Last time I wrote about this being “The Year of Fear”. Even while the article was being prepared for publication, I had to amend it because other terrorist attacks had occurred in the world.

While we’re still reeling from all the accelerated fear from home and world events and not knowing who our next president will be, and, more importantly, the base fear caused by the vibrational transition in this paradigm shift, there’s something else to be aware of for this year’s energy. Hopefully this will further explain the “why” of what’s going on and what we’re facing.

In this year, with its completion and “make-or-break” plateau energy, we’ve also reached a feeling of “the straw that broke the camel’s back”. This is giving us a complete lack of patience with things, events and people we used to tolerate.

Most of us have lived the majority of our lives in what we “should” do rather than following our own paths or being able to be true to who we are in our hearts. Even those of us who have been able to be themselves are frequently faced with the “shoulds”. What is expected, what people think, how we choose the people around us and what we do are influenced by society, by mankind’s previous group choices for the good of all.

Over time, these group choices have gotten way out of whack. History tells us that this “being out of whack” brings dissent and railing against the “system”. One of the ways we do this is by being fed up with what we “should” do. This year, the “shoulds” are getting really, really tiresome and we are at a natural time in our growth to stop, re-assess and change! When one person is able to accomplish this, it influences others, who influence others and suddenly (although not as quickly as we’d like), we have a brand new world.

The influence starts early in childhood, whether circumstances are difficult with environment or family or we bring forward intense karmic issues that demand immediate attention. Then, depending on expectations, duty and self-awareness, we can easily take on others’ energy to please or placate them. Or we get lost because the guidance and understanding we need isn’t there.

For women, the influence usually presents as the nurturing, care-taking vibe. This is not just physical but energetic nurturing, as if women maintain an umbrella of energetic protection around everyone they love all the time. It’s not controlling, at least not in most instances, but protective. It starts with just plain love – of parents, siblings, friends, husbands, children and grandchildren – and becomes a habit.

If someone is good at something, like a mother or lover being nurturing, others who are not as good tend to rely on that person, unconsciously adding an extra burden instead of taking the example and learning from it. The mother or lover accepts the burden out of love and to do the right thing and doesn’t know how to stop. This also becomes a habit. And a trap.

For men, it usually happens by having to be the bread-winner, or the leader in the male role. That means choices of careers are almost as limited as they have been for women, especially based on the money involved. It’s been most important for men to earn more and more money no matter what it costs them personally.

A boy who has great creative gifts but was born into a Piscean Age home environment is more than likely expected to treat those gifts as hobbies, if he’s able or allowed to maintain them at all. The mantra for men has been “Be responsible! Be successful!” That puts the stigma on them that if they follow their personal paths, they’re going against everything and everyone that society has so far built. The disappointment and guilt from family and judgment from society can be overwhelming.

And, as with nurturing women, if men are good at being the bread-winner/leader, they are relied upon and many times taken for granted. Another habit, another trap. Neither men nor women are allowed to follow their own paths or be true to who they are.

Obviously, these are broad strokes of what’s happening and are referencing the majority. I’ve known men who are care-takers and women who are money-makers. Still, we’ve all had to tamp down who we are to go with the societal or familial flow. We do it in big sweeping ways of choosing the wrong job or wrong partner for “right” reasons. We do it in small ways by accommodating situations and people daily, usually because of someone else’s ego or so we won’t rock the boat.

This year, in all situations where we have lived so much of our lives doing what was needed and getting trapped in a rhythm that got away from us, we’ve reached a level where we are DONE! Not that we can suddenly stop taking care of others or stop working to pay bills, but energetically we feel the intense need to stop the pattern and recharge even though we don’t know how to do that.

When the desire is there to do something, like stop being in these kinds of traps, and it can’t be accomplished easily, there is conflicting energy within that bleeds us dry. It’s underlying but constant, like discomfort in the gut that never goes away. Add that to the fear that’s all around us and it makes for a very challenging year.

While we all experience this in one way or another, it might help to try seeing our experiences over the last nine years leading into this important completion year as Aquarian Age Boot Camp. In any military training, Boot Camp breaks an individual down, getting rid of ego and all that was accumulated up to that point. It reforms the individual into a soldier with a new set of values and discipline.

Ok, we’re not in the military, but these last nine years as we’ve approached and then passed the ending/beginning of the Piscean Age/Aquarian Age, the “training” started off slowly then got harder and harder. Now we’re in that last year of the hardest energy we’ve faced in this nine year cycle. But it’s taking us to a place where we can be more in the energetic flow of what’s happening instead of fighting against what is inevitable.

It’s easy to see those who are still fighting tooth and nail against the inevitable because they seem to be loudly and aggressively trying to swim upstream in a raging river while being carried downstream whether they like it or not. The energy IS shifting. Human ego can’t stall or change that. We have to adapt. This year, there is no choice.

This is especially difficult because our shifting is not centered in the physical. You can’t diet or train or out think what’s going on. You have to feel it with all your senses and, most importantly, know yourelf, and then figure out how to get back to you.

Also know that because of all the fear and need to stop, the pervasive energetic pressure is especially crushing for relationships which can, this year, easily fall apart. Most of the karmic agreements between men and women in this lifetime have to do with the women helping their men grow into emotional maturity. Men agreed to this, but once here, the fact is harder than the theory. Many, instead of stepping up, are quitting, alienating those who love and want to be with them, and sometimes, everyone around them.

Take care of self, not in ego but in awareness. That’s the key. If we can’t remove all the “shoulds”, at least be aware of them and make the changes that can be made without upsetting the boat. As with influence, one change leads to another to another.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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