August 2014 Energy

Greetings from Austin!

As I am anticipating August being, as always, a difficult month, I am once again offering Discount Thursdays for every Thursday in August to help us get through it. See the end of the newsletter for details.

Feng Shui calls August the Hungry Ghosts Month, where negative ghosts are loosed on the world and make things difficult for the living. I look at it as the annual Karmic Catch-up Month. And this catch-up will be very special, as this past year has been very special.

As I’ve said in previous newsletters, we’re on an intense, specific self-awareness journey from last August (the first August of the Aquarian Age) to the end of this one. It’s as if we’re attending “Intro to The New Age by Getting Yourself Together First” class. It’s been difficult but it ups our game and prepares us for accepting the wonderful, new energy, balance and harmony with all life on the New Age, which leads to amazing success.

However, with all the work we’ve already done, it can feel more like we’re in the pressure of the final month in a master’s program at university. We still have to attend and pass the last exams but our focus is already on interviewing for jobs for when we get into the “real world”. End August puts us into the real world, or rather in the outer world where what we’ve cleared and balanced within gives us a fresh look at our opportunities and possibilities.

So, this August will be exceptional in helping us face the last vestiges of this “class” of transformation going into the Aquarian Age, which can be easy or difficult depending on how we go with the flow.

Here is what Astrologer Lorraine Castro has to say about the coming time, in her comments about Jupiter moving into Leo from July 15, 2014 to August 11, 2015:

“As Jupiter moves out of Cancer and into Leo, we finish out a rather powerful year-long cycle of healing, inner-expansion and working on the ability to accept abundance on the inside of consciousness. We are about to step out into the world and begin testing our ability to hold that consciousness and allow it to be reflected back at us in form. You cannot keep wonderful things in your life if there is no inner landscape traction for it. This is why lottery winners almost always fall into financial ruin eventually; they have no capacity for the abundance that is thrust upon them. This past year has been teaching us about expansion on the inside so that we can, in the 12 months to come, begin attracting more of it on the outside.”

More than ever, this is the “Let go, Let Creator” time. Release expectations and trying to control how life “should” be going (or “should not” be going). Find your current in the world stream and trust it takes you to your best and highest opportunities. Test your progress or openness to the changes around you by being aware of how many times you or people around you use the word “should”. This is a simple way of determining how much ego is still in charge. Thinking in “should” inhibits the ability to go with the flow.

Here is a profound meditation that I’ve written about before. It’s easy and hard to do at the same time, but it can open things up in an amazing way.

In the darkest of times, if there seems to be no answer or direction to bring any ease or to make things better, consciously release your ego for a moment and ask Creator to put you where you need to be. That sounds so simple. The asking part is, but the releasing ego is not. Laying yourself bare, heart and soul completely open and receptive, letting go of want, need, desire and wish and being ready to accept whatever comes is a lot harder than it seems.

And yet, that’s the main focus of all this change we’re experiencing. In letting go of the ego, we automatically let go of expectation and stress of not being where we think we “should” be. This allows us to be receptive to what’s coming that we might miss because it’s not what we’re expecting.

Many of us are following intuition and going with a flow that has yet to bring us the clarity we thought it would. But that’s all part of the times. A client recently gave me a phrase she heard from Mr. Rogers (of “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood). It is “a guided drift”. Many of us are feeling it right now – the inspiration or drive to make changes or do or think differently without any logical reason to do so. We follow what our intuition is telling us but the reason for it or the logic of it hasn’t caught up yet. So we’re in the middle of “a guided drift”. Which is wonderful on the spiritual level, but not necessarily feeling wonderful on the material level.

I’m experiencing that in my move to Austin. And sometimes the getting situated without knowing what’s coming, adjusting to the completely different “new” can be unsettling. But I know I was guided to come here and I’m working on allowing that to be enough.

We don’t have to make a cross country move to feel unsettled. Any change made right now that is based on gut rather than logic makes us feel unsettled. The August Karmic Catch-Up can seem to make that worse. But what it’s really doing is helping us wrap up the transformation of the last year to get in tune with the new. As if we’re out of tune like a radio station spewing only noisy static. As we allow the drift (or the world stream or our intuition) to guide us, we get back in tune and hear/see ourselves, our place in the world and the world more clearly.

With love and gratitude…

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