Due to sudden health issues with her husband, my best friend, Anne, will not be coming to visit me next week. So I’m back on the schedule, with openings to do readings on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, September 26, 27 and 29. My Monday, September 24 is still committed to jury duty, with Tuesday held in case I get on a trial. As I mentioned earlier this week, since my profession is seen as either a joke or a threat, I don’t think that will happen. But I won’t know until I’m done in the courts on late Monday afternoon. If you’d like a reading on Tuesday, please text to 818-943-1027 late Monday or early Tuesday and I’ll see what I can do.




While we are clear of the sledgehammer energy of summer and September has brought in a lighter touch, many people have been faced with pretty awful surprises and situations this week as we head toward the Autumnal Equinox on Saturday, September 22, and the Full Moon on Monday, September 24. A lot of this has to do with karma catching up in a last gasp, and, for those who chose not to learn anything, a final Godsmacking before the energy is cleared.

Those who are sensitive, whether or not they admit it or are aware of it, are being thrown off by the powerful Full Moon release approaching on Monday. They are acting or reacting out, feeling overwhelmed, raw and lost in what to do to fix how they feel (they can’t on their own). People who already have a slight imbalance, i.e. those with minor physical or mental health issues, are feeling it intensely, perhaps revisiting symptoms and behavior they haven’t exhibited for months, if not years. Now they’re feeling extreme, for no apparent reason. Lesser versions of that feeling present as being jittery, annoyed and/or uncomfortable in our own skin.

Hold on. Help is on the way.

The Autumnal Equinox brings one of two days in the year when the day/Sun/male energy and night/Moon/female energy are completely equal and balanced. As our lessons of the summer have been about the male energy shifting into the Aquarian Age vibration (and the female energy accepting changes in men), the equinox is like a shower after spending months alone in the wilderness. We can finally shed our karmic dirt and feel karmically clean – and balanced – again.

Spend some time on Saturday allowing the feeling of balance to manifest itself in you. Quiet yourself, meditate, drum, dance or do something physical to exhaustion – anything to break the patterns of summer. We cannot force the feeling of balance. We have to allow ourselves to be in balance. If we stop our busy monkey-mind and expectations and stress of living in this chaotic society to ask for help in achieving the quiet, we will feel the balance overtaking us. It does whether or not we pay attention to it, but it’s so much nicer to know it’s there by experiencing it rather than question it’s there because we didn’t.

The Autumnal Equinox is also significant in that it starts the sign of Libra and the season of fall. It’s one of the eight holy days, or sabbats (where the word “sabbath” came from), of Wicca, the second of the three Harvest Festivals. This is Mabon (pronounced MAY-bon) which is the Wiccan Thanksgiving (predating the Thanksgiving we celebrate). While the first Harvest Festival is to gather grain (Lammas or “Loaf Mass”) and the third is to gather gourds and root vegetables (Samhain, pronounced “SOW-en” or “Sow-EEN”, aka Halloween), Mabon harvests everything else, so it is the most bountiful of the sabbats. Once a balancing ritual it over, it’s a really good time to celebrate with a great meal, thanking the Earth for what she provides for us.

Then on Monday, the Full Moon will hit its peak at 10:52 PM Eastern time/7:52 PM Pacific time. With the job this Full Moon has – to release all the stressors of summer and the past programming that has kept us jammed up as we try to adjust – it will be very powerful. That also means the days leading up to it will be extra chaotic. The more a Moon has to release for us, the more intense it is before it hits. This should be the most powerful Full Moon release we’ll have all year, even though it is not connected with an eclipse or other significant astrological event. It’s powerful because of how much we need it after summer.

Before the Moon hits full on Monday evening – or if it’s easier because it’s the weekend, Sunday night – do some kind of releasing ritual alone or in a group, even if that group is just one other person. It’s best to do this in the evening, rather than the day, so the presence of the Moon can shine bright, even if this is done inside instead of outside. Outside around a fire is perfect, but that isn’t always available.

A simple way of using the Moon to help release what needs to be released is to write out everything that needs to be let go on one or several pieces of paper beforehand. This can be a list on a single sheet of white paper, or one item per piece of paper, using many smaller pieces of paper of appropriate color (red for anger, green for jealousy, etc.) As we lead up to the Full Moon and ritual time, really concentrate and prepare. The more prepared we are, the more we know ourselves and what we want to release, the more successful the ritual. Look deep inside and make that list from the heart.

At the appointed evening time, which for releasing will start at five minutes after any hour, call in protection of while light to fill and surround you. Any “visualization” normally done with the ritual can easily and more powerfully be turned into a “sense creation” by using all your senses to make it real. In creating a sphere of white light around you, see the light, hear it, smell it, taste it, feel it physically and emotionally before you move on to the next step.

Call in whatever energies you wish to help you – saints, angels, ancestors – whether or not you deal with them on a daily basis. Ask for guidance to release on all levels of consciousness and existence. Then read the list aloud with the passion you feel for each item. If the list is on one page, read all the items then burn the page (safely, please). If there are several smaller papers, burn them as you read what’s on them.

When you (and your group, if there is one) have finished, vehemently flick remaining energy/emotion into the fire using the strength of your entire arms. Throw what’s leftover out of your body into the flame (even if the flame is several candles rather than a larger fire). Use the outside blade of your hand, moving from shoulder to finger tip, to coax leftover energy out into the fire.

When that is complete, it’s best to drum passionately to reset your vibrations. Drumming is the best possible way of achieving this, even if you’re on your own. It’s only silly until you’ve tried it.

After the ritual of release is complete, thank the energies that came to help you. Thank the Moon and the Earth for giving you the opportunity to re-attune yourself. Eat and drink something to ground the energy. Absorb the protective white light into your body and let the excess flow into the Earth for her to do with as she wills. Take it easy afterwards; avoid crowds or loudness in any way. You will feel fresh and new but will be very susceptible to outside forces and the unconsciousness of others. Cherish your balanced and released self and the work you just did. Move into the rest of the year with new awareness.

Wishing you balance, release and re-attunement over this powerful weekend.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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