Since Mars started squaring Saturn and Pluto last Monday, July 27 (bringing aggression, war and power struggles), in addition to Mars being in Aries (masculine lessons now coming forward in anger), we’ve been hit with some pretty weird, stressful energy. On that Monday last week, my phone, computer, internet and Constant Contact all went weird. Dee, the lovely lady who publishes my stuff through Constant Contact, wasn’t able to get my newsletter out until much later than usual as the site was down until late evening. And even though she called me several times to let me know, nothing rang through to my phone. I didn’t get her messages until the next day. That chaos continued all last week. It felt like Mercury retrograde on steroids (and still does) even though Mercury is direct.

But that’s just a hint of a bigger challenge going on for the next five weeks. We are in a compressed, accelerated mega-lesson of self-awareness about our masculine identity (which everyone has). All the aggressive Mars energy is helping with that, if feeling uncomfortable in our own skin, angry, betrayed or misunderstood is considered helping.

Some of the biggest changes happening to human beings right now have to do with how we identify and shift out of Piscean Age masculinity into Aquarian Age masculinity/equality, not just within self but in how we look at and what we expect from others. Hence, the general fear of the year is now being expressed not only in anger but in aggressive self-righteousness, which is a natural defense mechanism when we feel lost.

We are being forced to let go of our power-over concepts and discover or work on our power-within, which when being “forced” is not something people usually respond well to. It’s our next step in leveling up, but few people on the planet are conscious that this is happening. When something intense like this comes up and we don’t know about it but can still feel it and be affected by it, we tend to not take it well. Hence, again, aggressive self-righteousness.

How that is manifesting, especially over the next five weeks of crunch time, is in how we perceive and behave in our relationships—whether romantic, friendship, family or business. Taking into consideration August is August (our annual karmic catch-up month in a karmic catch-up year), retrogrades are peaking forcing us to look deeper into ourselves than at any other time this year, and chaos is running rampant, this is a leveling up that seems to have come out of nowhere, is hitting us like the biggest sledgehammer ever and yet is right on track to help with our transformation. Say it with me: Argh!

During this time, all relationships can easily be questioned or fall apart, may build into something new or be lost for the rest of this life. With all of us having to know ourselves, not because of the physical isolation of the pandemic but because of the energetic awakening of the year, what we expect from others is different. We want them to be understanding of what we’re going through without realizing that they’re going through the same thing in whatever it is they have to learn. And many people are playing by relationship rules that don’t apply in our Twilight Zone energy of 2020.

Example: If you text or email someone who doesn’t respond in what you consider a timely fashion, or as quickly as they have before, your reaction can be over the top in bringing in all the times this has happened to you with other people and you can unfairly focus that betrayal or loss with anger at the one person who is having just as hard a time as you are.

That has to do with self-defensiveness. If we are out of balance and someone we know to be a certain kind of friend doesn’t respond the way we need or think they will, we become self-defensive while they are doing the same. Severe misunderstandings happen while we’re still trying to figure out who we are in the bigger scheme of things. A lot of this awareness is happening in an energetic, not conscious, way so misunderstandings are happening on multiple levels.

We always find out the truth of people when we face an emergency. When the ’94 earthquake hit in LA in the early morning, my guy threw the covers over his head and screamed like a girl (which he will amusingly admit) while I was holding up bookcases and locating the cats. I never saw that in him. Others I had known also reacted in unusual ways that showed a truth within themselves they might never have had come to the surface without being faced with an emergency.

We are in a year-long emergency. Right now, during the next five weeks, we will find out more about ourselves and others that reveal truths we’ve never seen. And we might not like all of it, about ourselves or others. The trick is to be aware of self right now and give others a break for them being all about self, too. This is the realignment work we’re in and it can be incredibly rewarding, but we probably won’t feel that reward until later in the year.

One of the wonderful things that happens with this self-discovery is that we can find others of like mind. If we’re all in the fog bank of 2020, as we lift into self-awareness and the Aquarian Age vibration, we’re lifting ourselves out of the fog bank to see others who are doing the same. Without trying to force it or make it happen, we will be encountering those who become our new tribe, because many of our old tribe will be lost.

Clients are telling me of friends they’ve had for a long time who are suddenly behaving very aggressively, selfishly, nastily, when they never did before. And my clients can’t understand it. But that’s the lesson we’re in. All the levels of who we are—the soul age, past life experience, this life experience, choices for self vs. choices for others at our own expense—are at play now so it’s very complicated. And hard to understand because it’s not something we can physically put a finger on. It’s all energetic.

Buttons are being pushed right now, which push other buttons which push other people’s buttons. It’s like we’re all in that room full of hundreds of mouse traps baited with ping pong balls, watching while one free ball is thrown in to set everything off in chaos. With us all on our personal journeys, we frequently question why others don’t behave the way they did last year. We’re not taking into consideration that they are on personal journeys that can easily take them into places to make them unrecognizable as we become unrecognizable to them.

Even though it’s very hard right now, step back and observe and give everyone, including self, a break. Stop judgment of self and others, especially of others. All judgment we put on others is just a judgment we have of ourselves. Be conscious of how we’re feeling as that awareness makes this lesson in self-awareness easier. If we don’t, we can lose relationships that don’t have to be lost.

Batten down the hatches. Mars is on steroids now, August is on steroids, retrogrades are on steroids. All for a greater good. If we stop cursing “The Greater Good” and just let it flow, we can get through the next five weeks without feeling like we’re losing our minds. We’re actually finding them.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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Stay safe! Stay conscious! Stay healthy!



  • Kay Cash-Smith says:

    Laurie, I always deeply appreciate your insight and safe directives. But somehow, in reading this, I was swamped by an emotional GRATITUDE for you and your work and the impact you have on so many. So I just wanted to say how deeply you are valued, how grateful I am to “know” you, and how much
    I wish you well.
    thank you forever, and even beyond

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