We have a big event coming on Monday, August 21. A total solar eclipse will pass over the length of our country with a narrow band of locations able to experience the rare completeness of “night within day”. The Moon will pass between us and the Sun, completely blocking out the Sun’s light. This is rare, especially with other planetary activity, including the many retrogrades, in conjunction with the energy of August. Yes, a very big event.

Here’s what www.spaceweather.com has to say about it from the astronomical point of view:

During a total eclipse, one of the most mesmerizing sights is the sun’s ghostly corona. Gossamer streamers of gas in the Sun’s outer atmosphere suddenly become visible when the disk of the Moon blocks the glaring body of the Sun. “The Sun’s outer atmosphere is not a featureless layer of gas,” says Pete Riley, a solar physicist at the company. “It is sculpted into beautiful, dynamic shapes by the Sun’s magnetic field.”

On August 21, 2017, every square inch of the USA will experience a solar eclipse. In most places, the eclipse will be partial – that is, the Moon will cross the Sun off-center leaving a crescent shaped portion of the solar disk exposed. Is it really worth the trip to the path of totality when you can stay home and see the partial eclipse? Pulitzer prize winner Annie Dillard, who witnessed both types of eclipse in 1979, compared them as follows:

“A partial eclipse is very interesting. It bears almost no relation to a total eclipse. Seeing a partial eclipse bears the same relation to seeing a total eclipse as kissing a man does to marrying him, or as flying in an airplane does to falling out of an airplane.”

Indeed, during the minutes of totality, the whole world changes. Saying that day turns into night barely scratches the surface of it. The shadow of the Moon lances down to Earth from a quarter million miles away. On one end is you; on the other end is a million square miles of dusty lunar terrain. You’re connected, and you can feel the cold.

Darkness inside the path of totality has an alien quality. Because the shadow is only 70 miles wide, you can see daylight at the edges even while you stand in the dark core. This distant scattered light produces a slight reddish glow and unusual shadow effects. Many birds stop singing, daytime flower blossoms begin to close as if for the night, and bees return to their hives.

Check out further info and lovely visuals at www.shadowandsubstance.com/2017/2017e.html

or thru www.spaceweather.com.

Here’s what this means on the energetic, vibrational and metaphysical level:

It is not a mistake that the total solar eclipse will only be visible over the United States as our country is in so much transition turmoil, we need the help it brings. The “total” part of the eclipse will be at its most powerful directly over our heartland which affects the “heart” of our country. Just when we need the awakening it brings.

On December 21, 2012 – the day that ended and began so many powerful cycles – we were completely cut off from the influence of the light at the center of the universe just as parts of our country will be completely cut off from the light of our Sun during this eclipse. What happened at the “end of the world” in 2012 was us emerging into a new way of thinking, a new evolution for humankind and the onset of a higher, more refined, more aware vibration when we reemerged into the life-giving light.

While the “end of the world” event was 26,000 years in the making and will be felt for centuries and millennia to come, our total solar eclipse on Monday is a mini version of that. Particularly for the United States.

When the Sun goes dark on Monday, it is a letting go of old ways, old thinking, old karma that is complete but so far unreleased (i.e., relationships that are done but hard to let go of due to past life echos, even though the karmic contract is complete between the two, will finally be possible/easier to let go). While not everyone will have access to be bathed in the actual light/no light of the total eclipse, this event affects everyone in our country.

When the Sun emerges from behind the Moon, we are in a new energy that allows more hope, more possibility and a more positive vibe to take over. August still has to run its course. Day-to-day lessons and energy don’t change until September 21 with the next New Moon bringing in Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. But by honoring this new energy coming out of the eclipse, we not only cleanse ourselves from current turmoil and past leftovers that no longer serve us, we send a ripple of healing and hope into the world to help shift those who are so stuck.

Commit to a new beginning even if you can’t feel the depth of the results immediately (because we’re still in August). Use the new beginning to see what the August energy is showing us within ourselves.

So before the eclipse, smudge your home, or at least an altar or sacred space, to prepare it for the new energy. If nothing else, clean, smudge and bless your sleeping and work spaces. It’s good to do any spellcrafting for releasing the old and accepting the new. Time the height of your spell or energetic work to the apex of total eclipse in your time zone (see the times below).

If nothing else, be open and allow the new vibe to transform us. Release and let the high energy do what it does. “Let Go, Let God” on this day more than any after, and we’ll get a whole new life, understanding and pace. Or we get Godsmacked harder than ever if we’re off our own path and in our own way (and in the way of others in their own progress).

Emotions will run high right before, as they always do when we’re in the Dark of the Moon, and continue to be weird in a different way on the day of the New Moon until after the eclipse is complete. But we are in good hands. The more we trust that, especially on a personal level, the more complete our transformation is, which means the more we can utilize this energy to create positive change.

If you know anything about Saturn Returns, know this eclipse is like our country having an entire experience of a Saturn Return in one day.

Also know that those people who have worked their karma and tuned themselves into the higher vibe, those who are completely embracing our evolution forward, will feel a little out of kilter because they’re used to doing something and they can’t do anything right now. The only thing to do is be at peace and wait for those who are still struggling to catch up.

Apex time of where and when the Total Eclipse is visible:

Salem, Oregon – 10:18 am Pacific time

Idaho Falls, Idaho – 11:33 am Mountain time

Casper, Wyoming – 11:43 am Mountain time

Lincoln, Nebraska – 1:03 PM Central time

Sabetha, Kansas – 1:05 pm Central time

Jefferson City, Missouri – 1:14 Central time

Carbondale, Illinois – 1:21 pm Central time

Hopkinsville, Kentucky – 1:25 pm Central time

Nashville, Tennessee – 1:28 pm Central time

Talulah Falls, Georgia – 2:37 pm Eastern time

Columbia, South Carolina – 2:43 pm Eastern time

Charleston, South Carolina – 2:47 pm Eastern


While this total solar eclipse is expected to cause upheaval in government (and what can cap what’s happened over this last week?), I believe there will be a major event or revelation about Trump that will surface on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday that will be his eventual undoing. Whatever it is will not cause his ouster right now, but it will be what takes him down. If this is something that doesn’t come out in the public yet, know it’s still happening. The energy and vibrational change is stronger than any man, even if he is the poster boy for the Piscean Age.


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I offer this with love and gratitude…

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