We know the energy in January has been about finishing up/releasing lessons, challenges, and left-overs of 2018. 2018 was a significant year of dealing with karma we had yet to face, but it also helped us complete karmic patterns of the last seven to ten years. That’s a lot of work. This month has seemed like the longest January I’ve ever experienced. I’m really looking forward to the 2019 energy starting with the Chinese New Year of the Female Earth Boar/Pig on February 5 with the New Moon in Aquarius.

Because 2019 is so significant, moving us into a completely different “everything’s possible” energy, and it’s a set-up for the next seven to ten years, it’s important to honor the event and use the energy to get ourselves in balance with what’s happening for us in 2019. We can’t control how the energy will help us, as in telling our Guides, Angels, and Ancestors what to bring us when. But we can relax into being receptive to what our Guides, Angels, and Ancestors (and Higher Self) bring us based on their knowledge of our lives and what we need.

This is the beginning of a time of learning to go with the flow, offering a little input on what we want to achieve and where we want to go, but trusting the Guides, Angels and Ancestor who have looked out for us all our lives to bring our desires (and what we deserve) to us or get us there in ways we are unable to conceive (or control).

As many did with the releasing on the Super Full Blood Wolf Moon with Lunar Eclipse on January 20/21, it’s always good to make a list. As I mentioned then, spend time in these days heading up to February 5 listing what it is you call to you – within self and in the material world. Be specific. Write do down. Again, it’s been found that people who write down releases, intentions, prayers and such have 33 percent more success in achieving their goals than people who don’t. Add emotion and sense-awareness to the list as you write it. On the New Moon on Tuesday, February 5, read it aloud with the same emotion and sense-awareness, whether or not other ritual involved. Then burn the paper. Burning it sends it’s energy into the universe and puts you in harmony with your intentions.

SIDEBAR: New year energy starting on a Tuesday is very good – Tuesday is ruled by Mars, planet of action, initiation, male power and, unfortunately, war. That means this year is very active (and fast-moving) with a lot of new beginnings and opportunities, the expression of the new male power-within (and the balancing of male power within female energy) and, unfortunately, conflict on the world stage. That doesn’t automatically take us into war, but the underlying conflict that’s already with us, in our country and in the world, will come to a head again and again until things get settled or the over-all Piscean Age male-bully reality that’s losing its power is defeated by the force of Aquarian Age self-awareness and enlightenment. Avoid fear of the future. Stay in the moment. All things are happening in perfect harmony, even if we can’t see that in a day-to-day way. Be aware that chaos is just order on a higher level.

As always, write intentions or prayers in the present tense, first person and without negatives. So it looks like “I am…” “I do…” “I call to me…” “I deserve…” (as an affirmation vs. a demand), rather than “I need…” “I want…” “I wish…” “I deserve…” (as a demand vs. an affirmation).

As this energy is so different and new, we can try a very different approach in “programming” our year. That involves trust and acceptance. This isn’t the time to be angry, resentful or demanding with intentions because of what we haven’t gotten before. This is more of a “go with the flow in my right direction” energy. The more we are genuinely ready to receive without tension, anxiety and fear, the easier we get what we ask for.

That being said, another way of “programming” 2019 energy is to program self. Prepare a list of 40 things that if you met yourself for the first time you’d like about you (“I am a generous person” “I love animals” “I have a good sense of humor”). Once the list is complete, write it neatly on red paper (red for passion and courage, and the color of Mars). Hand-write it rather than type-and-print – there’s power in putting things down in your own hand.

On the morning of the New Year on February 5, read the list aloud before getting out of bed. Then read the list aloud again before sleeping. Do this every morning/evening for 40 days consistently. It not only reminds us of our own strength and inner power and who we really are, it sends that energy into the world for our Guides, Angels, and Ancestors to bring us possibilities and opportunities that give us we what you want in ways we can’t imagine.

This method is detailed on my website at under “Classes/MetaphysiGifts” in the drop down menu on the home page. Choose “MetaphysiGifts”. Scroll to the last entry, “Variations on the 40 Day Spell” and follow instructions as desired, i.e. burning the candle with the reading of the list isn’t as necessary as the continuity of reading it for 40 days because it has a cumulative effect. If a day is inadvertently skipped, it must be started again on Day One. After reading it for the last time on Day 40, burn the paper and let it be.

As this is a year to embrace “Let Go, Let God” (or Goddess, Creator, The Force or whatever works for each individual) more than ever before, trust what we want is going to be brought to us without having to stress and or control it. We have no control except who we are and how we present that to the world.

For either of these exercises, it’s all about our depth of concentration, our clarity of emotion and our humility in trusting that our Guides, Angels, and Ancestors know us better than we sometimes know ourselves.

This can be a good year, a great year or a tremendous year, especially if we are willing to break out of the old vibration and embrace the new. It’s all in how we let it flow. Trust, receive, stand in self-power without ego and this year will bring surprise, opportunity and success.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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