So here we are coming to the end of a journey. It probably doesn’t feel like it because we’re still surrounded by so much turmoil and chaos and crazy as if things are out of control. We’ve been living with that for so long, it doesn’t feel it will ever end. But, believe it or not, the energy of 2020, which has lingered quite a while since the end of the year, is itself coming to completion.

There was an urgency that 2020 brought with it’s lessons of Truth Revealed and Trust (Let Go, Let God/dess). While those lessons will continue well beyond this year (basically until we get them right), the intensity of them will subside. Or rather, they shift from being forced on us to lessons we make our own. We become the driving force within rather than having the energy without making us pay attention.

From January 2020 through the end of May 2021, the growth of humanity as a whole has taken precedence over the growth of each individual. This has happened rarely throughout the span of time we’ve been on the planet. That means the group mindset is being taught by the planet herself and the Aquarian Age vibration and is more important than any single person. That also means that whatever we expected to happen in the linear way it has for 2,000 years, didn’t and won’t. That takes a lot of adjusting.

We shifted last year from being able to control our timing (making things happen how and when we wanted them) to being forced into Divine Timing (things happening when the time is right, not when we think they should). That’s the Aquarian Age flow. With the combination of adjusting to Divine Timing and not being the most important thing on the planet for a while, we’ve had a lot to take in.

During that time, we’ve shifted from being children still needing guidance to adults taking responsibility for ourselves and those around us. Or are still shifting. Well, a lot of us have shifted or are actively working on it. Yet we still have the five-year-old, temper-tantrum-throwing brats holding on to wanting their own stuck way without taking responsibility for their actions or even for themselves. They are living in an illusion with nothing to support them but their own little kid egos. If we who have become adults see it like that, it makes it easier to take.

The Aquarian Age vibration of equality and humanity is our baseline now and will be for the rest of 2021 and the 2,000 years to come. This year, we will see the Piscean Age brats being so uncomfortable in the new energy that they will scramble more and more to remain in control and eventually cause their own demise. We don’t have to wait for that to happen. In fact it’s important that we don’t wait for it but take responsibility for the brats, showing them discipline rather than letting them get away with their temper-tantrums.

But while we’re coming to the end of a journey, we know from experiencing planetary activity that the end of an astrological event (any retrograde or any planets in opposition) doesn’t just ease out. It pushes us to the very last second. So will the rest of April and all of May. It’s trying to get us not just to accept our accelerated growth into humanity, it’s giving us the opportunity to shed what holds us back that is leftover from 2,000 years of Piscean Age programming.

It’s like every time we’d learned or accepted a Piscean Age lesson that wasn’t part of who we really are, such as what we were taught in school that we didn’t really believe or what was given to us by adults that we loved and respected, we put on someone else’s coat of ideas. We’ve been shedding those coats over the last few years as we come into more realization of who we are in our Aquarian Age awareness without the constructs of an old society that is in flux. And now, as we end this growth spurt for humanity, we’re taking them off like crazy. In many cases that feels forced but truly we are all on board with it. It’s just happening faster and harder than we expected because we’ve taken our time getting here and time is running out for it to be easy.

Some of us are taking them off one at a time and that can be very painful. It’s extremely uncomfortable to not know who we are when we’ve shed something and have to figure out our new selves every time. It makes us raw, vulnerable, and overly sensitive emotionally, physically and spiritually. We feel frustrated, then excited, then frustrated. Once we release someone else’s ideas that we’ve inadvertently adopted, we take a moment to get our balance and then we feel free and know ourselves better. Then there’s another coat to shed so it feels like we’re getting nowhere. We are, but we’re dealing with ideas that have been given to us not just in this lifetime but in every life we’ve reincarnated into over the past 2,000 years.

Some of us, however, are shedding the past like a phoenix rising from the ashes, burning those coats away all at once and stepping into the Aquarian Age vibe like newborn babies but with complete adult awareness. That presents its own difficulties because we’re completely in the new vibration but there are so many holdouts (not the majority) who are throwing out their negative fear vibration. It feels we belong on the planet but have to get out of the swamp first to get clean and revel in the new energy.

Last year, time had a Twilight Zone quality. Every month felt like a year long. Right now, and continuing for the rest of the year (getting better after May), we fluctuate between everything taking too long and everything else happening too fast at the same time. It’s the old “everything is important and nothing is important” concept. This throws us off because we’ve been used to liner time for so long, and had to adjust to the beginning of non-linear time last year, that we don’t know what to believe is true.

Right now, we’re like human mood rings and will feel like that until we get into June. That can continue depending on who we have around us that are still stuck. We’re getting more sensitive and can feel their chaos even when we ourselves have stepped out of it. We’ll settle down during the summer and hit another growth spurt for us as individuals in the fall, but right now, hold on and avoid judging self. We’re all doing the best we can. If we could see that in a “bigger picture” way, we’d really give ourselves a break.

To help us adjust to what we’re facing, I recommend doing a flying meditation. It’s very freeing and can help us see what is in front of us without focusing on it. We’re starting to consciously use different senses to accumulate information but have yet to figure it out or trust it yet. This meditation can help take us out the muck and the mire of the everyday and see the bigger picture of what’s really going on.

Imagine yourself either in your own body or in the body of an eagle at the edge of a cliff. Be aware of where you are and how you feel with each one of your senses. When you’ve got that clear, look to the horizon and just let yourself drop off and fly. Feel the wind. Inhale the scent of it, breathe in its crispness. Hear the rushing of it past your body. Feel the freedom of soaring in air knowing you are completely supported and safe.

After you’ve enjoyed that for a while, notice where you are. Are you over a city or a forest? Notice what is beneath you without trying to identify what you’re seeing. Let the information come and absorb it without thinking about it too much. Take it all in without concentrating on details. You will remember it more if you let the details go.

Fly until you are done. Then head back to the cliff or find a tall tree and perch. Let yourself adjust to the feeling of being stationary after soaring through the air. When you’re ready, come back into your body and move it gently, from ankles to head, to make sure you’re back and grounded.

In the Aquarian Age, we are becoming less dense beings, less physical. And Aquarius is an air sign, even though one of its symbols is the Water Bearer. Revel in the air which takes you above what is going on right in front of you. See things with a “far-sight” perspective. By doing so in the meditation, you can retain that feeling and apply it to your every day life. It helps to know there is a bigger picture and the “stupid and stuck” around us that seems neverending is an illusion, just like the Piscean Age holdouts.

Trust that the Aquarian Age is in charge now and even those who want to hang on by their fingernails are a ticking clock that is running out of time. Yes, they can explode in the meantime, but if we stay above the fray, their damage will not be our damage.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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