Summer is here. And it’s going to be a very interesting next three months. As we move further into the Aquarian-Age changes that are on us, some adapt quickly and experience great strides in their own awareness. Others, those who are resistant to these inevitable shifts, have a very hard time. We’re still in the no-nonsense, master-class-final-exam, get-it-or-hit-the-brick-wall energy of this year. And summer kicks that into high gear.

Have you been feeling all the shifts? They can make you seem lost on your path, super-sensitive to other people’s energy or just impatient at lack of change. Just hold on. There is change happening right underneath us that we can sense psychically but it hasn’t manifested itself on a physical level yet. Have patience and breathe. It’s all part of the plan.

We are naturally an adaptable species – to environment, to society, to parental influence, to peer pressure, even to what we bring from past lives. Many times, this adapting takes us away from the core of our souls so we can function daily in our physical realities. And many times, the journey of adapting becomes such a fixed and hard reality as we grow, we lose who we are altogether.

Summer brings the opportunity to face our true selves in ways that could not have been possible in the Piscean Age. We’re given opportunities that heighten our senses, open our intuition and advance our understanding of ourselves, our world and all life around us: human, animal and especially energies we haven’t perceived before.

With this accelerated opportunity of tremendous growth on hand, many – unfortunately too many – fight all change and refuse to see the advancement right in front of them because they are now being forced to get it. With this energy making us all super-sensitive, the stuck-ness is all the more affecting.

Here are two examples of recent events that represent the extremes of this growth spurt:

Pope Frances recently released his first long-awaited encyclical. Surprisingly, it wasn’t about religion but about caring for our environment, our animals and each other. He not only calls humanity to wake up and take personal action regarding climate change, he reminds us that that can’t happen without us being aware and taking care of all life around us. He especially mentions taking care of animals and the planet, as his namesake, St. Frances of Assisi, taught. That’s unprecedented and incredibly eye-opening.

At the same time, an unbelievably stuck and angry boy took his frustration out on a church because its parishioners were of a different color. In his self-involved refusal to adapt to the changing world, his answer was violence and slaughter. As eye-opening as this event is on the other end of the spectrum, little will actually be done about it because the majority of people in this country will condemn this action and mourn the results but revert to fear of change and anger at their lack of control in their own lives and so will let it pass.

The bottom line is that the Earth can’t take any more self-indulgent little kids in adult-suits running around messing her up and negatively affecting others because their egos, their “I wants”, aren’t working the way they used to. These people treat everyone around them like pieces in their own personal game. But THEIR GAME BOARD ISN’T THERE ANYMORE and they don’t know what to do. As they continue to try to make everyone else play their game but have no where to play it, they’re spinning in place more and more, trying to put their egos where they no longer belong and will never belong again.

That means that while some people are leaping forward in their own awareness, it is impossible for everyone not to be affected by the waves of fear, anger, resentment and hatred coming from those who are stuck and have already stopped trying to learn anything.

Hence the brick wall. It’s been evident here and there so far this year, but summer puts that wall up in extremes so those who are stuck have to run into it head first. That means people who have been ill and hanging on well past their time have to let go. People who aren’t getting lessons any other way can quickly and fatally get very sick. People who force their egos on others suddenly become ineffectual. Bullies are bullied by bigger and angrier energies than they exude.

That doesn’t mean to just write someone off with judgment – that subverts the overall lesson of knowing who we really are as souls and how we are all connected. People are never mean and selfish and prejudiced and angry without there being a reason. The reason may not make a lot of sense, especially if it originated in another lifetime. But there is ALWAYS a reason. We’ve all chosen to be right here right now to face those negative parts of ourselves and heal or overcome them. Or get kicked off the planet because we refuse to change them.

How to best get through this summer:

First and foremost, think of this time as a long airplane ride that takes you from the beginning of summer to the end. Not a lot of change happens physically as it wouldn’t if you were in flight. It’s all inner work. As you “sit on the plane”, all you can do is concentrate on self while being aware of others, how you affect others, how others affect you. The plane is the microcosm to the world’s macrocosm.

Acknowledge anything different happening to you: more intense and clearer dreams, new sensations or perceptions, new ideas, new awareness. It might seem scary but the unknown always is. Embrace transformation rather than fear it. Ask your Higher Self or your Guides, Angels and Ancestors to explain or help you understand.

Learn to be aware if your annoyance, anger, negativity is really your own dissatisfaction with life or that you’re attracting and taking on the energy of others. If it’s hard to figure out what energy is yours, focus on the emotion and ask yourself, “Is this my fear?” “Is this my anxiety?” “Is this my anger?” If it isn’t yours, the intensity of the emotion dissipates. Just be aware the energy was drawn to you because somewhere inside you, you have fear or anxiety or anger.

Be very conscious of the mirror effect – that you draw to you what you need to face within by having others show it to you in their behavior. What bothers you in someone else’s behavior reflects what you don’t like about yourself. Really look why it’s there and forgive it (in yourself and others). Move out of it. Be self-aware even if you don’t like what you see.

You may lose connections with people during this time. Unfortunately, changes that people go through now can become permanent, especially for those who are stuck and resentful. This means friends, family members, co-workers and even teachers and mentors can start behaving contrary to how you know them. It’s their journey and not because of your relationship with them so avoid taking it personally and pray for clarity for them.

We’re in the middle of huge transition! It can be hard and messy because so many people are on so many different levels of understanding. Or it can be accepted and enlightening. Even though this summer can make it seem that there is no hope, there really is.

So sit on the plane, be aware, accept, forgive without judgment and above all, love and be grateful. We’re in Aquarian Age Boot Camp: never fun to go through but so rewarding when we graduate.

With love and gratitude…

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