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On Friday, August 23, we entered the sign of Virgo until the Autumnal Equinox moves us into Libra on September 23. While I am on the cusp of Libra/Scorpio, my rising sign (that which indicates my outward personality and what I show to the world) is Virgo so I found the following post by Master Astrologer and Sage Gahl Sasson very enlightening. Even for those who are not Virgo or do not have it prominently in your chart, this is an interesting read to know how to take advantage of what this sign has to offer, and how to deal with the Virgos around us.

I turn the space over to Gahl. He writes:

Queen Elizabeth I, also know as the Virgin Queen, was born on September 7th 1533, a delightful Virgo. At the age of 8, she declared to everyone’s horror, that she will never marry, and unlike politician theses days, she kept her promise.

Virgo is self possessed. One of the etymologies of the word Virgin is “a female insect that produces eggs without being fertilized.” Like Maria, the “Virgin,” who did not need a man to give birth to Christ. The men around queen Elizabeth desperately tried to find her a husby. The idea in the 16th century is that while she, as a Tudor, can be the supreme queen of England, her husband, being a man, could rule over her, thus helping the men around the queen outflank her authority. The Virgin Queen was saw right through them at the ripe age of 8 years old and continued refusing being a mother or a wife.

On her Saturn Return, in 1563, she told an imperial envoy: “If I follow the inclination of my nature, it is this: beggar-woman and single, far rather than queen and married.” This is what happens when a Virgo, the nun, the super-nanny, the governess, becomes a queen. Eventually, she inspired a Virgin cult around her and assumed the role of Mother Mary, declaring her marriage to England. In 1599 she referred to her subjects as: “all my husbands, my good people.” Poets began to refer to her as Astraea, the goddess of justice, innocence, purity and precision, who fled the earth because of the weakness of humanity to become the constellation Virgo.

Not everyone is Queen Elizabeth Tudor and not all of us are Virgos, but there is a great deal which we can learn from the sign that is associated with work, health, diet, routine, cleansing, precision, and service. That is if you want to excel in your work, and be healthy, and fit into your clothes from 30 years ago.

For the next 30 days we are channeling through our bodies, dreams, choices, feelings, words and actions, the archetype of Virgo. Virgo’s key word and access code is “I Serve.” During the passage of the Sun through the Virgo lands, we are reminded of our mission in life, what and who and how we need to serve. We are poked and made aware of why we were born and to whom we must commit ourselves.

Virgo could not care less about relationships or partners. The nun, or monk which represent Virgo (the Tarot card of Virgo is the Hermit), are married to Jesus. Queen Elizabeth I was engaged to England, now you have to ask yourself, to what are you committed? Virgo can also show you, usually very bluntly and harshly, what prevents you from your mission. To what aspects of your life you will have to say “no!” Queen Elizabeth said “no!” to marriage and motherhood, fearing it will bind or weaken her. What do you have to say no to?

In the next 30 days you will be confronted with whatever binds you or weakens you. That is also the astro-logic behind Virgo being the sign of diet and detox. Virgo is the Lady of the herbs, celebrated end of August beginning of September when the farmers harvested whatever they planted in the spring. Virgo represents health: spiritual, mental and physical. You might find yourself in the next 30 days confronting some of your patterns or whatever prevents you from being clean, pure and ready for your grand work – Magnum Opus.

Mary Poppins is another example of a wonderfully efficient and magical Virgo. She has magic, but it is never used for her own needs and wants but rather to elevate other people’s lives. She is chaste, humbly dressed, super proper and speaks very eloquently. She is a model of perfection. She knows she is flawless but it is not a source of pride, it never tints her perfect humbleness. Her magic usually manifests when something needs to be organized, washed, showered, or fixed. That is what Virgos do, they fix what Leos break. She helps everyone, but who helps her? She connects lovers, but who does she love? She serves everyone she meets but who serves her?

Being Virgo is not easy, ask any Virgo or anyone with Virgo moon or rising. Virgos have this canning and unpopular ability to see dirt, dust, and disorder everywhere they go and with everyone they meet. This is part of their analytical and critical superpower. Superman has X ray vision, and Virgoman also have the X ray vision, but they use the X differently: to cross out what does not work, to put an X on assignment completed, or an X on forbidden foods. Now, as your Virgo friends invite you to their birthdays (some are too humble to celebrate their nativity, so help them out), you will be awaken to the need to be more Virgo-like in your life.

On August 30/31 we celebrate the New Moon in Virgo, which takes place right when Mars, Venus and Mercury (ruler of Virgo) are all scrambling to fit in Virgo. That is a lot of Virgo even for a pure bred Virgo. But! It is the best time in the year to start a new diet, a new job, a new project, and push forward anything in connection to work, health, and service. The new moon opens a path for a cleanse, a detox or a drastic improvement in your diet. If you know you are supposed to do something for your health, this is a great new moon to give it a kick-start. The 30/31 weekend is the time you might get signs, omens or insights into what is your mission in life and what project, enterprise, idea, or mission might become your new marriage partner, that is, metaphysically speaking.

Below is a little excerpt from my book “Cosmic Navigator – Design your Destiny with Astrology and Kabbalah”

How to Get Along with Virgos?

  • Cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s. Then choose your words wisely, as if they were a scarce resource. If you send an email, spell-check twice.

  • Ask Virgos for advice. If they refuse and claim that they’re no expert (though they probably are), tell them that you value their insight anyway.

  • Be clean and tidy. Dress up to code, appropriate to the occasion. They don’t really approve of a casual or sloppy style.

  • When Virgos shift into argument mode, gently change the subject. It is hard to keep up with their logic and thoroughness. You can’t win an argument with a Virgo.

  • They love dining but prefer not to spend too much money on themselves. When you go out, select restaurants that are delicious but inexpensive.

  • Don’t get upset if Virgos are stingy with compliments. But if you ever do receive a compliment from a Virgo, then you will know that you really deserve it.

  • Help Virgos serve and be useful. That is all they want.

Have a great cleanse, enjoy your detox, and may the goddess Astraea shine upon you from her heavenly adobe.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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