While the oppressive, punishing energy of the major retrogrades is over and we eked through the Full Moon on October 20 with a deluge of emotions, the harsh energy of summer eased but not enough to make us feel like we got a break. This year has certainly taken us for an unexpected ride, and is continuing to do so up to the very end of it.

Even in knowing that 2021 was a five year (the number of chaos) when it started, we weren’t prepared for how challenging it’s turned out to be. A lot of that has come from the free will of the holdouts, those who are righteously, rabidly choosing to stay in the old Age for fear of not finding or knowing their place in the new one. As we came to a point mid-year when rampant chaos could start coming into order, those who allowed fear to rule them set us all back. Hence, the unexpected ride.

Given that, the world is not going to hell nor are we going to have an apocalypse (questions I was asked this week by a new client who was overwhelmed by the anger and fear of the people around her). This isn’t an ending, it’s a transition and rarely are those easy. Especially this one. But it is a transition that has been 26,000 years in the making, so perhaps we can maintain some perspective and know that this will pass, but it’s important enough to be insistent that we listen and learn. We’re not just learning for ourselves, we’re learning for humanity for the next 2,000 years. That’s a big deal.

People are extremely testy right now, even if we understand what’s going on. How can we not be when one moment we find peace within self after a grounding and balancing meditation and the next moment we’re hit with the anger and fear energy that is swirling around like a fog so thick, we can’t see a foot in front of us nor feel comfortable in our own skin? We don’t always recognize piggybacked fear so we can’t always see our own testiness, especially if it’s in response to that of another. But we’re all feeling it.

Part of that is purposeful. In this time of getting out of the “me” of the Piscean Age and into the “we” of the Aquarian Age, those of us who have moved forward are automatically open to being part of the “we”, which means we pick up on everyone’s energy even that of people who are stuck in their own anger and fear.

And those who are stuck are more lost than ever. We’ve been used to the Father Voice telling us what to do for at least 2,000 years and now we have to find our path, our inner-power, ourselves without outside instruction. Many have been on board with that for a long time just waiting for now. But those who are choosing to be stuck just can’t get out of their stubbornness. The pressure to change is stronger than ever, which pushes them further, so they push back and everyone gets punished for it.

These people are holding on to whatever they think makes them feel better about themselves: their ego, their righteousness, even plans for the holidays and the future (Trump in 2024?) because those are all quick mental and emotional fixes. (No, Trump won’t run in 2024, he won’t be alive.) And unfortunately, they’re not going to get better. They’re going to get worse.

Right now and through the end of January, the chaos will not ease up. Not until we get into the energy of 2022 on February 1 with the Chinese New Year (Year of the Tiger). So no matter how much we all want the holidays to make us feel better and plan those New Year’s resolutions (for both those who are stubborn and those who are moving forward), we’re stuck in chaos until the beginning of February next year.

That may sound negative because we’ve pretty much had enough of 2021 and we still have months to go, especially if we see January as a wrap up of the previous year, not the beginning of the new one. But the chaos it offers is helping us learn things many of us don’t want to learn. The main lessons, as they have been since the beginning of 2020, are self-awareness, truth being revealed within self and in the bigger picture, and being in the moment, i.e., the Let Go, Let God/dess release.

But every reaction now that is negative is based on fear, even if it comes across as bullying, righteousness, anger or self-fulfillment. Fear of not knowing who we are is the root of it all. And no one can help anyone else know themselves. Work on staying balanced within self and know that this energy, this lesson is finite.

And know that we are all doing enough. Part of the Piscean Age thought-process has been that we should be doing more if a problem still exists. We could take more care of those who are on a difficult path, help more people understand things from a different perspective that could give them peace, save someone in illness or stress. But everyone has to face their own karma, their own awareness right now.

Again, we are all doing enough, so if you think you’re not enough or you’re not doing enough, throttle that back with conscious thought that that is Piscean Age training and no longer applies. There are times when the lessons are too big for any one individual to solve the problems. We have been taught that we should always be happy and things should always work out right, even when that doesn’t happen. Holding onto the “shoulds” and the “rights” means we’re not facing reality or living in the moment.

There are always difficult times. We wouldn’t be able to recognize happiness if we didn’t have something that challenged that. And we’ve been taught that we can make things happy and right if we force it. Sorry, that doesn’t work. It never really did but we believed it enough that we couldn’t give up trying, and that gave us a whole new level of stress.

Transition is hard. Birth is hard. We’re making slow progress through a restricting and tightly focused birth canal to move into the light. We’re doing it, but right now it can seem like we’re at a standstill because we’re still waiting for others to catch up, even though they won’t. Still, everyone is given a chance. And even if we want to give up on them for their own self-preserving actions, we are part of the Aquarian Age “WE” now and just can’t do it.

Hold onto self-awareness, wake up more, allow enlightenment to fill and guide you. Be strong in self so when your leadership is needed as a good example, you will be ready. And that’s happening next year.


However, 2022 is a six year and that’s a very good thing. Six is the number of the greatest balance and harmony there is. It is the number of unconditional love. Six is the first number that is made up of two different numbers combined (three “twos” or two “threes”). In this case, 2022 gives us the three “twos” and two is the original number of balance.

In the Kabballah, six is the sphere of Tipareth, the center of the Tree of Life. Again, it’s the perfect point of balance and harmony. It represents the sacrificed god, or the power that comes from sacrificing or doing something for others. For the Good of All! Selflessness!

Six is a sacred Sun number, so our Sun rules the new year bringing things to light, warmth to our bones and giving us inspiration. Basically, is just brings a lot of enlightenment. Sunday is the power day of the week. Every Sunday in 2022.

Six/Tipareth is also represented by the Archangel Raphael, who is the Prince of Brightness, Beauty, Healing and Life, charged to heal the Earth. This helps us begin to see the beauty within ourselves and others, and start to heal from the last two years, and the last 2,000 years. Every lesson that has been put in our faces in these last two years has prepared us for what we do in 2022.

During 2022, the magickal work to focus on is visualizing the harmony in all people and things. Even though we talk “visualization”, it’s more powerful to work with all the senses so we don’t just see the harmony, we hear it, smell it, taste it and feel it physically and emotionally. Also work with helping one form transform into another, i.e., helping stuck energy shift into acceptance energy.

The lesson for the six year is empathy, with the thing to watch out for being false pride.

In 2021, the semi-precious stone of the year was turquoise. In 2022, it’s yellow topaz. I’ve worn turquoise earrings all year to keep the energy close to my thought-process and have just purchased yellow topaz for the coming year. With the turquoise, I’ve felt more in harmony with the year (if harmony can be said to exist in 2021) so I hope the yellow topaz helps me feel and think in the harmony and balance of 2022.

2022 will be a year of spiritual stability, honor, power-within, healing and illumination. Granted we will still have the crazy, fearful and angry holdouts, but their inner chaos will no longer be fueled by the chaos of the year. The Aquarian Age and a six-year overshadow even the most stubborn of the fearful. We will still see it and and be affected by it, and it won’t shift overnight, but this next year will be quite different from the last two.

I offer this with love and gratitude…


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