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Recently, while at my chiropractor’s with the massage therapist doing her magic, she asked if I would mind talking about my work. Even though she and the doctor know what I do for a living, it has never been discussed. I was surprised, as being psychic isn’t as easily accepted in the general public outside of California. Turns out, she was worried about her eight-month-old daughter who wasn’t progressing “normally” as she had yet to talk the way the doctor said she should. She wanted to know if I could see if her daughter was “abnormal”.


I tapped in and found she had a very gifted, Aquarian-Age-normal baby who was aa very perceptive old soul. Without going into New Age detail, I let her know her little girl was far more self-aware than most babies (which her mom knew). She wasn’t talking “normally” at her age because she was observing the world around her and didn’t have anything to say yet, not because she couldn’t talk (and the little girl didn’t like or trust the doctor).

On the same day, Dee, the talented lady who does the images for my newsletters and publishes them for me, told me she’d had an encounter with a friend with a Crystal Child and the mother had never heard of Crystal Children, Indigo Children or any of the names for our Aquarian Age youth who are coming in with New Age mindsets. When Dee explained what a Crystal Child was, it gave the mother a whole new perspective on her daughter.

Two prompts in one day made me think I should write about this. So here is some information about Indigo Children, Crystal Children, Star Children, Rainbow Children, or Children of the Fifth World – all various delineations of the same “invasion” of old souls coming into the New Age (with new categories being identified as children express themselves). They are here to help change mass consciousness and lead us into the next step in our evolution.

All Aquarian Age children are old souls who have come in to help shift awareness in this great transition. They are all psychic in one way or another. Some come in for very specific people, like their immediate family; some come in for the bigger picture, like the growth of humankind. Many have not reincarnated for quite a while, having achieved a level of mastery in their last life, so they are not only adapting to coming in as children now (with a master’s mind), but to a world that is very different than the one they last left. Their thought-process is different; their perception is different. These differences are not physically seen but expressed in how they think, remember past lives, naturally see beyond the “veil”, act and react to our “normal” world. They make those around them begin to see things with new eyes, frequently at a cost to themselves because they are easily misunderstood and misdiagnosed.

The past 2,000 years of the Piscean Age has been dominated by a logical, lines-and-squares, left-hemisphere of the brain thought-process, predominantly male driven. During that time, we were taught to see and hear things only by what can be empirically proven. That brought many logical inventions and growth in the sciences, which was the Age’s lesson in expansion. But it also meant that other ways of perceiving (more right-hemisphere, energetic/vibrational and intuitive) were discounted, or even punished (i.e., the Burning Times).

Before the Piscean Age, we were more in touch with energies, vibrations, and frequencies that couldn’t be “proven”. How we FELT about something had more worth in the pre-Piscean time than it has in the last 2,000 years because the right-hemisphere of the brain was more active. We received information on a broader spectrum – a vibrational level – but we didn’t understand that consciously. We needed these logical Piscean Age lessons to bring that understanding, and that’s what’s happening now. We’re getting back to receiving that broader spectrum, marrying science with its missing “soul” or its “humanity”. The Aquarian Age isn’t going to swing everything to a spiritual, creative, emotional right-hemisphere mindset, it’s going to balance it out. We’re building on our expanded intelligence, and now adding a different level of perception above and beyond what we knew before this long lesson started.

Our Aquarian Age children are leading the way, voluntarily. Before they reincarnate, they are aware they can be labeled “limited”, “special” or “difficult, according to existing norms. These are brave souls with a much higher purpose than their own personal journeys.

While not every child born in the time of the Aquarian Age is a Fifth World child, most of them are on one level or another. And they’ve been coming in groups for about sixty years.

There have been three distinct times of Fifth World influx. The first was in the 1960s. That was when an obvious burst of Aquarian Age energy happened as a precursor to the upcoming shift. This first wave brought in a mass of children who had various degrees of Autism. While medically there are a lot of reasons why children have Autism, with many still a mystery, the metaphysical reason is that these children came in to force adults to alter how they communicate. The need of parents to understand and help their “special” children forced new methods of identification and treatment from the medical professionals. That changed how teachers and schools taught, which changed how the government got involved. New agencies and financial assistance were created by local, state and national governments to accommodate this new wave. The children of the first wave were the “plow the road” energy to prepare us for the actual shift.


The second wave came in 1989 with the Harmonic Convergence (and after). That time marked an influx of old souls coming in with the purpose of consciousness-awakening and “raising the bar” for humankind. These are the kids who became adults by the time the Big Shift happened in 2012. This is when the original Indigo Children arrived. They challenged the way children were treated and respected by not going with the expected flow. An Indigo Child won’t respect anyone unless they earn and deserve it, i.e., if a teacher doesn’t care about the job anymore, the child won’t learn from that person because they pick up the energy of what the teacher is giving off, not just the words. These kids naturally feel stress from the teacher and from other kids who are channeling the stress of their parents, siblings, and sometimes the Earth herself, and can become overwhelmed when surrounded by it. There was no understanding or vocabulary to deal with it when it started, so many children were misdiagnosed and given drugs because they didn’t fit into the normal box of expected development.

Then there are the old souls born in the year of the Big Shift, 2012, and after. These are the Crystal, Star, Rainbow, etc. Children. While they also exhibit Indigo Child tendencies (challenging Piscean Age standards), they are bringing in a completely different, accelerated vibration and awareness that human beings haven’t experienced before. Not only are they naturally more psychic, they cut through anything that exists as a tradition that has lost its meaning. Maintaining empty standards is superfluous and silly to them. A belief – not limited to religion – that fit before but isn’t relevant now is ignored as if they can’t even perceive it. The childlike “why” has a whole new meaning. If the answer to “why” isn’t part of Aquarian Age growth, it doesn’t make sense to them.

