Welcome to the beginning of the Summer of Retrogrades. On April 25, Pluto began his retrograde journey (until October 4) and brings us a whole new level of transformation. The pandemic has dominated our attention, but we’ve got so many other things coming up this summer that alter us and our world in the depths of our human development. It’s nice in a weird way to have something physical to focus on while our subconscious work becomes conscious. It’s like having something less difficult to concentrate on while the really difficult changes our DNA without us having to pay attention (i.e., distraction with something bad to help us deal with something much harder, like VR sessions that help with pain).

While this pandemic experience isn’t easy, it’s something very physical. If we’re energetically and emotionally feeling off or overwhelmed or in extremity of every emotion, we can logically see that as a 3-D result of the threat of illness and death around us, breaking our innate rhythms with forced social distancing, the lack of clear leadership, and truly facing the unknown (what will the “new normal” be?) While the pandemic itself has its own deeply karmic lessons for us to face, it’s also keeping our attention on the physical world while our energetic and vibrational world are shifting under our feet. The shift is happening in an intense, never-experienced-before way that can drive us crazy because we don’t know how to identify any of it, which means we bring in self-blame or just blame to explain how we feel. And that only causes more difficulty. We are transforming on a cellular level almost—and thankfully—without being aware of it.

Back to Pluto. This is Alex Myles’ recent post on InstaGram that explains how Pluto retrograde “opens a five month window of intense transformation”:

During this retrograde we will be overcoming our deepest fears and eliminating any habits or patterns that are limiting and self-sabotaging. Karma is now being cleared and repaid. Old programs and outdated structures are deconstructing in preparation for a magnificent collective reset and restructure. Truths are being revealed and we are now reclaiming our power. We have changed so much since the start of this year and by the end of this retrograde, our societies, selves and systems will be unrecognizable. We have reached a turning point. Our planet is recalibrating. Positive change is coming. Major transformation is underway.

Pluto, the planet of karmic patterns, rebirth, restoration, healing and transformation, has now stationed retrograde and will remain retrograde until October 4, 2020. This Pluto transformation is a long process that started taking effect when Pluto moved into its pre-retrograde zone on January 3, 2020 and will come to full completion on January 25, 2021. While we may have noticed life changing dramatically since the beginning of the year, the most intense and noticeable phase will be between April 25 and October 4, 2020.

During the next five months, our deepest and darkest repressed and unvoiced fears may surface and collectively we will go through a major transformation, as we learn how to acknowledge, transcend and release them. Subconsciously, many of us have a deep rooted fear of change, and despite vehemently wanting certain aspects of our life to change and move forward, we hold ourselves back, purely because we are so afraid of a future that is yet unknown.

Pluto Retrograde forces us to come face to face with our fears by continuously triggering our unhealed traumas and amplifying them until we have no option but to eventually confront them, feel them, heal them and finally let them go.

And all this will be happening while we continue to focus on the physical chaos of the pandemic. As the retrogrades begin to pile up (the next one will be Venus from May 13 to June 25, with Jupiter following immediately on May 14 through September 13) we also have huge planetary events that accelerate our growth like crazy (not just throughout summer but til the end of the year). Especially watch world actions and reactions between July 27 and October 20 when international aggression (and ego-driven stupidity of Piscean Age hold-outs) can lead us into war to heighten attention on our physical world. War will only be a possibility if the majority of us hold onto fear of change/the unknown. We don’t have to go there.

Master Astrologer and Sage Gahl Sasson wrote this in his last post:

So when will the virus go away? When we come together, when politicians become brave again, when the politician inside each one of us, that is worried about “me, mine and I”, will find the oneness with the inner scientist who is trying to find new ways to collaborate and join forces. As long as there is one sick person on the planet, we are all sick. Let us practice singularity. Let us go back to the source, to our moment of origin, when we all came together, like the Beatles taught us.”

Change is here, bigger and harder than we’ve ever experienced it. It doesn’t have to be hard on us…it’s really a choice. Yet most of us, including many who are karmically aware and hold a positive attitude, are riding out the pandemic still “waiting” until it’s over so we can get back to normal. It’s a very human reaction. But be aware that actually stops us from moving forward. That’s holding on to that last cord of Piscean Age energy because fear that letting go will float us into a black abyss of the dreaded ‘unknown’ instead of rebirthing us into light. At the same time, we also instinctively feel that we want to let go and trust we are all in the hands of Creator but that can be overshadowed by the collective fear. It’s our choice, again, to consciously accept we came here for the depth of growth that is exactly what’s happening right now, no matter how scary.

Everyone alive today who was alive when the transition officially started on December 21, 2012, came into this life to finish off karma from multiple lives, arcs of behavior that had become stuck, and embrace the leap forward in human evolution. This year is the epitome, the buck-stops-here time to get that done. Actually, we’re all here to herald in the human evolution but it’s a big concept that we can easily forget when dealing with our physical lives. However, with the unusually high number of young souls incarnated now who aren’t old enough to handle this change (60 percent, up from the usual 40 percent), this experience is harder than it needs to be. It’s like the other souls who are ready for this transition have to delay, slow or stop their own growth to hold the hand of the terrified younger souls, because, after all, we’re all in this together.

Feeling discombobulated is very normal now and it shifts on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis because we’re all becoming more sensitive to vibration—both physically and energetically. That means we can physically feel great because we’re eating well, exercising and legitimately not stressing about the day-to-day of a job, but still suddenly feel very sad or overwhelmed or angry, which can manifest itself into physical pain and illness, without realizing why. The “why” can be because of planetary events, energetic shifts in our Earth or us suddenly picking up what other people are experiencing. It’s all part of the process, but because we’ve never experienced it before like this, we don’t recognize in that left-hemisphere logical way that led the Piscean Age. Let it go! If we can’t think of any other way of adapting to such non-physical occurrences, physically work on balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain (with drumming, meditating, using the Solfeggio tones) which gives us something to focus on during our vibrational shifting.

Sleep and digestion are two of the main areas that can be consistently off this year. Both have to do with how we experience and deal with fear on deep levels and the fear doesn’t have to be our own. All of us are picking up the collective fear no matter how strong energetic protections usually are. Find a way to recognize and process the fear, and avoid blaming self (and others) for any of this. Even the stupidity and stuckness of our leadership have a necessary place in this year’s transformation.

Consciously choosing to embrace this transition with grace, integrity, self-love and acceptance is the growth option this year is giving us. It makes our journey so much easier and more fulfilling to be at peace within, to find our power-within and accept we’re all going to be fine even if we have no idea how that’s going to happen. By doing so, we land on our feet in the New Age and can immediately take advantage of the light ahead of us.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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