Back in 2012, I was working at the Psychic Eye Book Shop in Los Angeles. A main and genuine concern that year was about “The End of the World” coming on December 21, 2012 when the reliable and complex Mayan calendar would come to an end. It had been accurate for over 20,000 years but on that auspicious date, it would complete its work and, many believed, our world would be over.

The fear was real. Normally grounded and enlightened people made plans to be ready, from moving from Los Angeles to a survivalist environment in Idaho, to some who believed it was a kind of non-religious Rapture and good people would just be lifted up and the bad people would stay and deal with massive natural disasters. It might seem ludicrous now after the fact, but people expected volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and great earthquakes to decimate the world all at the same time. How could that not be scary?

What many who were trained to think logically and literally during the Piscean Age couldn’t understand was that it was “The End of the World”, just not our physical world. Our energetic/vibrational world was about to change in ways that couldn’t be fathomed, hence the ending of a divination system (the Mayan calendar) that no longer served. As the concept of those who created it would change drastically into a new concept, their help would be outdated. In finishing the 2,000 years of the Piscean Age, the last 5,125 years of a Mayan Day of Mankind and the 26,000 years of the Mayan Precession of the Equinoxes (according to the Mayan calendar) all on the same day, we were graduating to an evolution into Humankind in a way that would be completely different than anything people had conceptually experienced before.

It was like we were leaving the scholastic journey we’d been on since pre-school and finally moving into the job market: we’d received all the training, now we had to put it into practice with complete reliability on self, not on teachers, scholastic community or any other fallback situation.

During 2012, energy shifts came in waves to prep both the Earth and life on her. This was the process to lift the vibrations of the Earth gradually, which had been subtly going on for years but was becoming less subtle as we got closer to the date. Once the Earth made a shift, people then had to make the shift to follow. Several weeks in a row, the energy waves would come every day, sometimes every hour, then there would be a lull, then they’d start up again. While everyone felt them, most did not recognize what they were feeling as it was the first physical manifestation of vibrational change, which meant we had to be versed in being aware of that to recognize it.

It could feel like being dizzy suddenly. That would last seconds if not minutes, then be gone. With no logical explanation, most just ignored it and got on with their lives. I equated it to experiencing an earthquake: the dizziness that comes when the actual earth under our feet moves. Having been through the 1994 Northridge quake, I recognized the sensation. But it didn’t technically shake the Earth. It shifted our vibrations. In my room at the Psychic Eye, I had a lamp with an on/off cord. In 2012 leading up to the end of the year, I looked at that cord repeated as it would tell me if what I was feeling was a physical earthquake or an energy shift (the cord would sway if it was physical).

This is a long way around to explain something that is going on now. We can equate the physical fear people were feeling in 2012 to the energetic/vibrational fear people are feeling now. It’s from the same root: change. And we are beginning to have those energetic shifts again and will continue to have them all summer and probably for the rest of the year. One of the big differences is that there are many more people who are aware – or becoming aware – and have a sensitivity to this event.

Last Tuesday was the first big one I’d experienced since 2012. And it was bigger than anything I’d felt previously. From the time I went to bed on Monday night and for the next 24 hours, I was uncomfortable in my own skin, exhausted (I was only able to sleep two hours, non-consecutively), nothing could settle me (work, TV, computer games, reading, connecting with people, my usuals) and the cats were off the hook. They were rabidly needy as they were channeling the shift for themselves and for me. And I was channeling the shift for me and for everyone I talked with that day (and probably more, but that’s automatic).

It was a discombobulating day where nothing seemed to work out, for me and for everyone I talked or dealt with. Stupid things happened, like dropping things, electronics not working normally, inability to think clearly or even seem physically coordinated. I wanted to shut down and be in a coma until it was over, but that obviously didn’t happen. I didn’t want to be touched, even to be head-bumped by my cats, and they were picky on how I touched them.

I questioned myself constantly, not just if I was a good psychic and actually helping, was I actually connecting with higher source (the result of the readings said yes but I didn’t believe it). I didn’t know why I was alive, what the point of it all was, where I was going or even if I wanted to continue. When those feelings came, putting it with everything else that was happening, I knew there was something much bigger going on even though it took me a while to recognize because I was so exhausted.

Tuesday night I was able to get sleep and felt better on Wednesday, a bit re-energized but still as if the world had shifted two degrees to the left and everything that was familiar was just slightly different – different enough to be noticed but not big enough to call attention to. It was subtle and speaking of it made me seem like an idiot,

Then for the rest of the week, brain fog and a vague feeling of lack of purpose or knowledge persisted, but since I knew where it was coming from, I was able to acknowledge it and live in it knowing it would pass. And it has, but not completely.

Even if this energy shift didn’t hit everyone the same, or many didn’t recognize it at all, it’s something to be aware of because I believe this summer we are going to experience more shifts, just like in 2012, but in a bigger, deeper way. We finished the two-year lessons of Covid (although the remnants are still with us and will be for years), and the first four months of the year brought personal karmic attention, and then there was our pushed “move-forward-but-don’t” energy of May.

Now we are in a free-for-all summer of uplift and part of that is the Earth shifting herself into higher vibes and us working hard (and sometimes only subconsciously) to keep up. There are times, few though they are, when people shift their energy and lift up and the Earth has to match that (best example is the Renaissance Period when we became “enlightened”). More often than not, the Earth shifts her vibe as she is growing all the time and we must lift ourselves to match her.

We’re there now and will be through the end of this year (and maybe beyond – big changes are happening over the next twenty years, most of them really positive as we have been getting the negative out of the way). Recognize, ride them, ride the feelings of being off or foggy or lost. Know it is just change, which now is hardly a “just”. It’s monumental.

This takes us where we need to be, where we decided we would go when we reincarnated in this life. It’s harder than it should be because so many people are fighting it, but in the end, you can’t fight Mother Nature. This is part of our evolution, it isn’t all in our consciousness or concept-awareness of leveling up. The higher vibration leads us to see things clearer, even if in the moment of change it makes everything seem fuzzy and lost. Every change demands adjustment.

This is a continuation of the 2012 shift. It was the Earth’s birthday then after all, and she’s having a great time in her new Age but a 26,000-year birthday doesn’t happen over twenty-four hours. If for us, one year is celebrated for twenty-four hours, how long is that celebration and adjustment when it’s 26,000 years?

We can enjoy it, too, if we know what’s going on: progress. Huge progress and awareness is brought to us this summer. If we think of change that way, perhaps we won’t be so lost when it hits us again.

I offer this with love and gratitude…


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