Today, Monday, October 18, with Mercury and Jupiter moving direct, we’re coming out of the heavy energy that has been hitting us for months. Last week was especially chaotic with both our emotions and our disconnected actions raging unchecked. Many times, we could observe the chaos and emotionality in others, thinking “What’s up with him?!” without being aware how much we were oversensitive within ourselves. This week should start to balance that out. Read More


While it may not seem like it, we are currently having wonderful things happening all around us, uplifting and enlightening things. Unfortunately, the challenges that are forcing us to break patterns that no longer serve (that make those wonderful things possible) make it seem like only bad things are happening. That is so not true, even if we can’t see it yet. Our sight, inwardly and outwardly, is being revamped. Even though we asked to be part of this when we came into this life, most of us are unconscious of that choice so these challenges are seen as bad and limiting instead of a gateway to a new awareness. Read More


I haven’t reposted or quoted Master Astrologer Gahl Sasson’s offerings for a while, but with the planets in our solar system giving us a particularly challenging time, I thought I’d pass this on.

From Gahl Sasson’s latest post:

Mercury Retro

Maybe you felt lost, sick, confused, angry, in the last few days? Maybe had to deal with lost shipments, delays, broken appliances, internet down? It’s not only Mercury retro, it’s also because Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Chiron, Minerva are also retrograding up there. This is heavy on our bodies, minds and souls. So take it easy, lots of misunderstanding and issues in relationships and anything in your life that serves are your mirror.

While I knew this (and wrote about it before), it explains a lot of what my clients and I have been feeling since last week. Hard days, indeed, for no obviously discernable reason except we still feel it.

Be kind to yourself. We get through this like we get through everything else. Remember, these events are finite while we are infinite.

I offer this with love and gratitude…


So summer is almost done. Today, September 20, we have a Full Moon in the spiritual/psychic sign of Pisces. Full Moons in each September are the release of the tensions caused by the lessons we faced in August’s Karmic Catch-up/Hungry Ghosts Month (and the lead in to both, which sometimes takes us back to the beginning of summer, if not to March and April). Read More


…and things seem to be going to hell in a hand-basket, both for our world and in our individual lives. There is chaos, regime change and war in Afghanistan; earthquake, hurricane aftermath and gangs taking control in Haiti; climate change bringing high temperatures, fires and more hurricanes; and Covid variants running rampantly unchecked. It’s not just the physical things that are happening. It’s the undercurrent of vibrational change that is only getting stronger. Read More


Welcome to August! Ready for the ride?


Let me introduce my dearest friend and oldest daughter from my last life, Kate Chandler and her Gypsy Spirit Soap Works! (See below after the blog.) She makes fantastic soaps and skin-care accoutrements which I can personally attest to and highly recommend. I’ve given her exceptional products as gifts and kept many for myself. Give her a try. You won’t be disappointed. (I’m not hawking, I’m just supporting something I believe in!) Read More



Even though the sledgehammer shift happened over three weeks ago and we’ve had time to adjust, it’s been very rough on a lot of people. We’ve felt exceptionally drained and hopeless, not exactly depressed but more like in despair. Self-judgment has been our biggest obstacle. We’ve gotten stuck in what we should be doing because our lives aren’t going the way we think they should based on how they’ve gone before. Read More


Did you feel the shift on Thursday, July 1 that continued into the weekend? The energy leapt into hyper-speed and left a lot of people in the dust. While I felt it as it swept through, I got additional confirmation of how intense it was over the following twenty-four hours when I received seven emergency calls for psychic help…four of them within ten minutes of each other on Thursday involving huge changes. Three of the seven were about sudden, unexpected deaths, two were health scares and two were sudden major life changes.

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These days, as we move into pure Aquarian Age vibration, with our accelerating energetic growth moving us faster than our physical world can keep up, a lot of us are facing things about our past, or our present, that do not fit our new identity. This includes beliefs or acceptances that we adopted out of survival in the last Age that aren’t really part of our true selves anymore but were necessary to make our path easier. We are at that point of being able to let them go and refine ourselves into who we are without the influence of the past.

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How was last week for everyone? We went from the hardest energy of the year to a lifting of the eighteen-month-long pressure within two days. It was hard because there was no way to put a finger on it. It was all about the “feels” and how uncomfortable we can get facing our own emotions or blockages. If something concrete had happened for a concrete reason, we would have had experience solving, or at least knowing, what it was. We’re still getting used to the New Age shift into emotions, vibrations and energy being our new normal, just as the 3D world has been for the last 2,000 years (at least). New dimensions are the new normal.

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