I took a break from the world over my long weekend… Which was very needed after the high energy of the last week… And will be needed for the higher energy coming in this week… Which means I didn’t get my post together in time… So I missed writing my thoughts on the powerful and life-changing Summer Solstice and Solar Eclipse that happened yesterday… As my brain had yet to re-engage… So I’m offering two posts about yesterday’s events by my two favorite metaphysically-minded authors: Alex Myles and Gahl Sasson.

Even though these were meant to address the energy yesterday, what happened was so powerful it will reverberate and change us for days if not weeks and months. So these insights are still very important to help us navigate and know why we’re experiencing The Summer of Chaos and The Summer of Retrogrades. It’s all about our transformation and each step that gets us there.

First, Alex Myles on “The Fiery Solstice and New Moon Solar Eclipse”, which she posted yesterday on Instagram.

The combined Solstice and Eclipse energies will bring dramatic and sudden change. We are now experiencing an energetic reset and are witnessing the beginning of a new era. Our entire planet is rebooting. Energy will be highly charged for the next 48 hours.


  • A Radical Uprising
  • Stepping Fully Into Our Power
  • Chapters Ending and New Beginnings
  • Final Closure
  • Intense Healing
  • Making Peace With The Past
  • Major Comebacks and Dramatic Breakthroughs
  • Total Realignment
  • A Recharged Warrior Spirit.
  • Repeatedly Noticing: 11:11, 12:34 and 21:21

Eclipses are major game-changers and turning points in our lives that begin or end significant chapters—usually without prior warning. Despite Mercury, along with four other major planets currently retrograding, the combined energies of the Eclipse and Solstice are so powerful that they outweigh and overrule all other planetary influences. For the next 48 hours, at the very least, we will all find ourselves with no other option but to surrender to these incoming rays, and we will know on the deepest level that this point in time is a major catalyst for evolution and the beginning of a brand new era, both personally and collectively.

We will all be affected, whether by fierce, fiery and forceful jolts that impact areas that are in dire need of immediate transformation, or whether through immensely heightened intuition and overwhelming downloads of information that shake us out of our comfort zone so we make essential and overdue change. Even those who feel they are already in full spiritual alignment won’t escape this energy, and although the eclipse will affect them in a more serene and subtle way, there will still be major internal work occurring on a deep cellular level.

The Eclipse/Solstice energy is so intense and revolutionary that none of us are going to come out of the eclipse unaffected—we are all about to experience quite possibly one of the greatest transformations we will go through during this decade, specifically in relation to our homes, structures, belief systems and family values. We may feel an instinctual need to have a radical spring cleaning of our relationships, home, hearts and minds. However, it is essential to be patient and rational and not make hasty decisions that could potentially damage important connections.

Slightly before the eclipse we start to become aware that for some time certain things have been happening behind the scenes in our lives. At the exact time of the eclipse an inner light will suddenly shine and our unconscious mind will become fully activated, dissolving illusions and bringing instant revelations, clarity and crystal clear perception.

And from Master Astrologer Gahl Sasson (please go to his website at for the complete post):

Twice a year, the Sun, busy moving around the center of the galaxy carrying us and the rest of the solar gang on a cosmic ride, stands still. Well, to be perfectly honest, the sun does continue his motion, but to our ancient mothers and fathers, on the longest and shortest day of the year, the sun seemed to stand still, hence the word, Sol (Sun) Stit (stop, stationary). On the winter and summer solstice the sun rises and sets in the same spot.

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, the North Pole is now closest to the Sun and that is why the Sun climbs to the highest point it will ever reach above the horizon. Since the sun reaches its zenith and stays there the longest, the solstice is a time where the Eye of Ra sees everything that takes place, well, under the sun. You can also find the same idea in Proverbs 15:3: “The eyes of the Lord are in every place, keeping watch upon the evil and the good.”

