Beyond the Chinese New Year 2014

Beyond the Chinese New Year 2014

On January 31st, we not only start the Chinese New Year of the Wood Horse, but also seven years of growth (as opposed to the last seven years of purging and releasing). The element of fire – action, initiation – will be a predominant energy to help us along. But it’s important to know that 2014 also brings the challenge of growing pains and the very clear need to stay on our right paths.

Instead of the fire burning away what needed to be purged, as in the past seven years, in 2014 the fire is a wave of action that we can surf to move forward with great success. Be careful falling off the surfboard (getting off track) because the fire will burn. That means it’s important to put everything that we’ve learned about ourselves over the past seven years together and practice the lessons. The more we do, the easier it becomes.

But be aware we are still working with training wheels this year. It’s like we had a back injury and we’re doing so much better, but still need to wear a brace to keep us moving straight. Getting burned by getting off track is one way the brace is working for us. Another is all the clarity we get from retrograde planets. Whether we like it or not.

We will have an unusual amount of retrograde activity this year. When planets are retrograde to us, their aspects become a challenge instead of a boon. All for the sake of clarity. When Mercury is direct, communication, electronics, travel, legal issues run smoothly. When Mercury is retrograde, the exact opposite is true: miscommunication, computer and electronic glitches (and crashes), travel snafus and bad luck with legal situations run rampant. That forces us to be more concentrated and clearer specifically in communication.

The same is true of the influence of all the planets. Those smaller and closest to us – Mercury, Venus and Mars – go retrograde more often for shorter periods of time and have the most immediate and obvious effect. Those beyond the asteroid belt – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – are slower (and most are bigger) so their affects are deeper and more intense.

Here is a list of days and what to expect:

11/6/13-3/6/14 Jupiter – business situations are challenged, and general growth of creative ideas is slow in coming.

12/21/13-1/31/14 Venus – matters of love are challenged. If you’ve been having trouble in relationships over the last 40 days, or ex-lovers are either popping into your mind or your life this is why. Venus also has an influence on money, so if it seems that the same amount of money you usually have isn’t enough, know that when Venus goes direct in time for the Chinese New Year it gets easier. Luckily, once it goes direct, we won’t deal with it again this year.

2/6-2/28 Mercury – communication, electronics, travel and legal matters are challenged. DO NOT SIGN LEGAL DOCUMENTS during this time.

3/1/14-5/19/14 Mars – Not a good time to start anything, and anything started in February will seem to slow down if not stop. A good time to reevaluate what was started.

3/2/14-7/20/14 Saturn – Any structures in our lives will seem to have no cohesion giving us the opportunity to see what we need to give ourselves stability.

4/14/14-9/22/14 Pluto – Expect upheaval within ourselves which leads to transformation in who we are and how we put that out into the world.

6/7/14-7/1/14 Mercury – Watch out for communication, electronics, travel, legal matters problems – again!

6/9/14-11/15/14 Neptune – Confusion within self and who we are comes up, making us look within while we are functioning without.

7/21/14-12/21/14 Uranus – This will give us a little rest as the need to change and move forward will not be so intense.

10/4/14-1025/14 Mercury – At it again.

12/8/14-4/8/15 Jupiter – After having four planets in retrograde at the same time (Mercury, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto from mid April to mid July), Jupiter will end the year as the only planet retrograde taking us into 2015.

Instead of looking at all of this activity as a pain in the ass, see it as those training wheels to keep us on track and the back brace to keep us up and functioning.

As we head further into the energy of this New Age, concepts and beliefs long held are changing. What is important on a day to day basis is changing. How we look at the world – environment, economy, politics, separation of peoples and countries – is changing. The retrograde activity give us an opportunity to reevaluate and take stock of who we are.

How many of us are completely aware and in control of the energy we project? Aware of how we affect people and ourselves while trying to navigate daily life and responsibilities? Or can concentrate enough to focus all of that energy to manifest for self or others? How many of us are exuding happiness, contentedness or patience when we are at work or driving through traffic?

As everything around us is a reflection of what we put off, think of the challenges that all the retrograde activity brings as honing us, showing us ourselves by how we react to difficulties. These challenges are only difficult because in our guise as Piscean Age “mankind” we still think we’re in control. The “humankind” awareness of the Aquarian Age is revealing itself to us and within us.

Let the energy of this year – the second year of the Aquarian Age and the first of seven years of growth – with its wonderful opportunities, be our guide and we’ll leap forward ahead of the lessons instead of being dragged behind them.

All we can ever control is who we are and how we present that to the world.

With love and gratitude…

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