I’ve been watching the news recently (not my usual viewing pleasure), specifically Morning Joe on MSNBC that covers all the political upheaval we’re in. Joe, Mika, Willie and guests discuss current political events such as what the president should do to be better at being president, or what the Republicans should do to take more solid command, or what the Democrats should do to provide a clearer message.

But what’s happening is not about the specifics that Trump needs to grow up (he won’t in this life so don’t expect it), or that Republicans or Democrats need to get themselves together. These are symptoms of the change on us, not the change itself. Besides, the word should represents an ego-statement, not reality. What does that say about what we’re facing now – it’s all about lessons in ego not reality.

I’ve talked a lot about the Piscean Age/Aquarian Age shift, changing from “mankind” into “humankind”, coming into balance and harmony instead of one gender being in charge over another, and the difference between the old concept of “power over” vs. the new concept of “power within”. What all this boils down to is the basic and simple growth into us Being Human.

Being Human isn’t about being just man or woman, Christian or Muslim, black or white, gay or straight, wealthy or poor, enlightened or unaware or any permutation between, above or beyond these. It isn’t about the roles those labels have dictated we play. It’s about learning and becoming the best Human Being each of us can be despite the roles we chose before coming into this life.

Being Human includes all our issues in spite of our issues, encompasses all our pasts, traditions, beliefs, experiences – everything that has made us us. We are learning that what separates us merely defines us as individuals. Our next step is to understand the bigger picture that we are all part of the common pool of Being Human.

A Human Being honors the differences in self and others. When we are the best we can be and honor our own individuality without needing it to be better than another (an indication of imbalanced within), we have no need for fear. When we see and understand (and further, empathetically feel) what another is in their core, there is no need for fear of that person. When we see without fear, we honor the differences and find the similarities.

It’s no mistake that our current “awakening” is happening at the same time electronic communication has made us aware of the world instead of just our neighborhood. We are being introduced to and immersed in different cultures and ways of thinking, which expand our own. We can get stuck in difference being threatening, but again, that only shows where we are out of balance within ourselves. How many times have we looked at someone who doesn’t know what we know and judged them as being stupid without realizing they never had an opportunity to learn? That makes us short-sighted.

The basic divisiveness of our world is moving from being “for self” and growing into being “for all” (that includes all life, not just Human Beings). We needed to understand our individuality first. We’ve done that over at least the last 26,000 years. Anyone who sticks in “Me First Above All” or “For My Own Good” is missing the point of what we’ve chosen to learn in this life. Right now that person is probably very angry because the energy, that vibration of the Piscean Age and the 26,000 year Precession of the Equinoxes, has already passed. We’re now into “Togetherness Above All” and “For the Good of All”. It doesn’t matter which Republican thinks what, or which Democrat doesn’t get it. They are fighting to hold onto ego. Meanwhile, the job on all of us is to become Human.

This is the first time in 26,000 years that the lessons and challenges in front of us are about our totality. The right and left hemispheres of our brains are balancing. We’re not swinging to female power over male power in response to the male domination of the last 2,000 years. We’re heading into balance. The biggest balance is knowing we are all important, we are all equal, we are all part of the same energy, the same planet, the same life. We are all Human Beings.

Many who are stuck in their lessons are still able to learn but are unable to put the lessons into effect in this life. Still, their “stuckness” is showing others how to move around or beyond that block. That’s the Trump Effect. He is the Great Immovable Negative Lesson. He is absorbing and learning everything that’s happening to him and around him in deep ways but will not put those lessons into effect in this life. In this life, he is to remain stuck in ego, in the “All About Me” because that serves the greater purpose of teaching many, many others to wake up, change themselves and the world.

This year, this summer, right now, we are facing the doors of opportunity, looking within, adapting to the energy, facing pasts and coming to grips with new roles. While the result of learning these lessons makes us more aware of our connectedness rather than our separateness, this is one bitch of a time.

If you are involved with someone who is having difficulty, know that at this time you can’t help them. No one is supposed to continually run next to another, holding the handlebars while they get their balance on a two-wheel bicycle. And chances are, those who understand what’s going on have already talked themselves blue in the face trying to explain or get that other person to hear them. There are times in our lives and times in the growth of human beings that helping others with their own journey is a very good thing, and a very natural thing for most of us to do. This is not one of those times. It’s a very hard thing to comprehend because everyone needs so much help right now and most of us really want to help. But right now, the buck stops in front of each of us.

So here are two things that can help those who want-to-help-but-can’t get through the summer.

First, let go of trying to help or taking responsibility for anyone else. Put yourself in a Time Out. While it would be nice to put everyone who is shoving their chaos onto others into a Time Out, there are too many of them. So do it for yourself.

Pull your energy back. Don’t engage. Stop your attention and response to others who only want you to take care of them, or who argue or want to manipulate or suck your energy. You probably know who they are, but if you don’t, you can recognize their energy because you immediately feel tired in their presence or in conversation with them. That doesn’t mean cut off all communication (although if that’s possible with some, please do). Avoid being drawn into their issues. They want you to participate because it makes them feel better and right now they’re not feeling good at all so desperation is pervasive. Imagine you’re surrounded by steel armor that protects you from picking up any one else’s energy. Create that armor with all your senses and hold it in place all day if you have to.

Second, while I usually recommend my Freezing Spell to be used on others to stop their nastiness from bothering you (such as nasty bosses or difficult relatives or friends), you can also use the Freezing Spell to stop people’s energy from bothering you by putting yourself in the center of the circle and the list of names, negative energy, or, for example, all the people at work, around the circle on the outside. Find instructions for the Freezing Spell on my website under Metaphysigifts. Scroll down and it’ll be there.

We are all Human Beings. We are all on this planet at this time by choice to learn the same lessons, even though we may be in different “classes” in our development. That doesn’t make anyone more or less. Our souls are equal. Work on Being Human within self and let others work on themselves. We all come to the same place in the end.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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