In any situation when a major change happens—like a planned or unplanned move, a new marriage or break-up/divorce, expected or unexpected death, getting or losing a job—it normally takes our human bodies about three-to-six months to adjust to the new vibration. We deal with what we have to in whatever the New Normal is, but it takes time to relax into it before it stops feeling “strange”. Given that trauma (forced move, death, break-up/divorce, getting fired) elongates the emotional adjustment, three-to-six months is still the standard.

Now we are in a New Normal that is difficult to adjust to because, on a macrocosmic level, it’s the biggest change we as human beings have ever had. Facing a pandemic has happened before, but not when it was to change the entire mindset of an Age. Again, when we came to the “End of the World” on December 21, 2012, it was the end of a 2,000-year Age, a 5,125-year Day of Mankind and a 26,000-year Precession of the Equinoxes, so saying this pandemic is helping us end/begin an Age is really understating it. It’s giving us mercilessly forced clarity on getting with our accelerated evolution of humankind.

On a microcosmic level, it’s hard for us to adjust because the situation keeps changing. It isn’t as simple as “I had a job, now I don’t” or “I’m married, now I’m not” (although neither of those situations is simple). What we need to adjust to alters on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis, so we can’t get our footing because we have no idea where this will all lead. But the truth is that the change in vibration has already happened, and we’re just being presented with a step-by-step way of harmonizing with it. That’s difficult in itself because the vibration is so different from anything we’ve experienced before.

2020 brings accelerated change, change we’ve been feeling under our feet for years, pretty much since the end of the 1960s. But with the growth of self-indulgence we’ve experienced in the last two hundred years, we’ve forgotten how to adjust on this scale—when we aren’t in charge—so we’re pretty slow in “getting the memo”. We are an adaptable species, but we’ve forgotten how we used to do it. Now we’re in an advanced lesson to remember.

The timeline I see for the virus is that we will seem to get a hold of it by middle-to-end May, but a relapse scenario comes in June which will hit those already infected, even if symptoms have not presented yet. And the truth is that by that time, everyone will be infected even if they’re asymptomatic. Studies done in towns in Iceland and Northern Italy showed that 50% of those infected experienced no symptoms and didn’t get sick. Still, know that the passive Covid-19 in our systems makes our bodies more reactionary in the future to other non-deadly viruses like the common cold and flu, i.e., those illnesses will make us sicker and will last longer. Vaccines and flu shots won’t help because the point is to clear our bodies of over-medication and build our immunity.

That relapse (not new infection) will take us through summer. Then there’s the rebuilding of everything that the economic disasters have caused and putting what we’ve learned into practice for the election. So our real New Normal starts on December 21, 2020—the Winter Solstice—which brings a huge planetary shift and is the Dawning of a New Era (more on that in another post). That’s when our three-to-six months of adjustment really starts…in a completely different mindset.

That being said, obviously the pandemic is not going away in a few weeks as some have said and many want to believe—I think we all get that now. The faster people realize it, the better we as humanity will be. Many are still in the denial that “it can’t happen to me”, but that’s Piscean Age control-over thinking. This virus lasts, or lingers, as long as it takes to remember how to be agile in change. The more we don’t shelter in place, the longer we’ll need to, until we get it.

Many of us are already on board—at least 80% of who I talk with see this—on a Bigger Picture level—as an unfortunate but good thing to clear the path for the Aquarian Age. But we’ve built a strong system that needs strong bitch-slap-worthy realization to get there. Our school system is broken, so is the medical system, the legal system, the monetary system, the government, big business, the list goes on. When the market crashed in 2008, we rebuilt it exactly the way it had been, which left us open to it happening again. We can’t rebuild things with the old Piscean Age mindset. This pandemic, and all the other monumental energetic and astrological slaps 2020 force us to face, makes us stop, look around, see the truth, and relearn how to trust our own intuition that goes against what has been the Piscean Age “norm”.

Kids and animals pick up on the fear but our children are also more psychologically aware of the Bigger Picture as it’s their future and they’re starting to belong here more than a lot of us do. “It’s their world and we’re just visiting”. And the changes we’re experiencing are getting us into alignment with their world. They see with different eyes, hear with different ears, know with different sensibilities and will lead us into where we need to be if adults just pay attention and accept their kids are now the teachers. But while this is happening, kids and animals are channeling all the fear, so please be aware of that. They may not know how to tell us, but they do it all the same. There’s infection and death from the disease, then there’s infection and death that comes from how we handle it which means how we deal with our own anxiety.