This can make parents frustrated because they have to explain, teach and guide children who actually “know” more than they do. Since 2012, the children belong in this vibration more than adults do. Yet it isn’t completely their world at the same time it isn’t their parents’ either. We’re in transition, so both child and adult can feel quite lost. Treating children as their parents were treated when they were young doesn’t work now. Each individual child is an old soul who has to go through childhood, not to learn the standard childlike things, but to adapt to where the world is now so they know where to concentrate transformation. If parents can look at their children as wise old souls who are going through this uncomfortable growth process and already know enough to “save the world”, perhaps how they understand and relate to their children will be different.


In dealing with these New Age children, it’s important to remember that only six percent of communication happens through the spoken word. And these children are aware of more than just the physical “tells” that make up a lot of the remaining percentage. They pick up energy waves like crazy and if they’re not taught how to protect themselves or identify or understand what’s going on, they can get very damaged at a young age.

A client put her four-year-old son in pre-school with what mom didn’t recognize was a Piscean Age teacher. The child refused to nap with the other kids and the teacher took that to mean he was rebellious and she immediately labeled him as a trouble-maker. From the boy’s point of view, he didn’t feel energetically safe to sleep with all the other kids. He was picking up all their issues, the issues they carried from their families, and the energy of the angry teacher. In sleep, he didn’t know how to put defenses up to protect himself. He, of course, wasn’t conscious all this was going on – he just knew he didn’t want to take a nap when the teacher wanted him to. She traumatized the boy so much that even though he was taken out of her class by his parents, he continues to be very reluctant to try any kind of school system now, two years later. He has learned to expect to be misunderstood and punished for it.

While the existing school system is still stuck in Piscean Age methods, the Aquarian Age kids are teaching the teachers and parents by not responding to what’s been standard. When these kids become adults, their way of perceiving and communicating becomes the norm. However, what the school system IS teaching them, without being aware of it, is a language for these kids to learn how to translate Piscean to Aquarian Age. Unfortunately, there can be a lot of damage for these kids along the way in, again, being misunderstood, categorized and “lessened” in their worth because they’re “special” when they are really the forerunners of modern perception and communication

There are many books now on these special Aquarian Age kids, mostly from the clinical psychology point of view. From a metaphysical take, there are a couple of things I know that can help parents and teachers, and the children, learn from each other.

The first is for the parent/teacher/adult to honor whatever the child is feeling, saying or experiencing, especially if it seems like fantasy or unjustified fear. They! Are! Right! If it’s assumed they are right and what’s wrong doesn’t make sense, try to find out what’s going on by asking the child questions to explain what they’re feeling or experiencing – with the caveat that they are right. By asking questions and prompting them, the children are forced to develop a vocabulary that not only gives them a voice at the moment but will be useful to them all their lives.

The second suggestion is to start working with the kids in all-sense awareness and “visuals”. When asking questions, move beyond the “what do you feel?” because they might not yet have developed a self-discerning eye. Ask what color they see when having an experience, or what they hear, smell, or taste, or even remember (if they’re recalling past life traumas). They are perceiving with all of their senses more than just the sight adults have come to rely on. Include that so they don’t lose their connection to themselves.

A lot of perception and species-memories were lost in the Piscean Age because it was simply not spoken of or taught. We all have a level of psychic awareness but if that is not recognized and acknowledged, we lose our connection to it before we’re seven years old.

Also, teach the children how to protect themselves psychically, without necessarily explaining why they need to do it. Before sleep, walk the child through a guided meditation that surrounds them with beautiful blue light, creating a cocoon of light with all the senses (what does it look like, sound like, smell like, etc.) Blue is the Mother Mary, Kwan Yin, Isis color of protection and who better to look after our children as they sleep?

Before they go into a public situation, whether that’s to school or with relatives who are harsh and judgmental, help the children create a white light sphere around them, again using all their senses, then surround that sphere with a shell of steel. With active imaginations, children are able to clearly smell and taste the metal of that shell as they create it. Then condense it so the white light and steel are like perfect body armor to keep them safe from picking up anyone else’s energy. It can be a game that will make perfect sense to them.

The vibration of sound is vital to these kids. Use a single-stroke drumming soundtrack – the constant duh-duh-duh-duh-duh sound of ritual

 drumming – as a background when they’re studying or trying to learn anything. The drum beat stimulates the right-hemisphere of the brain so it allows them to learn and remember with both sides. Also classical music is very soothing and stimulating at the same time. Preferably use Mozart or Vivaldi – it serves the same purpose of balancing out the brain hemispheres. Obviously, any kind of music is important, from classical to rap, because it is a creative expression and completely vibrational.

Finally, these children have a huge connection to and receive healing/grounding energy from animals. So if the family doesn’t have a pet, please consider getting one. For children who are very highly developed in their Aquarian Age awareness, which means they’re probably more “problem” than “normal”, try to get them around larger animals like horses regularly. Big dogs and horses ground Aquarian Age kids like nothing else.

I hope this helps. As always…

I offer this with love and gratitude…


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    This all is right! I mean I agree…thank you so much for your help thus far!! And I’ve always wanted a dog or horse!

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