinese New Year 2/10/2013

Happy Chinese New Year – the Year of the Water Snake!!!

This is going to be a kinder, gentler year than we’ve had in at least the last five; for some, the last 25. The major themes will be an awakening of the spiritual side, the return of the feminine power (and we’ve all got that whether we’re men or women) and a rediscovering of our emotional selves.

We still have 11 years of adjusting to the energetic and spiritual shifts that just happened, but the hardest changes are over. Repercussions from those changes are still difficult – we’re not out of the woods yet. We’re getting used to a mindset different from the last 2,000 years of the Piscean Age. Sometimes it takes a while to get that, although I’m happy to say the majority of people on the planet have become aware of the change, within and without, and are paying attention in ways we haven’t for a long time.

The tide has changed. Instead of it being 20 percent who embrace the change, see the positive possibilities and act as leaders, the remaining, previously stuck 80 percent have broken themselves down into different dynamics: 40 percent now realize they’ve been following the wrong leaders, may not know what to do about it but want to see and do things differently; 20 percent are stunned, not harmful nor helpful but need clearer direction; and 20 percent are choosing to continue to be stuck because they can’t have their own way and the world isn’t cooperating…think temper tantrum time.

To me that’s a huge shift. And it brings in one of the other major themes of the year – the role of Mentor or Leader by Example. In 2013, the Aquarian Age youth come into their own and explode with ideas of change for the planet and all life on her, but are still youth and need guidance. This guidance isn’t the Piscean power-over, do-what-I-say-or-you’re-wrong method. It’s listening and understanding even if we don’t understand. It’s supporting development and exploration of self and ideas that may seem foreign to adults but are the way of humankind’s evolutionary development in a massive burst.

All youth bring new ideas with them in every generation. That’s expected. This year, however, with the New Age on us, the ideas will seem so far fetched and strange because they’re not coming in Piscean Age lines-and-square, left-brain-hemisphere logical concepts. It will be as if asking what’s two plus two with the answer being an orange. And an orange is right, even if adults can’t see it at first. So guiding this New Age is a challenge. Trusting that younger minds know what they’re talking and thinking about beyond the scope of their teachers’ knowledge bends adult ego.

But if we stay out of ego when guiding, give benefit of the doubt to whatever concepts the youth present, we not only accelerate the development of humankind, we also heal our own ego issues created by past Piscean Age teachings. As we see stops within ourselves by admitting how we want to stop these new concepts when they are presented, we see where we have been taught to be stuck and can move that energy out of the way.

And as we all refine our new vibrations, which are still rising and changing every day and will for quite some time, we will be experiencing and thinking and feeling and perceiving with our whole selves in ways we never dreamed. The youth will show us how to adapt because they came in already knowing. It’s amazing and scary and takes some getting used to so hang on.

With water being a pervasive influence and almost all major planetary activity happening in water signs this year, beware of more flooding, more unexpected storms (although not the level of Hurricane Sandy), issues with water within the house, i.e. pipes and water heater, and fluid issues within the body including blood, urine and anything liquid.

The resurgence of this water/feminine energy will wash over and “put out” fire or ego energy. A lot of personalities and public figures who are hot and bothered that their Piscean entitlement is finished, their power-over isn’t what it used to be, will have considerably less impact and be more fodder for Jon Stewart than have actual relevance.

Since the Chinese New Year brings the changing energy for the year (as opposed to the man-made beginning of January 1st which changes nothing and is but a mark on a calendar) I’d like to offer predictions from Lillian Too who is my source for all things in Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui. She says:

“This year brings energy of each sign being strongly influenced by it’s original essence – we are all experiencing our own lessons and luck that came with our signs. This suggests that everyone has the chance to see better times during the year. Disasters – natural or man-made – are significantly subdued. A new sense of calm pervades. Unlike the previous year, which saw political changes and upheavals in many countries, this year will see a time of consolidations. People will refocus their goals.

“Intelligence, mental capability and creativity will overcome the raw use of power. It is a year when those who are clever will do much better than those who are in positions of power, irrespective of their status or place in society. This clash does not bring negative results or influences. By the end of the year, being resourceful will count more than being intelligent.

“In the international environment, diplomacy exerts a dominant role in relations between countries and the energy of hostility is reduced. More friendly alliances take place and there is greater evidence of cooperation that has been missing in the recent past. The world’s economies improve bringing a new underlying strength.

“Patrons and mentors play an important part in the work place, in schools and colleges. People in positions of authority tend to be kinder and more tolerant in their attitude towards those under their supervision or care, and less authoritative. There will not be so much bullying. This brings greater happiness and less cause for suffering.

“This benevolent Snake year suggests that the nagas or Spirits of the Earth will be helpful rather than destructive. When the Earth Spirits are helpful in this manner, there is a high probability of peace and prosperity prevailing.”

Among the many books Lillian Too publishes, every year she offers Fortune and Feng Shui for the individual, like western Astrologers offer books of predictions for each Zodiac sign. These books are not only insightful as to what’s coming in, they offer solutions in combating the biggest challenges by utilizing the age-old art of Feng Shui.

Just one last thing: Annie Bones, my favorite voice of Astrological wisdom, is not publishing her Celestial Forecaster this year due to health problems. All I can say is that I miss her intelligent, kind and ever-accurate guidance and I hope this kinder, gentler year is kinder and gentler to her and she heals completely. Please send what you can to help her as she is a help to so many.

More predictions coming in the next newsletter. There’s still a lot to cover.

With love and gratitude…

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