As we come to the end of the most challenging month of the year (August) with it’s Hungry Ghosts/Karmic Catch-Up/God-Smacking energy, we head into September. Seemingly, the third Mercury retrograde of the year that starts on August 30 is the biggest event of the month, finishing off an already intense summer.

But there’s more going on than just the Mercury retrograde. (However, be prepared that it will bring up a lot of the male-centric issues of the recent Mars retrograde so we can test what we’ve learned since Mars went direct at the end of June to see if we can deal handle things differently.)

Here is an article from Master Astrologer Gahl Sasson (www.cosmicnavigator.com) about what to expect as we close out Summer and begin Fall in September. Gahl writes:

This coming September is loaded with celestial events:

  • Mercury retrograde (August 30-September 22)
  • Solar Eclipse (September 1)
  • Jupiter transits into Libra (September 9)
  • nasty Neptune/Saturn square (September 10)
  • Lunar Eclipse (September 16)
  • Autumn Equinox (September 23)

Let’s look at these aspects in more detail.

Mercury Retro August 30 – September 22/23
All the major celestial events would be bracketed by Mercury, the planet of communication, computers, business, and messages, retrograding. This can add to the general feeling of confusion and chaos. On the other hand, Mercury, being the trickster, can reverse the chaotic effects we expect from September so maybe Mercury will make it unexpectedly calm, just to mess with our mind. But that is really stretching it, to be honest.

Since Mercury is retrograding in Virgo, the sign of its exaltation, it is getting its pure manifestation, which is actually very good. It’s as if a super fast car is going 50% its speed instead of an old car racing in half its power. Since Virgo is the sign of health, diet, work, pets, service and employees, and Mercury rules these aspects, it is a good time to edit, reinvent, reexamine, and reevaluate these aspects of our lives. Imagine hiring a super-nanny to take care of your unruly inner child but you cannot fire her even if she is a dreadful party-pooper until she tames you (which should happen by September 23rd). An interesting synchronicity that Mercury, the ruler of acausality, will go direct right on the Autumnal Equinox. 

Expect: Best plans to go array, misunderstanding, computer glitches, delays, problems with all forms of communication, mishaps, accidents, having to do things twice or more.
Do Not: Take things personally, get married, sign documents, start new projects or businesses, initiate campaigns, or publish.
Do: Edit, cut, dismiss, say goodbye, break contract, liberate, realign, rearrange. 

Saturn/Neptune Square – All of September, Strongest September 10
This very challenging aspects pits Neptune, the planet of religion, belief, and addiction, opposite to Saturn, the planet of karma, hard lessons, and tradition. In addition, Neptune is in Pisces, the sign of faith and illusion and Saturn is in Sagittarius, the sign of dogma and fanaticism. The combination is deadly. People are willing to kill and die for what they believe in. In other words, crazy stories, myths and confabulations are taken deadly seriously by confused folks. And I am talking about everyone, from our own inner paranoia and victim-hood to fanatical religious terrorist, or Donald Trump and his Trumpees.

The first aspect happened in November 2015 when we experienced the attack in Paris as well as the Russian Metrojet crash over Sinai. The next collision between Saturn and Neptune happened mid June 2016, right when the attack in Orlando took place and the last is scheduled around September 10. Like I mentioned before, “as within so without,” These aspects manifest as terror attacks in our inner world as well as in the “real” world. Pay attention to not be reactive around this time. Especially since it happens right between the Solar and Lunar eclipses that magnify everything tenfold. The signs most affected are Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini, and Virgo and people between the ages of 27-31 and 56-60 (Saturn Return).

Expect: Fear mongering, violence, arguments, heated situation, deception, nightmares, paranoia.
Do Not: React, over train, surrender to negative thinking and victimization.

Do: Meditate, yoga, exercises, spend time in water, take long baths with salt water, dance, breathe deep.
Solar Eclipse in Virgo: September 1
Solar eclipses are essentially a super powerful new moon. Twice a year, they magnify whatever takes place in our lives at the time. Since Solar Eclipse is essentially a new moon, it usually initiates an emotional process and generates a great deal of synchronicity. Eclipses in general are sort of cosmic crossroads converging different aspects of our lives into a new reality. Eclipses are busy junctions without traffic lights.

Since the Solar eclipse takes place in Virgo, watch your diet and health. Pay extra attention to your employees (especially male). Watch for mistakes in accounting, or any other services you use or provide. If you want to know what area of your life might need more attention, go back to March 8th and 23rd of 2016 since these were the opposite eclipses and have a great deal to do with the upcoming ones. The eclipse path runs through Africa.

Eclipses are storytelling machines. Listen, learn, and retell. Since the eclipses always come in couples, pay attention to September 16.

Expect: Being unreasonably emotional, confusion, political leaders making a mess.
Do Not: Start new projects, start a lawsuit, start a new diet.

Do: Spend time in nature and by water.

Jupiter Transits into Libra: September 9
After a year in Virgo, Jupiter, the planet of luck and fortune, is moving into Libra until October 10, 2017. This is good news on many fronts. First, all Libras are going to benefit from this aspect as well as Aquarius and Gemini and to some degree Leo and Sagittarius. Second, since Libra rules relationships, design, art, music, peace, diplomacy, chivalry, justice, and harmony, we can expect some of these aspects in our lives to be blessed or move forward. Jupiter in Libra happens every 12 years so you can go back and see how you felt these expansions before.

Partial Lunar Eclipse in Pisces: September 16
This eclipse activates Pisces. It’s good news since Pisces rules imagination, poetry, dance, yoga, empathy and dreams. It’s bad news since Pisces also rules fantasy, illusions, addiction, self-destruction, and lack of boundaries. Lunar eclipses are always a bit more eerie and lunatic. So the unpredictable component is higher. In addition, Mars, the planet of war, will be squaring both Sun and Moon. It is as if we are kids and mom (Moon) and dad (Son) are fighting over us. Since Mars is in Sagittarius they, along with Pisces and Virgo, would feel most of the heat. Again, the concept of war mongering and fear generating will be dominant, not surprising being that it is less than two months away from the U.S. election. The path of the eclipse covers Africa, Asia, Europe and Australia.

Expect: The unexpected.
Do Not: Get caught between warring fractions, start new projects.

Do: Spend time dancing, creating, imagining, helping others.

Autumn Equinox: September 23
This auspicious day was celebrated by many different traditions around the globe since the dawn of worship. Today the day and night are equal marking the beginning of the sign Libra, the sign of balance and relationships. This day begins the feminine side of the year, it is as if we are changing magnetic fields. From action to reception, from day to night, from outside to inside.

Expect: Mood changing, frequency shift.
Do Not: Breakup, cause war or instigate aggression.

Do: Something with a partner, cooperate, balance, create.

I hope these early warnings can save you unnecessary pain. I believe in the marriage of fate and free will but even to have a choice we need to know what is happening. I do not wish to paint lovely September with such dark hues, merely to inform of the astro-weather. You can still have a wonderful vacation in the rain and September might end up being your best month in years. Some songs in minor move us much more than tunes in major. But to navigate the sea, you must know the currents.

I wish you a meaningful and wonderful end of the summer/winter (depends where you are).

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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