Addition to the Full Moon in March 3/29/2013

Addition to the Full Moon in March 

In my last newsletter I mentioned that I had a hard time finding information about what I had heard called the Christ Moon and the spiritual meaning of the ensuing planetary activity.  After I sent it out, one of my clients/friends sent me this that she found from a website called by Lasha Seniuk B.A, M.F.A.  I felt it was so well said, I wanted to pass it on to you.

Enjoy the transformation.

Sometimes all we can do in life is open our hearts. When we suffer, when we grieve, when we are desperately confused or when…tearful and exhausted…we are finally beyond hope; these are the moments that matter. These are the moments that change lives.

This week profound emotional and spiritual breakthroughs are possible. Even for the most silent among us, the most stubborn or the most detached.

This week the world will start to look very different, very fresh. And, like those first gentle moments of sunlight after a dark and restless night, a new perspective will find its way into our hearts.

Astrologically, this is a time of inner expansion, deep personal secrets and painful, important choices. These changes, however, may not arrive in your life as you might expect. They may, in fact, have actually begun quite some time ago.

Most signs will now and over the next few weeks lose all emotional attachment to the people, ideas or obligations that need to forever leave their lives. And it will all take place silently, almost effortlessly and, certainly, without much fanfare. It will all just occur.

Cosmically, there is a kind of ‘sacred and inevitable purging’ going on, as if all that has been unconsciously needed or struggled against over the past two years will now be steadily quelled or easily accomplished.

Painful relationships will end, careers will transform, anger will fade, families will reunite, love will blossom and seemingly insurmountable problems will quickly evaporate…and, ironically, many of these changes may hardly even be noticed. They will simply come into being.

Just like that. Done deal, move along, move along…nothing to see here, folks.

Strange times, I know…but exciting times. Don’t linger over the old, the unsolvable or the outdated…or you’ll miss those first few moments of precious light. 

With much love and gratitude…

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