We’re coming out of the latest and greatest (i.e., most intense) Mercury retrograde of the year on Tuesday, September 5. It goes direct early in the morning at 7:30 am EST/4:30 am PST. Expect to feel light-headed, confused and relieved which will make us a little stupid. All of that is typical of the energy when a retrograde as profound as this one has been affecting us for weeks before it was official and will probably still hang on for weeks after.

And as usual, the “stupid” will wear off after a few days but, this time, will be compounded by our Full Moon on Wednesday, September 6, which hits its official “full” in the wee hours of the morning at 3:03 am EST/12:03 am PST. We will feel very emotional because of these two events coming one right after the other, and because we’re coming out of a very emotionally-demanding August.

Psychic and intuitive receptors will be on high coming into Tuesday and will stay with us for the next several weeks. We will be extremely sensitive to sounds and abrasive energy. This is to realign us with our true selves after all we’ve learned and released in the last month. Choose music for its ability to soothe, uplift and re-harmonize us with ourselves and our Earth. Drumming CDs will be of especial benefit (or simply drumming itself). Learn how to construct psychic protection as we’ll need it. It’s like our personal challenges and karma have been faced and released and the new psychic vibe is the instructor for our next class.

While the Full Moon brings relief as well, we’ll still be adapting a little in the coming weeks until Rosh Hashannah, the Jewish (Lunar) New Year, starts on September 21. That fresh energy is followed immediately on September 22 by the Autumnal Equinox bringing balance to the new beginning.

So the next few weeks are of healing and recovery and listening to our inner voices. Be nice to self and others, even if we feel ourselves stretched to near-can’t-take-it limits as we acclimate. We can take it. We made it through the worst month of the year and are still standing.

Even those in Texas and Louisiana are still standing after the last ten days of Hurricane Harvey.


While this has been a devastating ten days of unprecedented torrential rains in Houston and along the Texas coast (as well as Louisiana and now Nashville), it also needs to be seen as part of a bigger picture. I have great compassion for those who have lost so much and their difficult road to pick up their lives and move forward, but I believe we miss the point if we don’t see this with better eyes, with Aquarian Age eyes…if we don’t try to see over and above the obvious.

The obvious is that Hurricane Harvey is being called the worst and most expensive natural disaster in the United States’ history. Less obvious to those affected (how could they think of anything but survival?) and many in the world who don’t want to change and adapt, is that this is a warning, not just of climate change proving itself real, but of humankind’s disconnectedness from Nature.

This hurricane did not act like any other hurricane in recorded history. While its difference made it more damaging, we’ve had warnings that this was in our future for years. Not even going back fifteen years we’ve had the nine-point-one earthquake in the Indian Ocean causing the tsunami in Indonesia in 2004. In the States, we’ve had two 500-year storms in Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Houston has had six 100-year storms since 1989.

What did we do following those disasters? We tried to return to life as it had been before, rebuilding exactly where and how everything was before. This is very similar to the way Wall Street rebuilt itself after the crash of 2008 – changing nothing, learning nothing, leading the way for more financial difficulties at some point because we’re still looking at things in stuck, out-dated, sometimes very selfish ways.

Many not affected, especially those in our government, are thinking only of what it will cost us in money. That is a valid concern. People’s lives are ruined and drastically changed from where they were before the storm. But if we gauge the significance of the disaster only by its financial requirement, not what it costs the Earth and our future on her as well, we are remaining stuck in how we keep ourselves separate from our planet as opposed to listening to why this happened in the first place.

On the second day of Hurricane Harvey, one of the weather reporters on The Weather Channel said, while standing in hip-deep water on a suburban street, “What did we do to the Earth to make her do this?”

It took me a second to comprehend that he really said those words. After I stopped listing the harmful and devastating things that we have done to the Earth that came off the top of my head, especially in the last two hundred years of the Industrial Age, I calmed down to think about why he would say something that stupid. His question represents how we as human beings have been living and learning for the last 2,000 years – all about self.

Man has been the most important being on the planet during the Piscean Age, more than women, all other life and the Earth. We were developing other lessons about self for much longer than that. As we now make a 26,000 year transition from self-to-all awareness, many are stuck in fear about making such a huge change. They (we) hold on to the old ways for dear life like holding onto a piece of driftwood in the open sea. Staying stuck is a lifeline. But it is costing the human race, the planet, and all life on her in ways that will not stand.

Building better levees is not the answer for New Orleans or those on the Gulf Coast. In Houston, the city was built on a known flood plain. Land that would naturally absorb an over-abundance of water was paved over essentially making the entire city a huge swimming pool. We knew this, or at least people who planned the cities knew this and did it anyway, as if history and common-sense knowledge of weather meant nothing in the face of mankind’s expansion. Our self-satisfaction overcame our sense of the natural flow.

Last week on The Rachel Maddow Show, Jim Blackburn, Civil and Environmental Energy Expert and Co-Director of SSPEED (Severe Storm Prediction, Education and Evacuation from Disaster) Center at Rice University in Houston spoke about the future we face with these storms becoming more commonplace. He said:

“We need to pull out a whole new bag of approaches that require creativity and require new and different ways of solving these problems. We can not solve these problems by thinking the way we’ve been thinking. It’s difficult to get officials to really envision the magnitude of storms we’re foreseeing. If we had modeled the scenario that is unfolding (in Houston/coastal Texas), we’d have been accused of coming up with unrealistic future scenarios. We’re trying to get people to really be open-minded about what the risks are because I think we’re at a time of unprecedented risk.”

Change is coming. That’s inevitable as we shift from one Age to another. But we’ve brought on issues in our physical world that make it so much harder. We also don’t have to sit in accusation because this journey has all just been part of a learning curve. How many of us have repeatedly told a husband, wife, partner, child how we think or need or must have change or for them to get what we’re saying?

That’s what the Earth is doing for us now. Except her words come as events. She’s given us the warning that “if we continue to behave as we have, there will be consequences.” While it may not seem so now, she has been very quiet and gentle, giving us an opportunity to change how we deal with her and our own behavior toward others and all life before she takes the upper hand and gives us no choice.

Even though it is hard to imagine, it can get a lot worse. We will have to deal with the consequences of what we’ve done, and not done, so far. But there is still time to change our behavior. The first thing we need to alter in our awareness is that we, mankind, are not the most important things on the planet. All life, including but not exclusive to humankind, is important. Equal. Deserving of respect and care. It is an Aquarian Age way of being and of looking at our collective lives. We are part of Nature, of Earth, of each other, not separate.

We will get it. That is inevitable. The vibration has changed and we adapt to it, lift ourselves to it, or we don’t get to stay here. How fast we do and how much we get the event-lessons from the Earth is up to us.

Prayers go to those affected by this massive lesson. Prayers also go to all of us to wake up.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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