Addendum to Animal Care-Taking 7/21/2012

Addendum to Animal Care-Taking

I’ve gotten a lot of response to my last newsletter about animals, especially pets, care-taking the difficult energy of their humans and teaching us as they do it.  There is a theme of concern here I thought I’d address.
Several of my clients are having health issues that are being mirrored in their pets – some serious, some not as much.  Many feel guilt suddenly realizing they may be the inadvertent cause of their pets’ illnesses.  Please, don’t feel terrible.  This is the pet’s choice.  That’s how deep his/her love is.  And it’s a great opportunity to learn something about self.
Look at it this way:  when we love someone with our whole heart, we want to take on their issues, their pain and suffering if we can.  Mothers and fathers do it for their children all the time, lovers for each other, there’s no limit.  Women especially are so used to being care-givers that we automatically put ourselves second or last. And while that’s generous, it’s not in our best and highest interest as developing Human Beings.  Balance, remember?
So our pets show us when we’re out of balance by being out of balance themselves.  With the complete and total way they love, it’s just natural.  Try to honor that our pets are giving us a clear reason to take care of ourselves and, by doing that, we take care of them.  Even if we aren’t used to doing anything for ourselves, we can change that to do it for them.  Because of love…the strongest power in the universe.
Ever notice that when we have a lot of stress, our bodies are tight, as if anticipating problems, constantly bracing to deal with issues?  We can be like that for years until it seems normal.  We get so used to dealing with stress and tension we’re usually unaware how much we’re carrying it around, how much we project it, even when we don’t want to.
I was unaware that my hands were translating that stress to my cats every time I touched them until my sweet Emma showed me.  She is still a bit feral, still in that fight or flight mentality even though I rescued her two years ago.  One evening when she was beside me, all relaxed and wanting to be loved, I touched her with my tight, stressed hand and she immediately, obviously became stressed herself.
I was so upset that I was unaware of my own state and that I put that on her, I knew I had to do something.  I immediately relaxed my body, purposefully focused on relaxing all the muscles in my hand and arm and soothed her with long strokes.  She settled down.  I had to settle myself before I could settle her.  That helped us both.
None of this is easy.  These lessons are making us look at and change things that have been standard procedure for the last 2,000 of the Piscean Age.  But being aware of what our pets teach us every day, out of love, is such an excellent, positive lesson when so many lessons these days are of the negative kind.
Here is something that may help.
You can use the power points, the chakras in the palms of your hands to send healing energy to your animals every time you touch them.  Imagine the pink light of unconditional love coming out your palms and filling your animals as you pet them.  Or just transfer calmness, which takes little more than being calm yourself and sending that through your hands.  Focus your love into your hands as you touch them.
We can do this with people, too, but make sure the person is receptive or it can seem a little weird.  And you don’t have to pet people, a hand shake or pat on a shoulder will do.
So be aware, be balanced, be grateful to our animals…they continue to show us how to be better every day.
With love and gratitude…

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