Adapting to the New Energy of Fall 2013 10/15/2013

After August gave us the great karmic/vibrational shift, and September brought in a lot of forced release, October brings us into an adjustment period that will take us to the end of the year. Here are some of the symptoms a lot of us are feeling at this time and will be experiencing on and off over the next three to five months as our shedding and refining continues:

  • profound loneliness
  • sorrow or depression or fear
  • exhaustion, sleeplessness or inability to get enough sleep
  • feeling lost (Who am I? What am I supposed to be doing?)
  • need or desire to move (location or job)
  • need or desire to not have to work (feeling confined, not lazy)
  • things moving quickly and can’t catch up
  • need to do things RIGHT NOW!
  • where is help to explain or get me through?

It’s like we’re in a pressure cooker and we’re not “done” yet. Or as if we were dropped into a foreign country where everything is similar because we’re on the same planet but profoundly different because it’s not what we’re used to. We’re constantly in adjustment phase so even sleeping doesn’t refresh or recharge us, if we’re able to sleep at all.

All of the symptoms are just letting us know we’ve moved into new territory that is energetic rather than physical. But we are adapting. Just not the way we normally would because this is the new normal. Or the beginning phase of the new normal. This is our biggest leap into the Aquarian Age, into our own power-within, into spiritual awareness being as real as our concrete understanding. The right hemisphere of our brains has been kicked into high gear after being seemingly dormant for thousands of years.

That means that while the vibes around us are becoming more refined, we are also becoming more refined and sensitive. We’re just not yet in balance with it. We don’t necessarily have to go the entire three to five months at this level of intensity…it all depends on how quickly we adapt and get into the flow of the new energy.

There are ways to help us adjust. All of them are very simple; many I’ve talked about before. All have the central theme of connecting to our inner selves or connecting to the energy of Earth. As the Earth shifts her vibration, if we purposefully ground ourselves to her, we match her vibration naturally and once again feel like we belong. We’re headed in that direction anyway, but to work on it consciously speeds up the process.

First off, try chanting. If you don’t know any chants, just repeat the sacred Sanskrit syllable “Om” in long, drawn-out sounds. Or “Om mani padme hum”. Or the Japanese Buddhist “Nam myoho renge kyo”. Or the Hawaiian shamanic Ho’oponopono for someone specific (“I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you.”).

Chant for ten minutes when you get up, or before you go to bed (or both), or anytime you need it during the day to calm and center yourself. The vibration of chanting, whether it is done silently or aloud, soothes the body, especially in such disjointed times.

Meditate daily to reach that inner peace. Here are two meditations that I think will help now:

In quiet space, preferably sitting with the feet flat on the floor or ground, be aware of the energetic center within your body. Allow that to move down through the soles of your feet into the Earth as your roots. Let that energy spread out and connect with the Earth. Use all your senses to imagine your roots going deep and wide, exactly like the roots of a very tall, old tree. Ask the energy of the Earth to touch you, to communicate and teach and balance you. Feel the experience completely.

When you are done, pull your energetic roots back up into your body, bringing the harmonizing vibration of the Earth with you. Thank the Earth. Take a couple of deep cleansing breaths (in through the nose, out through the mouth) and get on with your day or allow the balance to help you sleep. 

Or, in quiet space, preferably lying down, take a moment to be consciously aware of the energetic discomfort you’re feeling (any of the symptoms listed above). Then open your arms wide and expand your energy, imagining all your molecules spreading out into the world, finding the Earth’s vibration that is trying to balance everyone. Allow every molecule to harmonize with the Earth and at the same time release your energetic discomfort. The Earth will ground it for you.

When you are done, pull your molecules back to reform your energetic body and feel the difference within. Thank the Earth. Take a couple of deep cleansing breaths and, again, get on with your day or night.

Another excellent way of getting in tune with your power-within is doing maze or labyrinth work. This is an old tradition predating the Piscean Age that has been adopted by modern psychologists to help patients actively use their subconscious to solve seemingly unsolvable problems. By concentrating on a problem (any of the symptoms listed above), and starting at the center of the maze or labyrinth, as you work your way out, your subconscious focuses on solving that problem. The solution first presents itself in a shift in your energy and awareness then slowly moves into your consciousness.

Walkable labyrinths were built in sacred spaces long ago to help people find spiritual balance and receive messages from higher source. The spaces were considered sacred because they were in detectable, energetically powerful locations, what we would call now a convergence of ley lines or vortexes. The innate power of the location plus the meditative walking eased and harmonized the body, mind and spirit with Creator.

The different between a maze and a labyrinth is a maze will give you a choice of paths within the pattern; many of them are blinds to lead you in false directions. A labyrinth is a singular path that twists and turns like a maze but has no false directions. It doesn’t matter which you use, the focusing of the subconscious is the same, so the problem-solving is the same.

For years, I have used a wooden table-top recreation of the labyrinth at the Cathedral in Chartres, France. You can find one like it online at under “finger meditation labyrinths”. They range from $20 to $195 depending on size and material. Or shop Amazon and look up “maze books for adults” where you will find quite a few in paperback versions that are usually around $5. Some maze books are available at newstand locations (especially in the Los Angeles area), however they will mostly be for children.

It’s important to remember that to get your subconscious to solve a problem, start in the center of the labyrinth or maze. The act of finding your way out of the puzzle relates to your subconscious finding a path out of the problem that you can’t consciously solve. For this exercise, you only need to work from the center out, never out going in.

And finally, my favorite suggestion for getting in the rhythm of the now is drumming. If you haven’t tried drumming, by yourself or with others, you can’t imagine the benefits. Drumming is not only releasing and balancing for your body and mind, but it’s an incredibly powerful tool to help you achieve your power-within and to adapt to our new normal.

Good luck. Let me know if any of these suggestions work for you, or if there are others that I can pass on. As always,

with love and gratitude…

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