In a little over a year, we will be voting for a new president. The candidates have been hotly involved in the race earlier and longer than usual, and there are many more than usual. A lot will change over the next year, not the least of which is whittling the field to one candidate per party, and some of the changes will be very surprising.

But there is more going on here than candidates wanting to serve the people of our country (or, as is more evident and probable, candidates’ egos stroking themselves by vying for control). What we’re really seeing is a last ditch attempt of the Piscean Age energy desperately trying to hang on to power.

Most of the candidates are trying to force the world to stay in the old ways by blaming others, yelling lies and generally bullying anyone around them – from other candidates to journalists to talk show hosts to the American people. That desperation is based in fear even though it might be perceived as confidence or self-righteousness.

Fear grows as a bubble – it fills the soul, feeds on itself, and infects others – until it gets too big. Then it subsequently pops, releasing itself into understanding or acceptance. Fear has been in the air – in anticipation of change – before we made the shift from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age at the end of 2012. This election is helping us face the continuing fear of this monumental transition and understand it better by giving us a wide variety of aspects of fear to relate to (the number of candidates) and a long lead-in (18 to 24 months of the actual run). I think the “pop” will happen within a few months before the election, although not everyone will see the change in energy until the results are known.

When I watch or listen to the candidates, I can see the energy of who they are, feel what they truly believe, get how comprised they have become, and why they’re really running. I can feel their authenticity and the truth of their convictions (or lack thereof). The energy of those who are genuine in their beliefs comes across bright and clear without any clutter in their aura. Those who are energetically confused about their path as candidates and why they’re really running feel cloudy and diffused even though they can be seen on the surface to be very exact, driven and inspired

The latter are very difficult for me to watch or listen to. Their energy is uncomfortable and awkward while they’re trying to play it cool, like little kids playing adult games – they’re way out of their league and yet still keep pounding away. They make my stomach hurt, no matter what they’re saying. They make me want to run around yelling “Liar! Liar!” as Carol Kane’s character did in “The Princess Bride.”

Energetically, there are only three candidates that come across with clarity: Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump. The rest are just cluttering up the playing field or giving us many options of dealing with the mass fear so we can come to grips with the shifting of one way of thinking (the power-over) into another (the power-within).

Of those three, two come across with honest, true-to-themselves energy (Sanders and Trump) and two have a chance of winning (Clinton and Sanders).

Trump is the unapologetic epitome of the Piscean Age power-over, self-righteous, entitled male. And he’s really clear about who he is. He’s the father figure people have been used to for the past 2,000 years – the dad who, with authority and conviction, tells everyone else what to do. He presents himself as knowing all the answers and that makes people feel very comfortable because they like to think that at least SOMEONE knows what they’re doing. It doesn’t matter if all his answers are ego-driven, he KNOWS therefore people don’t need to worry about the big issues.

Sanders is the unapologetic epitome of the Aquarian Age power-within, a for-the-good-of-all leader. He is “packaged” (by karma) in a fatherly guise because a lot of people need the feel and visual of the Piscean Age authority figure but with New Age sensibilities to gently lead them into the different way of thinking and being. He also presents himself as knowing a great deal not because of ego-driven opinion but because he’s done his homework.

The reason both of these men are so popular is that they speak their own truths and are completely comfortable with who they are. This is very different than the other candidates who speak what they (and their handlers, sponsors, or super PACs) think will get them specific results. What the other candidates say usually changes daily, is contradictory to what they’ve said before, and has little basis in fact.

Trump and Sanders have energy that is clear for completely different reasons. People recognize this truth and comfort whether or not they’re aware they do. This clarity is especially refreshing and attractive because of all the heightened lying and obfuscating politicians have been doing for years, especially leading up to this presidential race.

But Trump is a joke. His numbers are high because of his entertainment value (“He said WHAT?”), not his worth as a politician. He shuts people down when he doesn’t want to hear what they say, or just changes the subject without answering a question. He powers through like a bully. Most people relate to that because it’s what they’d like to do in their own lives but can’t or don’t. His popularity is the same reason “Jurassic World” was so successful – the audience vicariously lives through the danger and comes out satisfied on the other side.

And that’s fantasy. Can you imagine his bullying tactics coming up against Putin’s bullying tactics? Do you think a diplomatic solution will come out of that without nukes involved? His entertainment value inevitably will wear itself out. That’s already started. Then he will either make a flourish about leaving the race by blaming the American people for not getting what he could have offered, or try to run independently (because I really don’t see the Republican party making him their candidate). And what was entertaining about him will become the same old song that has only one note: “It’s all about ME”!

However, he is serving a great purpose in that he’s the poster-boy for how stupid and far from reality our politics have become. Everything that no longer works from the previous Age is all wrapped up in Trump. Every cliché about that Piscean Age power-over father figure that even 50 to 60 years ago would have represented wisdom is now seen as uncontrolled ego. When did someone so clueless about the world seem to be a good leader?

While Sanders and Trump are clear in the way they present themselves, Hillary Clinton does the same but is far more careful and circumspect about how she does it. There is a big difference in running on high ideals and then, once winning, being able to put those ideals into practice. She has first hand knowledge of how that works, and how it doesn’t work.

So while she is a well-groomed, experienced politician who can play the game and has great guidance in everything she says and does, which can make her seem manufactured like so many of the other candidates, she knows what she is doing, what the country needs and the intricacy of the path to get us there. She will make a better president than any of the others, including Bernie Sanders. She is better prepared in ways none of the other candidates can match. She brings Aquarian Age sensibilities while playing the Piscean Age game with the best of the men.

Regarding Sanders: no matter how worthy his ideals are (and they are), should he win, they and he will get eaten alive by the hard-ass 1% who control the country with their money. Remember Jimmy Carter?

Who’s going to win? At this point, I don’t know – I can see two outcomes, neither of which involve a Republican in the White House. The country, and the world, don’t need to rehash lessons we’ve already learned and which will take decades to recover from if we have to do them again. But with us firmly on the path of Aquarian Age sensibilities, I doubt we will get another Piscean Age president.

With love and gratitude…

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