I don’t know if it’s been resolved as I’m not good at this kind of thing, but there is/was a fake Laurie Johnson (Psychic) Facebook page that has my picture with a drawing of a white dove in the bottom left corner that apparently asks for money.

Obviously, that’s not me! If you see it, please report it.

That being said, I’m contemplating getting off Facebook altogether, at least for awhile. Haven’t decided yet, but if you don’t find me at all, that’s my doing. Read More


If you haven’t heard already, I’m relocating from Los Angeles, California to Austin, Texas on May 31st. I am taking the first week in June off to settle in and will resume my reading schedule onMonday, June 9th. Between now and then, here is what’s available if you’d like a reading before I go:

  • Saturday, May 24th (only one time available)
  • Monday, May 26th (a few times available)
  • Tuesday, May 27th (a few more times available)
  • Wednesday, May 28th (even more time available)

While almost all of my info stays the same…

website is still

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Uranus Square Pluto Aspect 6/21/2012

Uranus Square Pluto Aspect

The first significant astrological milestone of the 21st century has arrived.  It’s the Uranus square Pluto aspect that peaks on June 24th and will hit us again on September 18th, and then again in 2013, 2014 and 2015, bringing with it a whole lot of change.  Here are some excerpts from what Annie Bones has to say about it in her Celestial Forecaster (one of my bibles): Read More