Happy New Year! May it bring us love and a new understanding of ourselves and others, of how we fit together in the bigger picture, and the finding of our own power-within.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, February 1, is the Chinese New Year of the Water Tiger and brings us into the unadulterated energy of the Six Year (2+0+2+2) that is of harmony and love, but also the sacrifice of ego for the good of all. It’s the awakening of humankind being part of the same picture and on the same path, even though some are still fighting it.

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As we move forward in our advancement as human beings in this New Age, we are becoming more energetically aware and raising our vibrations to perceive more about ourselves, others and the world around us. Of course, there’s a learning curve with this kind of transition, and it’s not an easy one. While many came here to take part whole-heartedly, others came unprepared and are still having a hard time. Read More


Today, Monday, January 17, we have a Full Moon, the first of the year. But, being January, it’s still about clearing up 2021, not starting off 2022. That means the usual release of a Full Moon is, this time, a very big deal. It’s a release for a full year.

Hopefully, we’re using the energy of the day to consciously let go of what no longer serves us, what we’ve held onto to help us survive in 2020 and 2021 (that wasn’t necessarily good for us), and the negativity of lessons we were forced to learn. All lessons are good, although how we are given them doesn’t always seem so. If we actively, consciously use the release-energy today, our subconscious follows along and does the deeper work under the surface.

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Wishing you a Happy New Year and hope you had a wonderful celebration over the weekend!

Welcome to the calendar year of 2022. While the energetic change into ease that will define this year doesn’t come until February 1 with the New Moon in Aquarius and the Chinese New Year of the Tiger, we have just started a Six Year, the number being one of unconditional love and sacrifice. Basically, we’re just starting an easier energy than we’ve been in for two years. Read More