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Recently a client sent me an article about five people being bilked by psychics. The first sentence talked about how “We all know psychics are the scum of the earth…” and went on from there. I don’t feel like scum. But it just goes to show the lack of awareness and general opinion of my profession. Because, unfortunately, too many psychics are scam artists.

I have known many psychics in the course of my career. While there are those who are truly gifted and know how to use their gifts, that’s a rare combination. There are more who are gifted but don’t use the gifts well, many who have no gifts at all and still present themselves as psychic and many more who have the gift and use it outright to prey on people who are genuinely looking for help. Unfortunately, the latter are the most widely known.

True worst-case scenario: years ago a regular client whom I hadn’t seen in two years came in for a reading to tell me that she had gone to a psychic/shaman about her teenage step-son. Using his gifts, the man told her the boy was possessed and abusing her five-year-old daughter. It was her worst fear and what she believed was happening.

Over the course of three months, she paid him $60,000 (three maxed-out credit cards) to remove the possession. His strict instructions included not talking to anyone about what he was doing as it would destroy his work. Meaning don’t go to another psychic who would see he was a liar and an opportunist.

The step-son was not possessed, just a product of years of abuse by a mentally disturbed bio mom. My client didn’t want to have to deal with the difficult boy so she believed what this man told her he had psychically picked up (while he was really just telling her what she wanted to believe in the first place). Nothing he did on my client’s behalf made any difference. The step-son was still disturbed. My client still didn’t want to have to deal with him. And she was still out the $60,000.

Her daughter was fine, by the way. Always had been.

That’s not the only instance I’ve heard from clients. Many come in pretty shaken or scared, having seen a psychic at a fair or a storefront who told them there was a curse on them, or they had an evil ghost, entity or negative energy following them. And, of course, the psychic could help them free themselves of it for a certain amount, from $50 up to $1000 at a shot. And usually there were more “shots” required. These psychics use their gifts to see what is going on with the person, then exploit their fear or ego.

How easy is it to believe a curse is making you have bad luck with love or in getting the right job or having enough money? Having a curse means you don’t have to take any responsibility for what’s happening in your life or what you might have done in another life that is still affecting you.

I can pretty much guarantee that curse or ghost or negative energy is just another way of helping us to work on, or complete, a karmic contract. Or to right a karmic wrong from a past life. While curses and ghosts can be very real, you cannot have a curse or bad energy follow you without you having agreed to deal with it in this life. Obviously, the agreement is not in your consciousness. It was made by your own soul before you were born.

Example: A girl has terrible luck keeping a boyfriend. It’s easy to blame that on a curse and spend money to get it lifted when it’s really just a karmic situation to teach that girl how to value herself. Or, especially in this lifetime of great karmic endings and beginnings, having a lot of seemingly unsuccessful relationships can merely mean they were all karmic contracts chosen to be complete in this life before moving into the New Age. In which case, the relationships were only supposed to last long enough to finish a cycle which didn’t need an entire lifetime to conclude.

If you go to a psychic and leave feeling very judged or run over by a bus, know that psychic is putting their own personal issues on you. There was a wonderful psychic at the Psychic Eye who was good at seeing everything except love. Her personal love life had always been a shambles. She couldn’t read about love in someone else’s life without seeing it through the eyes of her own bitterness, past hurt and disappointment. She damaged many people with her false readings and yet she was unaware she was giving information through her own filter.

We all have issues that are deep seeded from experiences early in this life and in past lives. Using this gift as a profession brings responsibility. It means knowing self so well, you can get out of your own way. My own past life issues are about money. I have had many past lives where I’ve been very poor. Starvingly poor. If someone asks me a question about their money, specifically about not having enough of it, I know I have to ask my guides, angels and ancestors to give me clarity in spite of my own fears.

Some psychics express their ego or insecurities by telling you a harsh “truth”: your guy is going to die, you’ve been lied to by someone close to you, etc. If something hits you as too strong or makes your stomach uncomfortable, take what they’re saying with a grain of salt. Trust your gut. The problem is that most of the time when you go to a psychic, you’re open to getting problems solved and questions answered. In being that open, the psychic “information” can hit you very hard because it usually taps into your fear.

I believe it’s always just as important for a psychic to know how to give messages, not just to give the messages themselves. If psychics are that gifted, they can pick up what you need to know and how best you can hear the information. I’ve had other psychics read for me when I didn’t ask for it and invariably, they were reading to express their own egos. And what they said had just enough truth that everything else they said sounded true. It would have hurt if I didn’t know better.

That brings up another aspect: beware of anyone trying to read for you if you didn’t ask for it, i.e. someone coming up to you on the street. No matter how helpful or gifted they seem, it’s a version of psychic attack. They’re “reading” you without permission. It’s either another ego boost for the psychic, a marketing technique or a way of perpetrating a scam. They will more than likely be really accurate about some things to get you hooked. Then they will tell you something awful about yourself or someone you love so you’ll depend on them. Since you weren’t expecting that info coming to you, you’ll be more open and affected by what they say. If you believe them – and they usually are aggressively friendly – it will usually lead to other readings or other ways to “help” you that are a lot more expensive than going to a reputable psychic in the first place.

People with the gift who use it well are here to guide. I say on my website that “I believe the ability to see what’s beyond – whether that be the current situation, past lives or the future – is but a road map to help in life when life becomes muddled and confused.” That’s all any divination system is – a road map. Astrology, Numerology, Oracle or Divination Cards are all just a guidance system. None of these condemn or judge, they just show the path.

We are all becoming more psychic in this Aquarian Age. As our vibrations raise in harmony with the Earth after her rebirth in 2012, we can’t help but become more aware, more sensitive, more intuitive. The legitimate psychic profession is in the beginning stages of flourishing. As with every profession, there are those who are good and those who are not. Those who have integrity and those who don’t. Trust your gut. Even in going to a psychic. If anyone makes you feel badly about anything, they’re reading through their own ego, not clearly about you.

With love and gratitude…

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