Intuitive Business Consulting

Most psychics regularly answer some business questions in the course of personal readings. Since the 2008 market crash, however, the use of a “business psychic” – an intuitive individual skilled at dealing with the specifics of the business world – has increased 200 percent as people are coming to understand they need a different kind of guidance.

While many entrepreneurs, presidents and world leaders have consulted those with divination skills throughout history (most without admitting it), the successful inclusion of an ”Intuitive Business Consultant” along with other “fact-and-logic-based” advisers is becoming more acceptable. And acceptability will continue to expand as the success rate proves its worth.

My Take

All businesses are based on relationships. Within a business, relationships involve owners with their executives, executives with other executives and with employees, employees with managers, and employees with employees. Outside of the business, relationships are made and maintained with vendors and buyers, clients, tradespeople, other similar businesses, and the public – local, national and international.

All businesses need a constant flow of good communication to maintain their inner and outer workings and promote growth in the best of times, sustainability in the worst. With the fast pace of our society driving us constantly to be better, stronger, harder, and faster, tending to the basics – clear understanding of and communication with self, others, and the situation – can fall by the wayside.

That’s where my skills do their best work. Along with my other abilities, I am clairsentient. Clairsentience means “clear sensing” which is the ability to feel the past, present and future physical, emotional and vibrational states of others above and beyond gathering information with the five senses. Basically, I tap into the energy of other people and “feel” their experiences, “know” their thought-processes, “understand” their motivations as if they were my own and then explain that to either themselves or those they work with and for.

When people are able to understand themselves and each other better, communication is more open, and the business situation and work environment are more productive.

I have used my skills to help people in all levels of business. I have:
  • assisted owners, presidents, human resource directors, and managers for businesses large and small in selecting the right candidate to fill positions, from office manager, to accountant, to in-house counsel, to vice president;
  • looked into and explained the deeper level of patient issues for therapists, psychologists, and life coaches who needed insight their training didn’t include;
  • helped executives, directors, and managers better understand the dynamics and needs of their employees to bring harmony and efficiency to the workplace;
  • helped executives, directors, and managers be clearer on their own personal dynamics to make them better leaders;
  • worked with all levels of personnel during mergers and take-overs to help them deal with the transition and know what to expect;
  • explained financial flow and upcoming trends to help navigate changes and decisions;
  • advised entrepreneurs on the most productive partnerships and investments and those to avoid;
  • advised both buyers and sellers of real estate on the pitfalls or successes of current and upcoming deals;
  • worked with employees to solve personality issues: both small groups (two people at odds) and large (entire departments not functioning efficiently), and to bring understanding to boss-and-employee misunderstandings and to employee-to-employee attitudes.

I not only offer insight into problems, I also frequently suggest active, on-going exercises to help maintain solutions.

And, obviously, all the work I do is strictly confidential.

While I am very skilled at what I do in the intuitive world and have been practicing and perfecting it for twenty seven plus years, I also have a background in the corporate and entertainment worlds which helps in my practical understanding of and communication with those I advise.

Also, while I am naturally intuitive and have honed that skill, I use Tarot cards to clarify messages when I need them. Think of them as a psychic calculator that are a tool to more efficient answers.

What People Ask

If you haven’t used an Intuitive Business Consultant before, here are some guidelines to help clarify what to ask. I am usually able to cut to the heart of the matter quickly but the process works much more efficiently if you are prepared when we talk. I work better with direct questions and may ask some questions to be sure I understand what you mean so we can be on the same page.

Here’s what I need at the start of the session to better give you what you need:
  • a succinct recap of the problem (if I need background, I’ll ask)
  • first names and birthdays of significant individuals involved (I can also work with approximate age and hair color of those involved if birthdays are unavailable)
  • time frames involved or expected (i.e., if a sale or decision needs to be made by a certain day)
  • choices in front of you (i.e., in asking which will be more successful or produce the longest-lasting result)
  • issues that need to be overcome
  • obstacles you are aware of (I can tell you about obstacles you might not be aware of)
  • what you would like to see happen (which may not be what’s going to happen)
  • decisions that need to be made right away
  • long-term decisions that will need to be made later

The clearer you are in explaining your problem to me, the better I am able to help.

To Set a Meeting

The best way to get started is to send an email explaining your problem or situation via my contact form with a request of what you want to accomplish or solve. If I have questions or am unclear what it is you’re looking for, I will write back for more information.

Ultimately, I will send back a quote of how long I think it will take and the approximate charge. Be aware business consulting rates are higher than personal reading rates, and there is an additional charge if I come to you.

Payment is due at the time of service. If an extended service is required (several days or weeks), half payment is due at the beginning with final payment due on the last day.

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