The last two weeks have been pretty incredible, setting us up for the heaviest work of this transformational year. That doesn’t mean what’s happening on the surface—the ongoing pandemic, high unemployment rates, or our financial instability—will get worse (although it’s far from getting better). But our deep soul-enightening, vibrational, energetic, and cellular work has now kicked into high gear and will stay that way through the rest of 2020.

As the chaos of summer is really just beginning in all its seriousness—opening the country, more getting sick, closing down, going back to work outside the home, socializing, more infection, returning to work at home and the lack of leadership that gives any one of us surety of what to do or how our finances will survive—we will be dealing with how we perceive and feel about the soul of humankind, and react to how others perceive and feel it. This is the part where we dive into the heart of our 26,000-year evolutionary change. What’s happening on the surface in our physical world has only got us warmed up. What’s on us now is that each one of us, and humanity as a species, is fighting to achieve spiritual awakening.

Many will not be consciously aware of this deep work but will experience it all the same. Fear and confusion become the major players now, not to mess us up (as if happening to or at us) but to give a clear path for each of us to face who we truly are in our souls. We’re being given the map to step out of all the discord and imbalance we’ve embraced in the past where we did and believed in things because we were supposed to (and because the Piscean Age male-driven “overlords” were in charge). But the map is not three-dimensional, it is multi-dimensional and we’re learning to read it as we go.

Some will cling to the fear and confusion because their souls are not old enough to find their paths without another instructing them. Add ‘lost” to their lessons, which means they’ll be taking their pain out on others. No one has answers for anyone but themselves so, in one way, we’re all on our own…on the surface.

But know fear and confusion are the map. If we face what we’re afraid of and what confuses us, and ask the karmic “why is this in front of me?” while genuinely wanting to know (avoiding victimhood), we find out that, firstly, it is all part of a manufactured tradition that no longer serves or teaches, and secondly, we are much stronger, more aware and enlightened than we believed ourselves to be. We come back to who we truly are in our souls.

In our physical world, when we overcome a challenge that scares us, we learn we have more strength than we thought, and that gives us balance to face the next scary challenge. Overcome several scary challenges, and we begin to regain the soul-knowledge of who we are. This is what we are learning about ourselves this summer. The physical challenges of the pandemic and such only give us a path to our deeper fear as this 2020 journey is really about us rediscovering our human-being-ness. Then how much we’ve learned will be tested in September and through the rest of the year, until the Big New Beginning on December 21.

As an example of how this works, take how we felt last week. It was emotionally intense. Not just because we had three major players in our solar system retrograding over a four-day period the week before (more on that below), but because Friday, May 22 was a New Moon. That sounds so simple, “New Moon”. In the Aquarian Age, it’s no longer easy to ignore lunar influence and the inner realizations it brings.

As we physical become more energetically and vibrationally aware, we feel the effects of every Moon phase more physically, emotionally and spiritually. Since the Moon most obviously affects our emotions (in our current consciousness), the entirety of last week was an emotional morass. Thursday, which was the Dark of the Moon, took us into an abyss of fear and confusion, which was lifted considerably when the Moon phased New bringing a lightness and, for many, new direction.

How we felt, what our emotionality brought forward for us to look at within ourselves, and how we dealt with what we experienced is an example of how the rest of this year goes on our inner-level awakening. Feeling afraid or confused, or lost, gives us the opportunity to find out why we feel that way, if we take the time to sit in it and not just try to power through it. 

Even for those who feel alone and lost on this journey, we are not. Everyone, from the youngest soul on the planet to the oldest, has massive angel assistance and guidance. We are not alone. Or lost. We are in transition.


We were introduced to the Summer of Retrogades on April 25 when Pluto retrograde led the way (it’s the time this year when every planet in our solar system is retrograde at the same time—a rare occurrence—the exception being that Venus and Mars don’t technically overlap but their shadow periods, extended by the other retrograde activity, certainly do).

On May 10, Saturn retrograded until September 28. On May 13, Venus retrograded until June 25. And on May 14, Jupiter retrograded until September 13. Mercury and Neptune join them in June. With these in place, we “RE” everything:

Pluto: we REevaluate who we are in the bigger scheme of things, REdiscover our primal power and magical selves, REview our darker urges.

Saturn: we find out what we need to REstructure in our lives (i.e., identify the vibrations that make us feel good, enhancing them, and those that do not, releasing them), passionately REembrace our need for freedom, equality, and democracy, REimagine the world in the Aquarian Age image.

Venus (retrograde for the magical 40 days): we RElearn what we believe in, our personal finances and who we are in-/what we bring to- love relationships, and may REencounter lovers from the past to help us complete a journey with a different self-awareness. This retrograde will feel more in our faces than the others because Venus is an Inner Planet that affects us in our physical world, even though it gives us an opportunity to do the deeper work as well. Hint: avoid looking at what happened to you in love, and investigate what you did to others.

Jupiter: we REdiscover opportunities, what we’re worth, what we deserve, even though we may not be able to put any of that into immediate effect, we feel safe to REbelieve in ourselves and what we can do, we REmember and REimagine possibilities that seem impossible now.

With the Summer of Retrogrades now in full swing, we are given a time to be reflective in every aspect of our lives. And this is the biggestT self-awareness opportunity we’ve had, and will have, for hundreds of years. We will break patterns and beliefs that were automatic but no longer work and are actually destructive for ourselves, Humankind, the Earth and all life because the transformation of the Earth demands it.

We’ve also got two eclipses in June which always heighten intensity and speed things along (Lunar eclipse on June 5 with truth and lies being seen clearly, and Solar eclipse on June 21—Midsummer—which intensifies and releases everything.) And Mercury and Neptune join the retrograde activity on June 18 and 22 respectively.

With this intense Summer of Retrogrades, planets dancing and fighting (conjuncting and squaring), the eclipses breaking up what needs to be broken up, and the high intensity of Midsummer/Aerra Litha, we’re in for a time that will really force us to learn who we are underneath the Piscean Age shadow, and to “Let Go, Let God”, or in this case, let the Earth and angelic guidance take over and tell us what we need to do to be the best we can be.

It’s quite a ride. Change is happening. We can either choose to be part of it or let it steamroll over us.

I offer this with love and gratitude…


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It seems obvious, but FYI, I am only doing phone readings at this time. I will reassess seeing people in person at the end of May. But as I feel more widespread infection and chaos will reign over the summer, I’ll have to see on a month-by-month basis.

Stay safe! Stay conscious! Stay healthy!

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