(if you care to read my sum-up)

(without apology to anyone who disagrees)

My cousin left me a message earlier today:

“I was surprised to see that the sun came up this morning. But then it’s early days yet. I am

profoundly depressed, disgusted, humiliated, embarrassed, and so disappointed. I thought America was an enlightened place, at least the majority. I am in disbelief. American just trounced on accepting the Aquarian Age. It doesn’t look like they’re ready for it. Doesn’t look like they’re ready to move forward at all.

“One of my co-workers, who is black, called her 30 year old son this morning. She told him to dress carefully, not speed or do anything at all wrong, be very careful what he says to anyone, especially anyone in authority. How sad is that?

“So I’m deciding this morning if I’d like to perform surgery or be a police officer or any of the myriad other things I’m not qualified to do because I figure all I need to do is yell and be brash and offensive and vulgar, and walk in and start doing it and it will be fine because, you know, what do qualifications matter?”

That sums up how so many people feel this morning after the debacle that was our election. Emotions are so intense because we’re getting a deep soul recognition of huge enlightenment back-stepping that impacts many levels of our existence. As always, this represents a much bigger journey than a single man as president. It represents how strongly fear, which has been the Piscean Age way of control, has overtaken us.

First, I apologize to anyone I told that I saw Hillary Clinton winning the election. I truly saw that. But, as with all things depending on the freedom of will, fear was stronger than growth and that changed the outcome. Not to worry. We’re still growing. We’ve just chosen a much harder way of getting there.

Back in the 1980s when I first met my metaphysical mentor, we spoke repeatedly of what was going to happen in the world. She introduced me to the concept of an energetic and vibrational change vs. a physical one in the then upcoming “End of the World” concept for the Mayan calendar’s December 21, 2012 transition.

Obviously, that wasn’t the end of the physical world, but the end of a 2,000 year long Age, a 5,125 year long Day of Mankind and a 26,000 year long Precession of the Equinoxes. The end of one way of thinking evolving into the next.

She said that we didn’t need to have natural disasters to change us, as so many feared. One of the things that was going to happen with us being at the extreme breaking point of how our society had developed in the Piscean Age was that our political system would have to fall apart in order to be rebuilt by those with the new vibration.

And didn’t we just see the beginning of that with the election? Didn’t we just allowed a sixth grade white male racist sexist bully to run rampant in our playground? This has blown not just how America sees itself but how the world sees us.

But then again, why should America be any different than the rest of the world? We just joined the same energy that brought us:

  • Brexit, where, the day after the vote to leave the EU, all promises were negligently dismissed as “whoops” and those who voted for leaving didn’t think it was actually going to happen so they wanted to go back and change their vote.
  • Putin ruling Russia where his propaganda machine doesn’t let the people see anything but their leader’s ego.
  • Duterte ruling the Philippines with the same ego-based, male-dominant (add foul-mouthed) attitude we’re going to see for the next four years.
  • And other leaders/rulers of countries who are back-tracking any progress made in the accelerated enlightenment of the last one hundred years.

As America is karmically supposed to lead, if by nothing else than by example, we only proved we’re no stronger or better than any other country. This should be a humbling awakening, but that will take its own time in the face of the ego we just elected. We failed the first big test of the Aquarian Age. That doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world, just that we all have to participate more in our individual growth because that leads to humankind evolution.

When I look at this event, at all the people in their ego-based fear of losing their identity and their Piscean Age power-over (or those who just want the security of Daddy telling us what to do), I see it as someone drowning amidst others who are swimming. The drowning man grabs the ankles of those still on the surface, pulling them down to be able to pull himself up, saving himself at the expense of anyone around him. That’s what has just happened.

The Piscean Age males have just given themselves a respite for the next four years. But what that really gives us is four years of the Great Negative Lesson, pushing change right in our faces. Again, this is much bigger than just one man in an office he’s unsuited for. It’s the wake up call we apparently didn’t heed to grow and evolve voluntarily.

The truth is, the Aquarian Age transition hasn’t gone anywhere. This is just a different, harder way of accepting it. Because that transition is inevitable. If Piscean Age holdouts need a last-gasp attempt, we will find that it won’t take four years for America and the world to grow up. The holdouts are like a child who wants and wants and wants something – a cookie, a toy, to stay up late. Once they get it, it isn’t nearly as important as the NEED to get it.

I believe this is what’s going to happen with our newly elected “leader” and those who follow him. Feeling secure that we’ve elected someone who keeps us in an old way of thinking will shortly be blown apart. What we got isn’t what we thought we voted for. We voted for massive change blowing up in our faces. But that’s a way to learn, too.

All native peoples of the world have predicted this time being the end of the world. That never meant the physical end of our world, just the end of our civilization. It’s always been on us, the people, to change how we affect the planet and each other, to heal the damage we caused while in our growth, or the Earth herself would step in to kick us into enlightenment. The Hopi have said that our time to change how we deal with ourselves, others and our planet has already passed, and it’s up to the Earth to take over. Others believe we can still turn it around.

I believe we will all take advantage of this Great Negative Lesson because we really have no choice. It’s not the end of the world. It’s just another way of learning who we are. We’ve just entered the energy of The Devil and The Tower in the Major Arcana of the Tarot. The Devil is us facing our own demons to overcome them while the Tower brings change to every aspect of our being. It’s a shake up to face our own truths which can be harsh but is very worthwhile.

If we can face this as the challenge it is and know that those who understand what we’ve lost with his win are still the teachers, it gives us direction. It’s just the classroom got very unruly all of a sudden and will make us all step up to breathe education (enlightenment) into those who so need it.

A great article explaining things from a very mainstream, logical way is “Trump’s Victory and the Rise of White Populism –”.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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