How we’ve taken care of the planet, waiting to the last minute to try to make changes in our pattern to address and deal with how we’ve caused climate change, reflects how our government is waiting to the last minute to address and deal with Covid-19. This is a karmic event, on a personal, communal, national and global level. An equal-opportunity virus to create equal-opportunity change across the board. So get used to not feeling in harmony with this high-level Aquarian Age vibe for a while. Instead, work on being in harmony with self. That gets us through.


With all the anxiety of adjusting and adjusting again to what seems like an extremely negative and scary New Normal (even though we’re not there yet), there are a lot of people who are keeping it in check and helping others. I’m pretty sure you know more about this than I do, but in case…

Mark Kanemura (#mkik808) holds an InstaGram Dance Party at 2 PM Pacific time everyday. It’s 15 minutes of stretching and dancing with costumes, wigs, balloons, confetti and rainbow fans that’s a great time for everyone (kids love it), whether you know how to dance or not. Since he started, lots of dancers have joined in with their own versions. Allison Holker (#allisonholker) and husband Stephen Boss (tWitch at #sir_twitch_alot) hold a daily workout session. Can you tell I love “So You Think You Can Dance”?

On top of that, there are regular free on-line dance classes offered by professionals (mainly for dance students who can’t go to classes). And free online yoga sessions, meditations, and probably anything you can think of. Oprah and Deepak Chopra recently started offering free online meditations. Children’s author Mo Willems offers “Lunch Doodles” online which are art classes for kids. With or without kids, people are doing creative activities, art projects, decorating projects, cooking projects, even Jigsaw Wars with family members across the country (who can get a massive impossible puzzle done first).

We’re discovering new ways of connecting without physical connection. There are city-wide sing-a-longs at 7 PM in Boston where house-bound people hang out their windows to sing together. And more recently, there’s the Appreciation-Fest started in Paris and now all over the world of organized clapping and cheering for our incredible health workers at specific times during the day.

The immigrant parents of one of my clients, who have survived disastrous times in their home country, are teaching their granddaughter how to build garden boxes and plant vegetables because that’s how they survived the worst of the past…by growing their own food. We could learn a lot from those who have survived difficulties in the past as much as we can learn from our children.

A point to make in all this creative expression is that we are using the right hemisphere of our brain more actively and purposefully than we have for thousands of years. And that’s the Aquarian Age influence. The New Age isn’t going to skew us over to complete right-hemisphere dominance to off-set the complete left-hemisphere dominance that was the Piscean Age, it’s making our brains—and our lives—equal. This pandemic is giving us that opportunity, one of the many lessons it’s offering.

People are sharing their creativity and connecting, albeit electronically. There’s a lot of hope and humor out there from those who still take this seriously but understand, on one level or another, that there’s a Bigger Picture: we may be apart, but we’re not alone. Maya Angelou said: “Hope and fear cannot occupy the same space. Let’s invite one to stay.”


In reading “The Coming Plague” by Laurie Garrett, I came across this (not an exact quote): world renowned virologists Jordi Casals and Karl Johnson, having traveled all over the world investigating previously unknown hemorrhagic diseases, came to the conclusion that the real danger with viruses was not the virus, but politics.

Since Trump was elected and became the Piscean Age Poster Boy and The Great Negative Lesson, we’ve been shocked and outraged by his policies and antics but were slow to make change (except to talk about how shocked and outraged we were). Until the 2018 election. Up til then, I believe the lesson was for those who were of the old way to have the opportunity to wake up themselves. They didn’t—why would rich, old white men give up any of their power-over for the good of all?

We’re still shocked and outraged and are still slow to make change, so we’ve been given 2020 and the pandemic to get us on the page we’re supposed to be on. This year breaks the Piscean Age’s back and every shock, every outrage, every death, now has profound consequences. While this is harsh, this is unfortunately very necessary. We couldn’t change fast enough without help. Now we have it.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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It seems obvious, but FYI: I am only doing phone readings at this time, no more in-person readings until the pandemic passes.

Stay safe! Stay conscious! Stay Healthy!


  • Admiring the time and energy you put into your website and in depth information you present. It’s nice to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same outdated rehashed information. Great read! I’ve saved your site and I’m including your RSS feeds to my Google account.

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