Aquarian Age Health Challenges

As we move further into the higher vibration of the Aquarian Age, we are adjusting on multiple levels, experiencing inexplicable sensitivities to people, situations and food that never bothered us before. And not just on an energetic level. There are strong physical reactions to what we used to be able to put up with or eat, even compared to two or three months ago.

Two situations are happening simultaneously.

The first is that all levels of our whole selves – physical, etheric, astral, mental, spiritual – are naturally matching the higher vibrational shifts the Earth is experiencing. This is our Aquarian Age evolution, becoming more highly developed beings. As we refine ourselves in this rarefied energy, we become more sensitive to everything: people’s moods, our own moods, stress we’ve previously automatically accepted and how we’ve restrained ourselves to adapt to the negative for survival’s sake.

This brings depression, headaches, any or all of our five senses being overwhelmed (odors become very potent, sounds seems louder) and issues with whatever part of the body responds to stress. We all have different reactions to stress. For me, my eyes lose focus when stress is bad. For others, it can be joint pain, digestive issues or sleeplessness.

With this evolutionary shifting, we are more receptive to energy from the planets, very specifically the phases of our Moon, and especially what other people put off. Situations that have been previously perceived as normal are now felt as very, very abnormal. We’re getting back to understanding our instinctual behavior and natural rhythms. That means stress from societal expectations feels against our own nature while we’re stuck in the middle of the out-of-balance world we created.

There is a huge difference in stress due to real survival issues, i.e., from natural disasters, pandemics or starvation, vs. the stress of a hostile workplace. But over the years we have come to perceive them as the same. Now, as we become vibrationally – but not yet consciously – aware of this shifting, every little perception in our day-to-day lives comes with automatic fear as if having a problem with a mean boss is the same as having to find shelter after an earthquake.

That means fear is huge right now. It comes off of people in thick, heavy waves because this shift brings changes on a root/soul level that most don’t understand. It changes the world and how we perceive and progress in our evolution. It changes the very reality we’ve been living in. Hence while we’re all getting more sensitive in one direction, fear is increasing in the other so everyone is affected all the more.

Some individuals rabidly react to the fear by trying to control their environment and everyone around them. Ever stood next to someone who is in a really bad mood or seething with anger? It makes everyone around them physically uncomfortable. Now focus on that emotion as fear and turn it up to 11. That’s a hint of how most people feel as they lose control over their world. Then add the vehement strength of choosing to be stuck, resentment of change and not knowing what’s going on or why. This makes for intense pressure for those individuals that affects everyone around them who are going through their own sensitivities.

We also tend to be more affected by the new vibrations because they ARE new and we have yet to learn to be consciously aware of them. Right now, all this changing and sensitivity is under our conscious radar. We can have a headache, sensory overload, sympathetic pains or illness for others or have a really bad day for no apparent reason. All that is us being sensitive to vibrational shifts. But it throws off our physical balance. If we continue to be out of balance for long periods of time, these issues can manifest themselves into further, more permanent health issues such as heart problems, auto-immune or digestive disorders and diabetes more quickly than they have in the past.

The other situation is that our bodies are reaching a breaking point in having to digest unhealthy foods, especially as we become more sensitive to the energy. This is, unfortunately, far more widespread than just having junk food easily available. It includes GMO-based foods, over-manufactured foods, over-pesticided foods and products from animals who are abused or raised in stress situations (i.e., gestation crates – their stress produces hormones and chemical reactions which permeate their bodies and are passed on to us as we eat the meat). All of it has been seeping into our daily lives for decades.

If we aren’t seriously paying attention to labels (which can be deceiving), where the food comes from, where we buy it, how it was grown or raised and harvested, we are probably eating unhealthy food without even knowing it. This first affects the digestive system which then affects every other part of your body. It has been recently proven that the origin of most diseases, unless they’re genetic, can be traced to issues with the digestive system.

It isn’t just unhealthy food that is giving our bodies grief. Most cooking tools – the pots and pans, cooking with aluminum, storing in plastic – leak their matter, even if it’s just molecules, into our foods. So while we’re absorbing poison from foods, from pesticides, other chemicals and animal hormones, we’re also absorbing poison from the tools we use to cook and store the food. And these toxins don’t assimilate in the body. They linger and accumulate until they cause their own issues, mostly cancer.

So what can we do about it?

First of all, be consciously aware of how you feel and why. Is there a headache because of too much dairy eaten the night before, or because of reactions to negative, fear-based people nearby?

Try to increase awareness by taking time to examine the state of your whole body – physical, etheric, astral, mental, spiritual – through a going-inward meditation. Do the meditation regularly to keep tabs on the changes.

Depression is going to be a major player during this transition, so make sure you body is fulfilled with a good Vitamin B complex (Metagenics has the best – look online).

Wear a hat when in public. It stops you automatically, unconsciously picking up other people’s energy.

Be aware of the phases of the Moon and expect yourself and everyone around you to have heightened reactions. If you know why the reactions are there, they’re easier to deal with.

Drink A LOT of water, preferably alkali water. It flushes out more than just your physical body. Our bodies are made mostly of water, so replenish regularly. Baths also help, especially salt baths because they cleanse the aura and recharge our systems.

If there’s a lot of stress at work, keep a bowl of salt on your desk, or in a drawer with the drawer slightly open. Salt absorbs negative vibrations so they don’t get to you. Flush the salt in the toilet in the morning and replenish it every day.

Have hematite around you as psychic protection – either in jewelry or in a pocket or bra on your receiving side. The hand you write with indicates your giving side while the other is your receiving side. Keep the hematite on your receiving side to stop you taking on any energy you don’t want. Or keep a larger chunk in your workspace. Regularly recharge hematite by running it under cold water and letting it air dry while exposed to sun/moonlight.

Needless to say, eat better. Eat whole foods, organic foods, less-to-no meat. (Check out “Living The Farm Sanctuary Life – The Ultimate Guide To Eating Mindfully, Living Longer, And Feeling Better Every Day” by Gene Baur with Gene Stone. This info not only helps us in this transition but helps the entire planet.)

Meditate to be in harmony with what’s going on within and without because it isn’t going to let up. Let go of expectations based on past rhythms and fear. We’re in a state of tremendous change that is accelerating so the better we accept what’s going on, the easier it will be.

Ride the wave. Try to avoid being pulverized by it.

With love and gratitude…

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