Beware of Christmas! 12-9-2013


Something I’ve noticed in the last several years as we get into fall: the holiday time, from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, has become more and more desperate in its demand to be happy. Especially and most particularly Christmas Eve/Day, perhaps because of giving and receiving of gifts and all that can mean, positively and negatively.

Each year prep for the holiday time starts a little earlier. This time the ads for Christmas came several weeks before Halloween. It can be seen as clever marketing, but I feel there is a deep issue here that reflects a mass desperation and fear of change.

With all the stress we’ve been under in the last several years as monumental evolutionary change comes to us, we reach for touchstones to help us identify who we are. The holiday time – whatever the belief system – gives us the tradition of being with family and friends in several once-a-year events. These rituals remind us to be thankful, to share love for one another and to celebrate a new beginning. It doesn’t seem to matter if we can afford to participate, financially or emotionally, in the manner they have come to be expected.

This year, after our major karmic shifts in August and the ensuing adapting and adjusting energy in September, October and November, we feel a more immediate and demanding need to be aware of our roots to keep us grounded while we go through this “shedding”. And, it seems, most of us are holding on to the roots that no longer serve us and are desperately trying to recreate happier, simpler times from the past even though that kind of re-creation is impossible.

In my acting days, I performed in Joe Orton’s macabre comedy “Loot”. One evening, the corpse of the dead mother was accidentally misplaced by the prop people, which when revealed, took everyone by hilarious surprise – the actors and the audience. It brought the biggest laugh we had through the entire run of the show. Because it was so successful, we tried to recreate it for the next performance. And as anyone in theatre knows, you can’t force that kind of spontaneity. The reveal was always funny, but it was never that funny again.

We can’t force a return to happier times, holidays especially. And yet many of us become desperate to recreate a time when gratitude was genuine on Thanksgiving instead of being forced “quality time” with family and friends that we avoid the rest of the year. When the giving of gifts at Christmas or Hanukkah wasn’t fraught with politics, or receiving gifts wasn’t a need to fill a black hole of issues from the past. And New Year’s Eve was a celebration instead of an escape or an excuse to let go of all inhibitions or a gauging of the importance of a relationship.

Holidays never used to be something you had to emotionally recover from. Once upon a time gathering together was an exception. People lived far apart with no easy means of travel and were busy working to survive. There was little time to spend in frivolity. So celebrating holidays, all originally holy days, was special.

Now with population growth, modern travel options and our electronic communications making everyone available to everyone else all the time, it’s easy to get together whether we want to or not. Our celebrations take on a different, all too often desperate, meaning and have yet to adjust to what we need them to be now. Over the next decades as we become more comfortable in the Aquarian Age, allowing the flow of energy instead of trying to control it, we will be able to recapture the original meaning of these events and figure out how to honor them without it being in a vacuum of mindless and meaningless tradition.

We can start that be being centered in our power-within and recognizing what feels right for us during this stressful time, rather than doing what is automatically expected. Try to be aware of any desperation within – which can be perceived as extra stress and because-we’ve-always-done-it-this-way-itis – and let it go. Even if we can’t change the stress, and definitely can’t make others let go of their desperation, being aware of it can help us stay in charge of our own reactions.

If you can’t avoid a group situation that you already know is going to be stressful, try this quick energy trick. Before you walk in, place your right palm over your solar plexus chakra (midpoint between your belly button and your heart). Place your left palm over your right and create a disc of silver to cover the chakra using all your senses. See it in your mind’s eye – the color, the size of it; breathe in through the nose and smell the metallic scent; breathe in through your mouth and taste the metallic sharpness; listen for its vibration; feel the coolness or warmth of it hovering right over your body. When you’re done creating it, dust your hands off and proceed into the group.

This stops unwanted energy automatically invading you. The solar plexus is our personal central sun and is our main conduit to take in other people’s energies, whether or not we’re aware we do it, whether or not we want to. By creating this silver energy disc over it, you protect yourself in stressful situations.

As I always, always say, the main theme of the last several years and the next several years to come is to stay in balance. Ground yourself, connect with Nature, meditate, pray, stand in your power-within. However that works for you. Stay in the moment. Appreciate the moment, even if it’s listening to a drunken, obnoxious, over-bearing boss at a party. It’s teaching us something, even if it’s a negative lesson making clear to us what we don’t want to be doing.

Holiday times have become stressful because they are a concentrated example of how stressed we are the rest of the year without knowing it. It seems so much is at stake when really the only thing at stake is our adapting and growing into our new Aquarian Age.

So take it easy on yourself. Avoid doing things you’d rather not be doing. Ground and stand in gratitude, even for the negative lessons.

I wish you all a Happy Holidays. Happy Chrismahhkawanzayule!

with love and gratitude…

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