The idea that the Lord Karma, or the Eyes of the Lord, or the Eye of Ra (sometimes appears as a black cat), can see everything clear on Solstice made it a special day for many different traditions. From the Dragon Boat festival in China to Tirgan in Iran. The ancient Druids celebrated the solstice as “Litha” and was the only day when the rising sun reached the altar in the middle of the stone circle at Stonehenge.

You might be familiar with the Christian feast of nativity of John the Baptist. It falls on June 24 but that is because 2000 years ago, the Summer Solstice was on the 24/25 of June just as the Winter Solstice took place on the 25 of December, which of course is the origin of Christmas. John the Baptist was assigned the Summer Solstice as his day of birth symbolically, since it is also the first day of the zodiac sign Cancer. Cancer is a water sign which is associated with birthing, the holy spirit, compassion, and unconditional love.

Astrologically speaking, the next 30 days we are under the influence of Cancer, a bit moody, very emotional, home centered, family focused, and a strong need to be needed. Since the Tarot card of Cancer is “the Chariot,” it is a great month to practice traveling without movement, another word for: meditation. Cancer is also considered to be the sign of mediums and psychics.

This Summer Solstice or if you are under the equator, Winter Solstice, is unique for two reasons. First, it takes place during both Mercury and Venus retrograde, and second, there is a solar eclipse falling right on that day. Next time this will happen will be 2039. If you are in Africa and parts of Asia you will be able to see a ring of fire around the sun, hence the name “Annular Eclipse.” Yes, as in “One ring to rule them all and in the darkness bind them.”

As I mentioned it in my 2020 astrology book, wherever in the globe the eclipse is visible, will experience it stronger. The center of the eclipse, where it can be seen the strongest, is right on the border between China, India, and Pakistan, all three armed and loaded with nuclear weapons.

If you follow the news, a few days ago there was a border clash at the Galwan Valley with hand-to-hand combat between Chinese and Indian soldiers resulting in deaths on both sides. This weekend India is sending trucks of soldiers to the disputed border and Chinese forces are not making any signs of retreating. Just to put in perspective, China and India together have about 1/3 of humanity’s population and the longest unmarked border in the world, 2500 miles of rough Himalayan terrain. In October 1962, a similar conflict flared at the same place and it exploded into the Sino-Indian wars. When I checked the chart of the war, wow and behold, Saturn was in the same position it is occupying right now, the first few degrees of Aquarius. This happens every 29 years.

What does it mean? Well, we can now experience the dark side of nationalism. The president of India, Ram Nath Kovind, better knows as Modi, has been promoting a strong brand of Hindu nationalism for decades. President Xi Jinping, also encouraged nationalism as a way to unify people and cover-up dissidents or opposition. And now, even if they want to calm the deadly situation, the Golem they created is running amok. Especially now with the eclipse pushing things faster.

In the U.S., thank Goddess and her beloved God, the eclipse is not visible (you will have to wait for July 4 when the eclipse glides over the U.S.) but nevertheless it falls right on Juneteenth, the day slaves were liberated in Texas (June 19, 1865), and Trump’s first reelection rally in Tulsa, where in 1921 a white mob butchered 300 men, women and children. Things can get rough especially in the next day or two.

This eclipse/solstice combo is a great day for deep contemplation. It is a sacred day, revered for thousands of years by many different cultures around the world. It is a day when the Sun, Moon and Earth dance together in perfect harmony. The Eclipse does add a rather sinister tune to this twirl, but a dance it is nevertheless.

Without the Mercury and Venus retrograde, it would have been a perfect day to start something new in your life. But with the Lord of Communication and the Lady of Finance insisting on walking backwards, not much can be expected from any initiative. But on the Solstice you can decide what you want to work on and change in your life, start doing it daily in your meditations via visualizations and then practically begin working on the project after mid-July once the dreaded 5 of July eclipse and retrogrades have passed.

I hope this explains what many of us are feeling now, and what is coming in that will have an emotional base over the next four weeks. Hang in, ride the way, trust, and listen to your intuition. It is always right and has a direct line to our Higher Selves and the angelic energy waiting to be asked for help.

I offer this with love and gratitude…



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