Beware of April

The difficult months this year, the ones to watch out for because their energy will be the most challenging, are: January (which, thankfully, we’ve already passed), April and August.

 August is a yearly event, as I’ve written about before. Feng Shui calls it “The Hungry Ghosts Month” as it is believed the Gates of Hell are opened and angry ghosts walk the Earth causing problems. As I’ve observed it, August seems to be the month of karmic-catch-up. Which means a month of God-smacking. Which brings inner challenges. Which, of course, we all just love!

 But right now, we’re getting ready for April. April contains the single biggest astrological event of the year, the Cardinal Grand Cross (more on that in the next newsletter). This is a super-challenging, self-evaluating, face-your-inner-demons time, which is why it’s so intense.

 The biggest theme in April is a seeming lack of money, or lack of flow of money. That’s a very big Aquarian lesson. We got the start of thinking in new financial concepts with the market crash several years ago. We’ve been allowed to swim on our own since then, trying to figure it out until now when the lesson comes again (although on a more inner level than the physical one). We’ve been actively building up to the April God-smack about money for several months, so if you’ve been having financial woes, here’s why.

Piscean Age energy focused money as a concept of “the more I have, the more I own, the more important I am.” Basically, an ego-based belief. The Aquarian Age energy says that “Money is energy that flows, like water…we can’t hold onto it as we can’t hold water in our hand.” The new concept is about all of us, humanity, not individual man/ego.

Here is some info from that I found explains very well what the Cardinal Grand Cross is bringing us without using astrological terms. Steve and Barbara channel Elrah giving messages from Higher Source. No matter what you feel about channeling (some just can’t get behind it), please keep reading. The messages encapsulate the rhythms I have been feeling for the world and have been reflected by what has been happening to my clients and myself. I’ve edited and commented here and there as part of the text.

 The collective vibrations of Earth are changing very rapidly right now.  We’re having difficulties and struggling with our old belief systems because we have already moved into the new Earth. We keep consciously being stuck in thinking we are here in the old Earth so we’re trying on the old ideas over and over again. But we’re going to catch on pretty quickly, so don’t worry too much about it. 

 We have made it through a portal that was supposed to end planet Earth, yet here we are creating a new world every moment of the day. It’s not easy. It’s a lot of stress and there are many new belief systems that we need to bring in and incorporate.

 We’re thinking, “What am I doing wrong? Something is wrong and I don’t know what it is, but it just doesn’t feel right.” It’s hard for us to see ourselves; it’s hard to pretend to be the Aquarian “human” (instead of Piscean “man”). We’re feeling down or depressed, disconnected, but we’re not. We’re closer to Home than we’ve ever been before. We wanted the veil to thin, yet now that it’s getting thinner we’re having a hard time because we can’t see the things we used to see, before we get the eyes to see the new version. It’s all going to get easier. There’s quite a turn that’s starting to take place.

 There’s “An Upset in the Global Economy: The Old System Does Not Work in the New World”. The first thing that happened is that many of the old systems we had in place – whether they were to make money for living or whatever else – fell by the wayside. Suddenly they no longer worked, even though many of us relied on them to make our money or bring in our flow of abundance.

 The first thing we do is doubt self, thinking that somehow we’re not good enough or equal to the rest of the world because we can’t make money and everyone else can. When really everyone is in the same boat. Self-doubt is a vicious cycle that never ends. It gets to be the collective vibration and the collective thoughts of humanity. As our vibrations and thoughts are what are changing the world, it’s dangerous to indulge in the self-doubt. It’s hard to break out of the fear to create the new world but that is what we’re tasked to do.

 So stop doubting self. If we suddenly find ourselves in an area of lack or inflation and money does not go as far as it used to, remember that these are temporary situations and there is a correction in order. The reality is that we’re going to have another month (April) of this very tight energy. It may even get a little tighter before it starts to ease, but know that we’re building a new confidence. That confidence will turn into a new economy, for that’s really what this is all about. This is a representation of our exchanging energies. It is a natural balancing. 

 April might be very challenging for many of us but it’s only 30 days and then the light starts returning in many beautiful ways. In the meantime, look around and exchange as much free energy as we can—hugs, smiles, unconditional love, gratitude, encouragement, confidence, integrity— every part of it. Stand tall in the storm, for it’s only a short period of time.

 If, over the next month it gets worse or we hit bottom, celebrate it and know that we’re on target. Celebrate May when it comes around, because all of us will start to anchor in a new way. We will feel a lessening of the restrictions and flow of energy all around us in every way.

Over the next month, watch if there is bad news about the economy in the world and just breathe through it. Guides, angels and ancestors, as well as many humans, are holding a lot of energy on Earth so that others don’t have to go into fear or negativity. The challenge about what’s happened here is that it’s under the radar, it’s vibrational. Most people don’t know how to handle that, or even recognize it.

The game has changed now and the substructure beneath the game is also changing because we are changing it. Make the change the highest vibe you can create. Dare to celebrate abundance in the face of supposed lack. Dare to teach it to those who need it and walk in the light standing tall.

May we all be grateful for what we have in the face the April energy that is focusing us on what we don’t. Know the intensity of these challenges are finite and there is relief in sight, so accept the lessons for what they are: helping us move into new awareness and a better reality.

With love and gratitude…

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