The quieting of activity in astrology tells us we are in a recovery time from the turmoil of the year of karmic catch-up and lessons of self-awareness. Yet the energy over the last two weeks has not supported the feeling of any downtime. Emotionally, things have been coming to an unexpected head – things that have been simmering for a long time. Months, even years’ worth of fear, presenting itself as anger, resentment, and frustration – mostly about self – has finally seemed to explode. That means chaotic behavior has hit a high, mostly among men, which means the chaos is taken out on others. It’s been very destructive.

On the macrocosm scale, eruptions of chaos have exploded on the political scenes of England, Germany, France and the United States, the most powerful allies of the western world. December 7-12 brought riots in Paris, a vote of No Confidence for the UK Prime Minister Theresa May (which she survived), Germany’s Angela Merkel announcing she’s stepping down and multiple headaches for President Trump not only revealing more information about the corrupt people he had gathered around him, but his own illegal endeavors, too.

And this was supposed to be a big quiet, easy holiday time for everyone. Apparently not!

On the microcosm side, which is the grassroots that affects everyone, I believe what is happening is directly related to the number of individuals who refused to learn, adapt or accept the changes of their place in the world, i.e. the male energy enjoying such entitlement in the Piscean Age. The entitlement system that was set up for the male energy over the last 2,000 years that has led to gross self-indulgent and many times illegal behavior in business, medicine and government, is being toppled. We’re watching it happen on a big scale. While on a smaller scale, it’s a lot more personal.

I’ve had several female clients telling me of an emotional and ego meltdown with the men in their lives. Irrational but overly-entitled behavior suddenly reached an explosive point, usually with the women being the recipients of the blow-back. While the majority of these issues are coming from the part of our male population who can’t or won’t adapt, there are women in there, too. Whoever is experiencing it – and children overwhelmed by the fear-strength of this energy are included – those feeling completely lost in a changing world where they once felt comfortable and in their own entitlement, are taking it out on others or just making everyone crazy.

Another thing that’s contributing to the chaos is the coming of Christmas. Since we’ve been anticipating the happiness the holidays can bring starting in late September (earlier and earlier every year), in our innate gauge of time, Christmas should have already come and gone. It hasn’t happened yet and I feel we’re already done with the energy of it – with the stress of travel arrangements, present-buying and facing family/friends out of duty rather than love. As Stephen Sondheim said in “A Little Night Music”: “Perpetual anticipation is good for the soul but it’s bad for the heart.” We’ve OD’d on the anticipation so the event itself is like a let-down. None of us wants to be let down for a loved holiday. Especially one with presents!

But the expected happiness we’re trying to force in the face of this karma-hitting-the-fan chaos is only making us crazy, when the energy is already crazy.

This will not last. This is one of those times when the craziness and chaos is caused by the mass fear a group of people are feeling, not from shifts the Earth or our solar system is influencing. When the new year energy changes on February 5 (with the Chinese New Year of the Female Earth Pig/Board), the power of these people to have such a huge influence, even in their own chaos, will be greatly lessened.

That doesn’t mean this energy will last throughout January. But with the macrocosm changing of power in the House of Representatives, which essentially removes the power of craziness coming from the White House (not including Trump’s karma hitting the fan), the microcosm energy of individual bullies, egomaniacs and the entitled male will also lose power in a silent and invisible way.

So, hang on through the rest of this year. Keep your head down if you have to. When maniacs rant, there’s nothing a sane person can do until the rant is over or “men in white coats” come to the get them. 2019 will bring the men in white coats.

Meanwhile, we have the Winter Solstice and Full Moon on us. Here is Master Astrologer Gahl Sasson’s post on that and suggestions on how to prepare for the new year by honoring the solstice. Gahl writes:


The ancients were worried for the Sun’s vitality and general health around the Winter Solstice, which is happening now. They noticed that as the days get darker, the Sun’s journey up the Eastern horizon get shorter, as if the Sun is too old and frail to make it up the stairs to the zenith. In Mexico, the Aztecs and Mayans made sure the Sun gets his strength back by offering human sacrifice. In Stonehenge and Newgrange, sites were built to celebrate Solstice, and priests would gather to offer sacrifices of many kinds to the weakly Sun.

