I don’t know if it’s been resolved as I’m not good at this kind of thing, but there is/was a fake Laurie Johnson (Psychic) Facebook page that has my picture with a drawing of a white dove in the bottom left corner that apparently asks for money.

Obviously, that’s not me! If you see it, please report it.

That being said, I’m contemplating getting off Facebook altogether, at least for awhile. Haven’t decided yet, but if you don’t find me at all, that’s my doing.


As people don’t always read the fine print, in this care of my Discount Thursday offer, please be aware that starting in June of this year, I will stop offering Discount Thursday prices. I started this offer last year to help those who had been financially hit by the economic difficulty the pandemic created. As I believe the pandemic is coming to an end, so is the discount offer.

I’m pretty booked on Discount Thursdays through the end of May, however there are some 15 and 30 minute slots. If you can’t find a time, please text me at 818-943-1027 and I’ll put your name on a waiting list in case someone cancels. It isn’t very likely, but it does happen.

Thank you all for participating. I hope the offer helped.


As we move further into this quickly-advancing Aquarian Age, the energy is driving us forward like crazy, and driving us crazy. Things are opening up for us in ways most of us can’t fathom. That affects some by bringing up their fears, others by just throwing them off balance, which right now when chaos is still high is a big deal, and still others by showing us what the world is going to be with hope and excitement.

The world is changing. Humankind is changing. Energy is changing. Fast! And we as individuals are changing on a spiritual and cellular level. All vibrations are being lifted which, for people, means we are and will be resonating at a much higher and more refined degree. This manifests in those who are fighting it (Piscean Age holdouts) by keeping them out of sync with the future and bringing their deepest fears of not belonging to the surface. We see them everyday as they try to maintain their old importance in the new world at everyone else’s expense.

We also see it manifesting within those who are moving with the energetic change who are perceiving things that “weren’t there before”. Seeing or feeling “ghosts” or beings of the Invisible World can be startling because it’s a new, non-physical experience, even though they’re not threatening. These energies have always been here. Souls of those who passed have always visited us, even if we weren’t able to perceive it or we didn’t know them in life. There isn’t more activity now but many are finally able to feel at home in the New Age vibration and are shining brighter without restriction. Otherworldly energies are attracted to that light. So are those of the Invisible World (devas, faeries, Elementals), especially in gardens or Nature.

Without knowing what’s going on, especially as our world seems to be in the middle of deciding who we’re going to be as a species, this kind of awareness can be anywhere from exciting to upsetting to fear-inducing, depending on how we view it.

The thing is, we are all psychic beings. We’ve always been psychic beings. We lost our connection and trust in that because that ability wasn’t part of the 2,000 year-long lesson of the Piscean Age. We’ve forgotten we know this, or had it beaten or scared out of us by the religious or power-over fear mongers who controlled the last Age.

Now that the Piscean Age vibration has completed, our innate Aquarian Age energetic selves are waking up. Most commonly right now, over and above being able to perceive non-physical energies, this is presenting itself in feelings of hope and expansion and good luck coming that are so strong, it feels like great things are going to happen now! But circumstances and the immediate world around us isn’t supporting what we feel, i.e. there is no proof, so we get confused and disheartened.

What’s really going on is that as our psychic selves are coming back online, we’re getting hits of our future but without a timeline included. That’s how psychic information comes. If we’re not trained how to perceive it, we can read this information incorrectly. This knowledge taps into our higher selves and what we get from our Guides, Angels and Ancestors. There is no time or space in that realm so our intuition and the insights given us also have no time or space. And very few of us know how to perceive that difference and what to do with it.

The feeling that something wonderful is coming for people these days is so strong, it feels like it’s now because that’s how things have happened in the past. But with our new awakening abilities, we can be picking up what’s coming in six months or next year. If we don’t know that, we can get confused, self-judgmental and disheartened because we’re still in the physical now of dealing with fallout from our 2020 shift.

These hits of the future aren’t coming to torment us. They’re coming to give us hope and for us to “see” where the world and Humanity is headed. We need that now given how dire things can seem. So look at this not as a tease but, truly, as hope for where we’re headed.

We’re just getting used to recognizing this dormant gift. If we let go of logic and needing to control our future or “make” something happen (old Piscean Age mindset) and get into the flow that we’re being taken exactly where we need to be exactly when we need to be there, our psychic ability is given a chance to expand us on a deep level without having to force ourselves to work hard at it. Forcing is Piscean Age mindset. Going with the flow and trusting is Aquarian Age.

I’m getting a lot of questions from people who are receiving wondrous hits of their future and they then ask, “How do I make that happen?” That’s missing the point. The hit is what’s coming, not what we can make come. Our job is to relax into it happening in ways we don’t understand. We’ve all had wonderful things happen at some point in our lives that came out of the blue. We didn’t “make” them happen yet they happened all the same.

Our abilities will only grow more and more in this New Age so try adjusting to them in the Aquarian Age mindset of trust and let it be. If we need to do something to participate in an outcome, our intuition will kick in or we’ll just wake up one morning with inspiration. Avoid trying to use leftover Piscean Age ego and arrogance to translate intuition into forced action because we want something to happen before its time. We’re being given the opportunity to get used to the rhythm and pace of the Aquarian Age by relearning this awakening skill and all we need to do is acknowledge it, pay attention to it and get out of our own way. So:




NOTE: With our growing vibrational sensitivity (i.e. psychic ability) we will continue to be more and more affected by the phases of the Moon and the activity of the planets, especially when the inner planets, (Mercury, Venus, Mars) are retrograde. Again, this isn’t because the planets are throwing more vibes at us than ever, it’s that we can feel them more. Those times can be rough because, over and above us being more aware of them, they’re making us change our rhythm and teaching us to feel rather than think and to be. That’s a hard lesson after 2,000 years of left-hemisphere dominant logic. It’s inner lessoning, so how we deal with the outer work (physical) will seem out of joint. The trick is to look inward and practice letting go. Listen to what a retrograde or Full Moon is telling us and learn from it.

Mercury goes retrograde two more times this year, from May 29 to June 22, and from September 26/27 to October 18. Venus is retrograde at the very end of the year from December 19 to January 29, 2022. Thankfully, Mars is direct all year long in 2021.

We got this. We all make it through this transition, even those who are so stuck they can’t take advantage of lessons learned until they’re on the other side and they get an ego re-set.

Trust self. Enjoy the ride. Be psychic.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

As promised, Discount Thursdays for the first five months on 2021, that’s January through the end of May. That means for every Thursday in that time, prices are:
  • $30 for 15 minutes (instead of $45)
  • $40 for 30 minutes (instead of $70)
  • $50 for 45 minutes (instead of $85)
  • $60 for 60 minutes (instead of $105)
Please book through my website ( If you pass this offer to others, ask them to book via my website instead of calling, emailing or texting me. I will just send them to the website anyway.
As usual, these special prices will not be listed on the website, nor with PayPal. For payment, I can take your credit card over the phone at the time of the call, or you can go directly to and pay my account (
Remember, they are almost fully booked.

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