The Stone lines at Cerro del Gentil pyramid, Peru, offered the Sun a perfect place to set, as if they were cheering the Solar disk to shine in its weakest moment. The Jews came up with Hanukkah, a celebration of light, as did the Germanic tribes with Yule, and later Christianity with Christmas. The pagans believed their Sun god was born in the winter Solstice. Small, fragile and in need of nurturing, the gods and goddess associated with light shared their day of birth right on the Winter Solstice: Atis of Asia Minor; the brilliant twins Apollo and Artemis; Marduk, the Bull Slayer; one eyed Horus; Jesus of Nazareth; and Osiris to name a few.

The Persian celebrate Yelda Night with eating pomegranates and watermelons, while in China, pink and white Tangyuan are eaten. In Roman times, the Emperors’ favorite religion, the Sol Invictus (Unconquered Sun), was celebrated on December 25, which is believed to be the reason why we celebrate Christmas on that day.

All these holidays and traditions are astrological in nature. They are stories and myths woven around celestial alignments. We owe our four seasons to the earth’s 23.5 degrees tilt, thus on Winter Solstice, the earth’s axis and poles are the farthest away from the Sun. As you can see, it is not the Sun that is weak, it is us. I guess you can call this a cultural counter-transference when we project out winter blues on the Sun.

Astrology was created by the Sumerians as a way to trace and measure the seasons. This was done to help farmers (and tax collectors) know when to sow and when to reap. The zodiac signs are the twelve garments that Astrology wears according to the seasons. All four cardinal signs, Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn begin on the Solstices and Equinoxes that initiate the seasons; no wonder their nature is to be pushy. The fixed signs are the pillars of the seasons, which is the reason they are stubborn: Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio. Finally, the mutable signs, infamous for their instability are the glue between the seasons: Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces.

What should you do on the Solstice?
Well, the ancients were wise when they insisted of the need for a sacrifice. But before you grab someone and take out their heart, throw their bleeding body down a pyramid, or slit someone’s throat, we must explore what sacrifice means. In Hebrew, the word for sacrifice,korban, comes from the root KRB which means to come closer, to approach, to be nearer. What true sacrifice does is connect us, make us feel at one. A real sacrifice makes us experience oneness. All other sacrifices only generate a whole lot of karma and therefore don’t work. So there is no easy route here, on the solstice you need to sacrifice something in your life that, after you recover from the loss, will make you feel oneness. You could sacrifice a relationship that is destructive, you can sacrifice something unhealthy in your diet, you can sacrifice a thought pattern that brings your down, you can even sacrifice a job that you feel is demeaning.

In the Northern Hemisphere we are indeed feeling somewhat of a winter blues right now, but a good old self-sacrifice can help us see the light on December 22 and along with the rest of the gods and goddesses of light, be born into a new life of divine superpower.

Cancer Full Moon
This year, we have a wonderful synchronicity. Right on the Solstice, December 22, we experience the last moon-sun opposition of the year. A glorious full moon in Cancer, the sign of motherhood, adorns the longest night of the year. I always claimed the darkest night of the year is not an evil time demanding human or animal sacrifice. For me, the longest night in the year represents the goddess in full term, she is dark like the Yin black wave in the Taoist Taiji symbol. And when is the great feminine biggest if not while she is just about to give birth to the child of light? The fact that the night of her labor is a full moon in Cancer, the sign of compassion, the womb and birthing, is a great omen. As the name of my book for 2019 suggests (“The Astrology of 2019: Birthing Your Inner Child”), 2019 is the year of your inner-self birthing. How lucky are we that the midwife of this birthing is the full-moon in Cancer.

Full Moon represents an end, a completion, and the year 2018 ends with a note of compassion. Please spend some quality time with yourself (meditation, hike, reflection) on the Solstice and the full moon convergence. Sacrifice something that you know can help you bring oneness into your life and be compassionate to yourself and others.

Happy Light Holidays and may the god and goddess in you be born and shine this solstice!.


I offer this with love and gratitude…

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